To The Night We Pledge Our Alligance

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To that devilish temptress we call the night

Submitted: October 22, 2011

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Submitted: October 22, 2011




To the Night we Pledge our Allegiance



It is here

Once again it returns to us

That glowing ember

That beautiful dark

It entices us in

Foolish we are

And infinitely wise

Not to spurn its advances

I welcome it with open arms

It kisses my lips

Caresses my skin

We let it seduce us

And we seduce it


Sensual bodies, drenched in sweat

We open ourselves to it

It sees and hides our sins

We love it

We curse it, hate it

Some of us worship it

We let it invade our minds

Steal our souls

Make us weep

Make us moan

Make us scream

The sexual, sensual pleasure it promises us

The beauty

The Grace

The elegance

That is what enchants us

That will be our demise

Virgins, let it claim you

Sinners, let it cleanse you

Demons let it feed you

Angels, let it teach you

Humans, let it satiate your dark, carnal cravings


Living and Dead!


Flock to your master!

Together we’ll own it!

And it shall own us!

Seduce us with your beauty

Take us in

Teach us

Let the Night be your friend and your lover!

Let the Night be your mother!


And let True Night reign!

Rise denizens!

And let us claim our Master!

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