I had color. . .

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A broken kingdom with a dazed queen of power.

Submitted: May 24, 2017

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Submitted: May 24, 2017




  I was unaware of how long I had laid draped over my thrown at the top of the stairs. I shook my head to feel my golden crown tip forward and slide slightly on my long black hair. I swallowed to wet my dry throat and looked at the crumbling palace around me. It had no color left. It was simply black and white. "He has damaged everything. It's all ruined..." I think.

 I sit up and sigh as I take in the ripped up wallpaper, falling ceiling, and broken dusty furniture. Out of nature I straighten my back and tighten my face to feel powerful even in the quiet. I hear it then. It makes music and it echo's through my ears.

  I stand and walk down to him with my dress pulled into one hand that is full of sparkling rings. I find a cricket and he is so small that I lay on the ground slowly beside him and stare at the ceiling.


"I had dreams once cricket. " I begin. "I had power, color, and sweet escaping, life giving, soul touching music."

I hold back a shaky voice and quivering lip. I compose myself by shutting my eyes with force. Then I begin relaxing them open as my hands slide to my sides on the smooth dusty floor.

I begin to whisper, "The dancing was like fresh air bringing life into our souls."

One of the hanging chandeliers shook and fell and crumbling to pieces. A jewel lands on my stomach beneath my breasts. I reach for it feeling how smooth it is. I don't care if it almost smashed me to pieces along with itself.

"I loved my people. "I began. "But the king cared only about satisfying his greed. So I turned my shoulder to it. When I wanted to help it was too late. Their numbers had dropped as the body count went up and the war had killed all the beauty."

I turn my head to the side and looked at the cricket. "So I killed him," I confessed out loud in almost a scream.

A few tears escape as I go back to whispering, "I loved him even when he was a monster. And now I must use what love I have left to rebuild all of this for them...my people." I finish as I point to the giant cracked palace doors.

I climb to my knees, push the little cricket into my hands, stand up, and walk through the doors. I smile because I was able to fit through them. I lay him down and watch as he hops away stopping here and there almost as if he is looking back at me.

"Thank you for the music my sweet love!!" I yell with a hand in the air.

I push my palms up in front of me with the jewel in one and start singing notes as rain begins to fall washing everything clear. The higher the note the more things begin to fix themselves and color begins to dance back over everything. When I feel the sun upon my face I smile and let more tears fall as I  open my eyes.

"The beauty is back. I have given birth." I say to myself aloud as I take in all of the color and light.

I walk backward into the castle as it falls around me. I feel a lifetime of wrinkles spread over me then crack, dry, and blow away as my soul drifts through a hole in the ceiling. I am free...my people are free...




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