Two Fools Put to Rights

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This is a short poem written to express views towards the constant rivalry of our coallition government and how their priority levels aren't what they should be

Submitted: August 20, 2012

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Submitted: August 20, 2012



Two Fools Put to Rights

Two men in higher standing, looking down to make their mark

But all they do, is pursue each other in the dark

They stand at a junction when the way is clear

One is prime the other is commandeer, but neither satisfied with the other

Intentions are to just get ahead of each other.

What we need is a better sense of understanding,

When all the ships sink and the walls are no longer supported

By the job at hand and vision distorted

Why should we vote for the fools reprimanded in power.

All we cry for when we are young, is amplified by the failings we become.

We take each day passing by

And the struggle moves on as we try to survive

Most of us now work to live, guilted into being the one to give.

Cornered, badgered battered and bruised

No wonder we are a nation confused

But when we look up to the powers that be,

Instead of a sense of leadership we see,

Two men who loggerhead what’s best for them,

Feeding the seeds to the mother hen

But what happens to the chicks who stand and starve

Waiting for the day they can be included in the draft

It is easy to stand and say

If I were them I would do it this way or that way

How can the struggle be never ending

When what we know now competes with the past

And as we move forward to our futures present,

We are left far behind by economies haunt

Because two men have become so fraught

Contesting and watching as the other moves,

Condescending with a gripe that leaves the minions confused

Why take a task with responsibilities infinite

When all you can worry about is a friends deceit

So I say to the men who wear the countries beret,

Sit down and think of what’s next to say

And as you attack what is least most important

Think of a nation which depends on your next sway.


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