Dear Life. . .

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A letter to life ...

Submitted: May 25, 2017

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Submitted: May 25, 2017



Dear life,

I am in love with you…

Your light fills me with butterflies and the wonderment of a child. For a moment, I forget that I will never be loved. I forget that I am the darkness in every living thing you place on our shared earth.

I watch your every movement when you give breath to fresh lungs. I hear the cries of the souls returning for a new adventure and smile as I remember who they were before.

You are their promise for eternity.

I love the way you made the waters of this world fall in love with the lands. I see how they feed and nurture each other. Waves crashing on rocks in endless love making.

And then I stand and wonder how deep your pain must be when I cut apart two lovers. I suppose sometimes I get a little greedy.

But my love, sometimes they cannot return to their bodies and I must release the soul and feed the soft earth. I know you will see to it that they rejoin in the far distance.

I walk beside you and wonder if you ever notice me there. I take in your smell and steal a few fresh breaths. I sing to you and just stare at your eyes as if I could lose myself in them. Please don’t move. . . Just let me stare at you for a moment.

I leave you love letters in the dead leaves of fall and I paint the night sky with stars when the day has died. It is where the light can be with the dark.

I am forever waiting for you my sweet love, my desire. And I will always pray that when you close your eyes and it's dark, that you see me…loving you.


Forever yours,


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