Eternally Together

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The smile was hollow, devoid of any happiness that should be there for a smile so large.

Submitted: August 25, 2012

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Submitted: August 25, 2012




Shovel meeting earth, removing it from its place and relocating it just a few feet further over filling what would otherwise be silence. This process repeated in the darkness, the man continuing his ministrations since he had started what seemed only minutes ago. An eagerness claimed him, his heart hammering wildly in his ears like that of a deafening drum line.
A large smile was spread over his thin lips as he trained his eyes on the ground beneath him using only the light of the moon to help him see by. The smile was hollow, devoid of any happiness that should be there for a smile so large. The manic look in his wild eyes didn't help the look of desperation in his actions.
His actions were feverish and hurried as if he had no time to do what it was he wanted. In his rash digging the occasional twitch or cringe would rack his body for but a moment though it often went unnoticed by the man.
Deeper the hole was dug, a darkness in the earth that seemed to swell with shadow. The deeper he dug the more the man seemed to grow excited, mumblings leaving his lips as he continued along on his nonsensical mission.
"Gotta do it. Gotta hurry before they show up. They'll see it soon, so much noise - too much noise! Gotta hurry it up! We'll be alright, I promise. I promise okay? Don't worry, we'll be okay!"
The mumblings were rushed, words blending in with one another as they stumbled out of his mouth as if eager to escape the dark confines of his throat. It was at this point that the man would lift his head and jerk it over his shoulder, searching for those he knew would come. It was when he did this that the little moonlight that penetrated the darkness illuminated the dried and cracking blood splatters over his cheeks and nose.
There had been a lot of noise as he had attacked the one he loved. He was sure the neighbors had heard and called the police. He couldn't have the coming before he finished his task.
Maybe it was a little uncalled for, attacking the one you love, but he couldn't bear the thought of her leaving as she had claimed she was going to do. He wouldn't allow it.
So he would just bury them together in a large hole where he would die beside her now cold corpse. The corpse of the beautiful woman with the now mangled head and the blood covered and torn clothes adorning her. Her emptied eyes stared up into the sky where the stars twinkled happily, unaware of the plight of the now deceased below. The soulless eyes reflected the moonlight and when he glanced over at her from time to time he decided it was a rather pretty effect.
Sirens filled the air in the distance after what seemed like hours had passed. A pause and a quick intake of breath from the man, his eyes widening as the deranged smile slipped from his face in fear.
His plan wasn't done yet! He had to finish it! He wouldn't allow it to end like this....
His eyes wandered back to the corpse laying brokenly over the grass just a few feet away, the long hair tangled and matted in the woman's own blood. Her porcelain skin even paler in the crisp night that was provided to them by nature.
So beautiful, even in death....
"Don't worry, oh don't worry, we'll be together. Together forever, in our own little hole away from the world. You won't be able to leave me we'll be together forever, I promise."
Deranged promises from a broken man to the dead woman continued to leave his lips as he dropped the shovel to the ground with a dull thud. Moving slowly as if in a wondrous dream he kneeled beside the corpse of his beloved, picking her up gently as if she were only sleeping despite the amount of blood covering her and he telling a decidedly different tale.
Just as he had picked her up he placed her into the makeshift grave, stepping in beside her calmly. The smile had returned to his face, despite the sirens growing louder. They would find the bloody living room and the murder weapon, but they wouldn't find them.
In his feverish mind he was sure of it.
And so the man began to drag down what he could of the large dirt pile growing more and more frustrated as it was proving difficult to bury himself alive with his beloved.
"It's hard, my love, but it's okay. It's okay, I promise. We'll be here. Together. They won't part us, we're the lovers. We're the lovers who'll be together forever!"

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