Come and Play

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"Honey?" he called out quietly, noting how ragged his breathing was out of fear and anxiousness as he reached out slowly to the girl, despite being much too far away to be able to touch her. "Are you alright?"

Submitted: August 25, 2012

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Submitted: August 25, 2012




Humming, a low melodic sound, drifted to his ears, though it was quiet, barely registered amidst the rustling grass and leaves around him as a breeze blew by in the dark. All around him shadows extended as if wishing to grasp him and pull him into their clutches and never let him go, his surroundings lit only by that of the full moon above. The inky black sky seemed to engulf the stars that littered it whenever he glanced up to admire the beauty of the night time sky, though this was always short lived as the feeling of being watched or a sudden noise would bring his attention back to what was around him and possibly hiding within the shadows. His paranoia caused his muscles to tense, ready to fight or flee if any danger presented itself, and his heart to pound loudly within his ears - a deafening noise that he was sure any predator lurking about would be able to hear.
He swallowed the lump that lodged itself in his throat, a hand running through his hair followed suit - a habit he had acquired over the years whenever he felt nervous or fidgety. One last sweep of the area around him at the trees that surrounded the small clearing he had chased the young girl to from the village before he steeled himself with a deep breath and pushed onwards to where he had seen the girl disappear into the tree line at. If one where around to hear him they would have heard the whispered muttering "It's just a little girl, John. She's just scared. It's just a little girl, what's to be scared of out here?".
While John whispered this to himself under his breath in a last ditch effort to calm his nerves that did little to do so, his mind flashing back to the gruesome sight he had come across the little girl at in the first place. He didn't know her name, only that she was a resident of the village as well, one he had often seen bounding after an older boy affectionately, grinning ear to ear as she did so with her long black hair billowing after her. When John had seen her, however, she had not been smiling, instead her eyes had been widened with fear, staring at but unseeing the bloodied mess before her, her hands and front all drenched in blood while some of it even splattered over her cheeks. The bloodied mess she was staring at in fright?
The mangled and disfigured body of the boy she so affectionately followed day to day. John had known the boy, his name had been Steve and he had been a helpful outgoing young man who cared a lot about those close to him. Even the sight of his body, so broken and in a pool of his own blood had been gut-wrenching and it had made John's heart ache at the loss of such an empathetic young man in his prime. It was even more horrifying to see, however, the young girl kneeling beside Steve's body, covered in his blood and seemingly in shock.
When John had attempted to step forward, reaching out to her, though cautiously and slowly so as not to startle her into a rage, she had snapped her head up so suddenly that John had jumped in fear. "Are you alright?", the question had rushed out of him in one breath once he gained his bearings again and at that those words a large grin spread over the little girl's face, accompanied by a giggle before she had hopped up and ran out past him barefooted into the night.
Thus how he came to be where he was now, following the girl's giggles whenever he had lost sight of her.
John cursed as another low hanging branch's twigs scraped over his face, the canopy overhead much too thick for him to see properly by the light of the moon. How had the young girl fared so well in this thick forest? He didn't know but he worried about her well-being. She couldn't be handling Steve's death properly, not with the way she had behaved.
John pushed on, despite his fear and worry of his own well-being, ignoring the twigs and bushes that clutched at his clothes and scratched his face. A curse or two would escape his lips whenever he tripped over tree roots or boulders and any unexpected noise would cause him to halt in his steps, sweat beading over his forehead in fear. As he pressed on, ignoring the gut wrenching paranoia that screamed at him to turn back, he could hear the girl's humming grow louder, a sure sign he was getting nearer to her. Once he did he planned on helping her in any way he could as quickly as he could to get out of these dark and terrifying woods after what he had seen. Something was plaguing their village and he had no doubt it was hidden within the area....
Finally he pushed himself out into another small clearing of tress, this one even smaller than the first, roughly six feet wide all around him, illuminated by the fire at the center of the area where the girl now kneeled, her hair falling over her shoulders and her hands occupied with something or other that was out of John's sight. The humming he had been hearing had indeed been coming from the young girl, though quieter now, as if she had been doing so to bring him to her once he had lost sight of her. This thought alone made his insides crawl.
"Honey?" he called out quietly, noting how ragged his breathing was out of fear and anxiousness as he reached out slowly to the girl, despite being much too far away to be able to touch her. "Are you alright?"
Her humming abruptly stopped causing John to freeze in place for a moment before she cocked her head to the side, to peer at him beneath her long wild bangs from over her shoulder. She said nothing and John could not see her eyes though there was still a smile splayed over her lips that seemed most unnatural. He took a cautious step forward as he spoke again. "What's your name? I'm John."
A giggle escaped her as she turned around to peer at him fully, her bangs now falling from before her eyes and giving John a clear view of them. When he recalled the girl who so joyously followed Steve whenever she could, he remembered her wide eyes being of a very dull gray color. Now, however they were mismatched - one red and the other purple - with hellish pupils that best fitted a demon. "Why so scared, John?" she answered, eyes seeming to soften in joy though this did little to still John's furiously beating heart which roared in his ears as if he were caught in an avalanche that reigned boulders and debris around him instead. "It's just me, little Ada." she finished in a sing song voice.
As John watched, rooted to the spot as Ada stood, leaving her doll abandoned beside the fire and brushing the dirt and grass blades from her dress skirts (though seemingly ignoring the blood) he noticed something, just a flicker of what appeared to be shadows at first, though it grew stronger and more solid to his sight as the seconds passed. It held no definite shape, drifting like smoke though not disappearing into the air, instead adopting a thick black viscous-looking color and texture, connected by the tendrils of darkness from its ghostly shape to the girl's body. Vicious looking eyes of the same color that Ada now sported floated within the dark mass, fixated on him even as Ada was not looking at John.
Finally Ada looked up, stepping closer to John and seeming to be genuinely happy about his presence, taking his hand in hers; a hand that John noted was unnaturally cold. She tugged at his hand though he didn't budge and the smile slipped from her lips a bit. His eyes, still focused on the black mass that seemed to be possessing Ada, noted that the thing shifted as if in irritation at his reluctance to move.
"C'mon, John..." Ada whispered, now tugging gently and repeatedly at his hand with both of hers, urging him towards the fire. "Won't you play with me?"
"P-P-Play?" He could stop the tremors that racked his body, something seemed unnatural about the question, if only with the appearance of the thing still connected to Ada and leering at him.
"But of course!" Ada's smile returned and she pulled down on his hand, not releasing it and not letting up, tugging harder and harder as she next spoke; "Just like Steve played with me!"
At those words John's heart skipped a beat, his body growing cold and his eyes widening further. She had not giggled and smiled out of shock or a way to cope.... she had done so because she was the one who had killed him...
A crunching sound filled the air, causing the crackling of the embers nearby to pale in comparison to this sound. Blood drained out of his face leaving him pale as pain shot up his arm. Slowly John's eyes dropped down to where she still held his hand, the fingers now sticking out at odd angles. Out of one or two fingers he could see the pale white bone jutting out from his skin, thick blood pumping out around them and dripping to the ground.
Ada laughed again, joy lighting her eyes up as if this were merely a harmless game and she hadn't just wounded the man before her. John's mouth opened wide, a loud piercing scream breaking through the air around them, echoing and bouncing off the trees around them as Ada laughed happily, innocently. John drew back, jerking his hand from hers and cradling the broken mess close to his chest, tears streaming down his cheeks. He moved too fast, however, tripping over his own feet in a bid to back pedal away from the possessed child and tumbled to the ground where he lay, panting heavily and whimpering at the pain. Ada drew close to him, crouching by his side, licking off his blood that had dripped onto her fingers before hand as she smiled gently down at him.
"C'mon now. Don't cry. We still have a lot left to play with."
The next day all that would be found of John would be his broken body amidst the trees, a sobbing Ada telling a fabricated story of having found him in the night and having been chased away by who had killed him. The cursed child was a convincing one and who would disbelieve her at her age?

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