Soul Snatcher

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It's just a thing of horror movies and stories, nothing more. It can't be real and that's that. So why did all of this happen? Why did Casey disappear like that after that text message? I must just be insane.... That's it. Nothing medications won't fix! ... Right?

Submitted: August 25, 2012

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Submitted: August 25, 2012




Annie sighed in frustration at her friend. Casey wasn't paying attention at all. Instead she had gotten distracted by someone who had caught her eye moments prior as they took a walk around town. Annie had been trying to tell her about the most recent argument with her sister though that didn't seem to be something that concerned Casey at the moment. Curiously Annie glanced the way that Casey kept looking only to spot a male who kept shooting her charming smiles. Casey's smile would widen and she would twirl locks of her auburn hair around her fingers flirtatiously whenever she would catch the young man's eye.
Annie frowned as she observed the fellow. He seemed so... perfect... Beautiful brown hair that fell into place over his eyes and undamaged skin from what she could see. It helped that he seemed to hold some semblance of fashion as well.
"I thought you were more into black-haired guys, Casey," Annie spoke up, shooting a glance at her friend. Casey tore her eyes away from the young man, blinking several times as if awakening from a trance.
"Hmmm? But  he's just so cute!"
Annie scoffed in amusement at this, ducking her head for a moment. Her blond hair fell over her face for a moment before she brushed it out of the way when she glanced back up. "If you say so."
"Oh, but I do!"
"If you're so into him already why don't you go talk to him?" Annie prodded. Her gaze drifted to the man; a leather bag was over his shoulder that he was resituating into a more comfortable position. He didn't seem to be in a hurry, in fact he remained where he was leaning against the railing of the bridge and watching the crowds around him, still shooting glances at Casey's back from time to time. It seemed Casey had caught the man's attention from afar just as he had for her.
"Are you sure you're okay with me running off to talk to him?" Casey inquired, eyes widening slightly with eagerness. Annie chuckled and nodded, receiving several "thank you"s from the over-eager woman before she hurried off to speak to the young man. Annie stayed where she was, watching the conversation from afar and wishing that she knew how to read lips. At least than she wouldn't have to make up a conversation and pretend she could hear them.
Casey certainly seemed very happy to be speaking to the stranger, acting as cute as possible as she spoke to him. Annie waited, patiently. She didn't want to just run off and leave her friend alone here. She thought that would be rather rude. Several long minutes passed however and she was beginning to grow impatient, her foot tapping against the sidewalk and her arms folded over her thin chest. Would they ever stop talking? Annie was beginning to think not when her gaze was once again cast toward them.
The young man was handing Casey a beautiful black rose to which she took eagerly, her grin broadening. It seemed the two had hit it off as he jotted down something on the back of her hand, she doing the same to his and then they parted with the man lifting the leather bag higher up on his shoulder as if it were of a heavy burden as he left. Casey was soon at Annie's side, gushing excitedly about how she couldn't wait until he called her for a date though Annie's gaze was still locked on the area he had disappeared from and into the crowds.
"He was just so nice and polite! You don't find boys like that anymore! ... Hey... Are you even listening to me anymore?" The shorter woman began to snap her fingers at Annie to gather her attention. Confused she glanced down at her with an unintelligible "huh?"
Casey rolled her eyes. "Hey, no daydreaming about my new man now!"
Annie snorted. "My tastes and your tastes tend to differ." She turned and began to lead them away back towards the apartment buildings they lived in. Casey followed without hesitation, it was getting late after all. The sky was beginning to darken and the two rather disliked getting caught out in the nighttime on their way home in such a big city.
"Oh, right; I forgot. You like the bad boys," sang Casey nudging her with her elbow. Annie batted her away, shooting her a playful glare in return.
"Would you knock it off!"
Casey merely smiled wider and the taller woman had to wonder if it was in danger of stretching right off her face at that point. Annie took the time to inspect the rose as her friend twirled it about her fingers. It still had its thorns attached to which Casey was careful not to prick herself on though Annie was more attentive to the deep blackness of the petals. She wasn't one for flowers or the meanings behind them but everyone knew that black roses typically signified death and other such depressing matters. So why had the man given Casey a flower with such a meaning? Annie rationalized it away that he hadn't known what it had meant at all.
"So," Annie spoke up breaking the silence. "Did you catch his name?"
Eager to speak of the handsome young man once again Casey quickly answered "He said it was Ethan."
"Ethan, huh? He didn't look much like an 'Ethan' to me."
Casey rolled her eyes at Annie before sniffing the onyx colored rose. Annie eyed it warily. She didn't know why but she didn't like the feeling of that plant. It almost seemed... sinister to her. She shook her head in an attempt to shake away the feeling and ignoring Casey's questioning glance at this action. How could a plant be sinister? That was just a silly notion used in stories Annie reasoned. Even still she couldn't shake the feeling as they reached the apartment complex they both lived in, separating ways to return home for the night. If they needed to contact one another they were a text or an IM message away.
It was here that Annie was finally able to shake the surreal feeling she received from looking at that rose. Performing the few menial chores she had been putting off for several days had done the trick. The only sounds that greeted her in the small apartment were the sounds produced from the television. She rarely paid much attention to it even when it was on however. It merely served to produce white noise. When she had finished that she finally laid upon the futon that served as both her bed and couch and began to watch one of the few programs she actively enjoyed. Halfway through she managed to doze off into her dreams and oblivious to reality.
Annie never would have known that her friend was experiencing a personal hell in her own apartment. Casey had been ecstatic, and had found a pretty glass vase to place the rose in once she had stepped into her home. She had quickly found the place to put it, on her dresser top that was her TV table in the living room. She smiled to herself, admiring how the lavender fixture complimented the dark petals of the flower. It wasn't until she disappeared into the kitchen to fix herself supper did the strangeness begin to happen.
Out of sight of its new owner the flower began to pulsate with a strange gold light. It didn't grow very bright but it produced many golden orbs that began to float around the house. Whatever they touched would mutate and morph into something horrendous and hideous until Casey's apartment living room was nothing like it was before.
The walls were made of muscle and tendons, and they would beat at a steady rate dribbling blood to the floor. The floor almost looked as if t was made of bone entirely, the sticky life-giving liquid pooling at the edges of the room and making it slick to the touch. A thick fog permeated the transformed room making it hard to see. Furniture took on a demonic touch to it. The futon, for instance, looked to be made of skin and fur, still bloodied from whatever they had been skinned off of. The only thing that retained its appearance, despite the constant glow, was that black rose.
Casey dropped her plate in horror as she walked into the living room. Her eyes widened, pupils dilating as she took in the sight. The fog made it hard to breathe and her lungs burned as she fought to suck in more breath, trying to fight off the panic. Her heart thundered loudly in her ears as she bolted for the door, gripping the knob and struggling to open it. It remained steadfast, her hands sticky as she drew them away. Her breath hitched in her throat suddenly. The door knob was no longer metal. Instead it had transformed into a large, leering eye. A scream left her, echoing around herself.
"No! No! This isn't happening! I just fell asleep!" Sobs were beginning to rise in her chest and she just managed to choke them back. "This isn't real!" The stickiness on her hands proved otherwise however and she fought to wipe off the feeling on her jeans frantically. Another scream welled up and out of her throat when blood began to drip from the ceiling and into her carefully maintained hair.
Casey bolted, tears pricking at her eyes and well into hysteria. She continued to plead for this to be unreal. Everywhere she looked there was no exit. Even as she tugged and pounded against a window it would not budge or break. Outside life resumed as it always did. Cars passed by down below and street lights illuminated the darkness. No one looked in the direction of Casey's apartment window where they would have seen her frantically trying to get out, screaming soundlessly.
Her throat was beginning to grow sore and she could taste blood in her mouth. "Why is this happening?" She sank to her knees avoiding touching the walls that still dribbled blood. It soaked into her jeans, staining the knees as her arms wrapped tightly around herself. She had to keep herself together but it was so hard. She didn't understand. What had happened? Why was this nightmare happening? Eyes wide and unseeing she began to rock back and forth. She had never been one for horror movies and seeing her life become just that was forcing her to retreat into her mind and away from the nightmare-ish reality around her.
What had Annie called movies like this anyways? Oh, yes gorn. That's what it was. Back and forth she rocked, eyes on her knees as the blood soaked deeper into her pants and stained her skin as well. The lump in her throat made it hard to focus on the thoughts. They aren't scary. Not according to Annie. No, not brave Annie. They're just gross for gross out factor. That's right. That's all it is. Not scary, just gross, not scary just gross.
Casey remained deep in her mental mantra, refusing to acknowledge her surroundings any further. Instead she was focusing on snapping out of the delusion she was sure this was. She would find the number of a therapist and find out what was wrong later she had decided. So engrossed in this thought process she remained oblivious to the sounds of footsteps. They were slow and sounded hollow in the hellish area. Even when the booted feet stepped into her line of vision Casey refused to look up. If she did she would have to face the fact that this might all be real.
She couldn't accept that.
A chuckle left the newcomer at the sight of Casey's plight. "It certainly didn't take you long to succumb. 'They' didn't even have to come." His voice was just as charming and smooth as she recalled it. The man kneeled down before her. He seemed oblivious to the fact that the blood ruined the knees of his jeans. His hand cupped Casey's chin and tilted her face up to look at him in the eye. His lovely jade eyes sparkled.
"W-Why are you....?" Casey finally questioned. Her mind had drawn to a standstill at the sight of him. Why was he so calm and collected and who were 'they?'
"Because you accepted my gift," he answered with a smile. Casey dropped her gaze, horrified. Just what was this man? Her eyes landed instead on the necklace he wore. He had said it was a very intimate gift from someone he had known long ago; a little crystal vial filled with a glowing light that Casey had assumed was some sort of concoction similar to that used in glow sticks that shone a lavender color.
His lips captured hers and she knew no more.
Annie jerked awake at the sound of her ringtone. It was a cutesy little song she had picked out more because she liked it than anything else. Drowsily she fumbled for her cell phone pulling up the new message and reading and rereading it a few times over. Her brow furrowed, concern setting heavily on her chest.
Casey Noland 6:07 pm
Puzzled Annie's heart began to race as she read it a fifth time. She bolted up, drowsiness now long since gone. What had happened to Casey? She ran out of her apartment, the door slamming against the wall heavily as she did so. Behind her she could hear her neighbor, Mr. Ashford, yelling out her for being so rude. Annie ignored this, her bare feet slapping the stairs as she rushed up to the third floor where Casey's apartment resided. She slammed into the door heavily, having ran too fast to stop on a dime before fumbling in her pocket for the key. Unlocking the door took longer than it should have and Annie's panic only heightened as she did so, her hand shaking and making it hard to open the door easily.
Finally she burst in, receiving another round of angry shouting from Casey's neighboring residents. Annie stopped short. The entire living room was a mess though she didn't know why it would be that way. What had happened?  The door had been locked when she came in so what had done this?
Furniture was decimated, some in pieces while others were merely gouged out or even burnt up with thin, wispy smoke tendrils twirling into the air. Why hadn't that set off the smoke detectors? Annie didn't know and honestly she couldn't find it in her to focus on it too long. Warily she stepped further into the apartment.
"Casey?" she called softly, straining her ears for any sounds of an intruder. The only sound that greeted her was that of her quickened breathing.
Deep gouges littered the walls, dry wall crumbling to the floor and even dark splatters covered bits of the apartment but she couldn't find evidence of bodies or even a trail of blood that would lead to the one injured running away. It was as if they had managed to staunch the blood flow before they tracked it anywhere. Every room was like the living room. Furniture and belongings were completely destroyed and the air seemed warmer in the apartment than it was in the hallway now that Annie was looking for anything to tell her what had happened.
But would could cause those monstrous claw marks on the futon and walls? The smells were cloying and impossible to ignore. They eventually forced Annie back out of the apartment without having found any sign of Casey's whereabouts. It had smelled of blood and death. Shakily she pulled out her cell phone and slowly punched in the emergency number. As the operator picked up she slid down the wall, staring wide-eyed in to the wrecked apartment of her now missing best friend.
Annie waited outside of the apartment. The police had come, their lights flashing and painting the world around them with reds and blues as they searched the apartment. Evidence of foul play had been evident to any who had sneaked a peak inside and so the investigation had begun quickly with officers cordoning off the area. When asked the apartment owner admitted that the smoke detector batteries may have died and thus why the smoke from any burnt belongings had not alerted anyone. Annie was still confused as to how no one had smelted it or why it hadn't jumped to burn something else and start a giant conflagration.
Now she could only wait in the chilly night air. She didn't want to be inside. Not now when her apartment was only a floor away from Casey's where she had disappeared from. Was she still alive? Annie didn't know. In her heart she was already doubting the possibility however. Her brow furrowed and she bit her lip. She recalled seeing only one unbroken item in that entire apartment. The vase that held the familiar black rose Casey had received that evening before coming home resided in it. Dread overcame her.
Had the man named Ethan had something to do with this? Casey's text message to her would make more sense if that was it. She shook her head. She couldn't jump to conclusions like that. It wasn't right. Innocent until proven guilty, right?
Her eyes instead chose to drift around her surroundings. People had gathered, gossiping and wondering and theorizing what had happened to bring in the police. She spotted many of those who lived in the apartment. No doubt many of them, including Annie, would be questioned as to what they knew of Casey and her possible whereabouts. Her heart leaped, panic setting it at a faster pace than normal. She could see Ethan watching from afar, on the edge of the small grouping of people. Around his neck she could see something glowing, a necklace of some sort that cast a purple hue on his neck and chin.
Smiling to himself he turned and left, heading down the sidewalk and into the busier street nearby. Suspicion began to rise in Annie's chest at this man. Setting a determined expression onto her face she began to follow, staying back as far as she allowed or else she might lose him. Those she initially pushed past shot her curious glances but did nothing to hinder her. They were far to curious about the crime scene and the police work to wonder about a young woman on the move.
Ethan seemed to be oblivious to his follower. Annie thanked her lucky stars for this as she kept her eyes focused on him. While the night had wheedled away much of the daytime crowds the night owls had come out and thus the city remained alive even now. It made it easy for Annie to follow and not have to worry about getting spotted right away. All she'd have to do was duck into a nearby alley or into a group of people. At least that was the plan and she could only hope it would run smoothly if she had to implement it.
This proved unnecessary however. Ethan walked for a long while and Annie followed growing more and more curious as the panic of being seen began to ebb away. He never once looked back or acted as if he knew he was being followed. It was almost as if he was out for an evening stroll. A handful of times Annie nearly gave up and went back home only to recall the smile on his face at the police vehicles and her suspicions and determination would be renewed.
Still she had to wonder if she was jumping to conclusions. What if he was innocent? But who smiles about police investigations? Conflicted she continued on, doing her best to ignore how her feet were beginning to hurt and protest her movements. Finally, an hour and a half of walking proved fruitful as he ducked into an alleyway suddenly. Startled Annie quickened her pace to catch up though she didn't head down the alley just yet. Instead she leaned against the side of the building and peered around the corner warily. Maybe he had known she was there all along. If that was the case she didn't want to chance getting struck by a surprise attack.
Annie had watched far too many horror movies to allow that to happen to her. But then again by that logic maybe following this stranger hadn't been the best course of action.
She could just make out his figure in the shadows, the glowing vial around his neck illuminating part of his form for her to see easier. He stood, unmoving and Annie's breath hitched as he turned his head to glance over his shoulder.
"Are you done being my shadow?" he questioned. Annie's mouth felt dry as she realized he had known she was there the entire time. "Why don't you come talk to me instead of following me? It might prove more productive."
Steeling her gaze and her resolve Annie stepped into the very edge of the alleyway doing her best to look confident. "I wouldn't try anything if I were you. I made sure someone knew I went out , they'll know something's wrong if I don't come back soon," she fibbed. She wished now that she had informed someone she had gone off and to keep an eye out for her. Even her neighbor old Mr. Ashford would have at least checked on her in the morning if she had asked. He may have been a crotchety old man at times but he wasn't heartless.
Ethan spun around to face her, a smile on his face illuminated by that strange glowing vial he wore. Annie couldn't figure out what was inside for the life of her. What would perpetually glow like that without dimming and without some sort of battery?
"Is that so?"
Annie nodded. "That's right!"
"May I ask why you followed me here?"
She faltered, searching for a safe answer to give. She hadn't expected that to be asked so quickly. "I..."
"You were worried about your friend, right?" Ethan questioned softly. He didn't sound sympathetic however.
"How did...? What did you do to her?!" Panic and rage began to well up in her chest again, her throat closing around a lump that began to form there. If she was dealing with a murderer she had no idea how she would be able to get out of this alive.
"Oh, nothing she didn't ask for. She did take my offering, after all."
"The rose," he explained slowly. "It's not exactly a normal one, you realize."
"What do you mean? What did you do to Casey?!" Her fists began to clench and unclench. More rage than fear was present in her now. The only thing holding her back was the curiosity. What if her friend was still alive and merely hidden away by this sicko? She had to pump as much information out of him as she could.
"I gave her an offering. She accepted," he paused then. It seemed to Annie as if he was weighing the options of telling her more. He must have decided she wasn't much of a threat for he soon plowed on. "Because she accepted it she allowed me into her home, she allowed me the ability to take her soul."
Confused Annie could only silently flounder for words. What was that even supposed to mean? She couldn't figure it out. Ethan must have been able to see the look on her face for he gave a brief laugh at her expense.
"I am not what I seem," Ethan answered the unspoken question. "Haven't been for a long time. I'm not human."
"Not human?" Annie echoed in disbelief. Her nose wrinkled in disgust, anger once again taking over her thoughts and motivation. "What kind of sick freak are you? Of course you're human!"
"Oh no, I only wear the appearance of a human." Ethan began to fiddle with the vial around his neck. The purple glow was bright in the darkness that surrounded them. "It's a curse you see. I angered someone I shouldn't have; now I am stuck in an everlasting pact with a demon."
"Your psychotic... You need some serious help," Annie gasped, feeling terrified. "What did you do to Annie?! Tell me!"
"I will. In due time." A short pause followed. "This around my neck," he lifted the glowing vial up to draw attention to it. "It's the soul of my fiancée. I had no choice, you see? The demon requires souls.... I was lucky to keep hers from its clutches."
"So you say," Ethan nodded, the smile having slipped from his face. He looked downcast from what she could see of him now. He drew his bag around from his shoulder, digging into it. From it Annie could hear the clanging of glass against glass. From the opening dull glowing slipped through, illuminating his face further. He tugged out a vial, the neck of it tied around with a thong making it a necklace much like his own.
"You don't get to choose the soul that binds your pact, you know?" It was almost as if he wasn't speaking to Annie now. Instead his eyes were focused on the little glowing vial he had tugged out. It was gold in color. "You don't have any idea how much I had to beg and plead to keep my fiancée's."
"Why are you telling me all of this?" Annie asked breathlessly.
His eyes focused on her. "Because it wants a new body to make a pact with. Double the soul harvests." Ethan held out the golden glowing necklace to her. Annie hesitated. "You don't have to believe me. You will in due time. This is your friend's soul. It's yours to bind you to it."
Biting her lip, curiosity peaked Annie inquired, "How? Why?"
"I don't know how. It just needs someone who has a strong bond to the pact maker. Hatred, love, any strong emotion. It's just our luck it was someone we loved."
"I don't believe you!"
A sardonic smile stretched over his lips. "You will." He lowered the vial to the ground, the glow pulsating. Without another word he turned and left. Annie hesitated, heart racing. She didn't know what to make of the situation and of Ethan's story. The woman didn't know what to believe or even what to do. Finally, after nearly ten minutes of staring at the object she stepped toward it crouching down before it. After a moment of hesitation she picked up the necklace, inspecting it closer.
Before she could inspect it for long a voice began to whisper in her ear, demonic and horrifying. Though she knew no one was there she could feel its hot breath on her neck.
"I need a new pact maker. I've chosen you, girl."
Her breath caught in her throat, heart hammering painfully against her ribcage. Any sounds nearby were drowned out by the blood rushing in her ear drums.
"My name is of no importance to you. You need only to wear the necklace... then we'll get you started. I'm hungry you see?"
"I don't want to. This is crazy. I'm just overly stressed! This isn't real...."
The voice chuckled at her reasoning. "That feeling will come to pass. For now you have much to prepare."
"I don't want to...."
"You have no choice."
Without her consent her body began to move, pulling the necklace on over her head. The glowing vial laid heavily against her chest where it glowed a little brighter now that it had found its proper placement. A new feeling began to spread from her chest where it lay. It reached very part of her being, as if injected into her from that point. It was a strange tingling feeling and she couldn't place what it was; that fact frightened her and her breathing began to quicken.
"Calm yourself. It is merely your soul stealing ability. It will be yours and only yours."
"I don't want this. I'm just temporarily insane; that's it! I just need to go to a shrink, talk about it, get some meds..." Annie justified, dropping to her knees and clasping her hands over her ears. She didn't want to hear that raspy voice - not anymore. It filled her with dread.
"Nonsense. You are a key player to my existence now. Only death will spare you from me."
Biting her lip Annie paused before retorting "I'll just kill myself then!"
"Try if you must but you'll just be wasting our time. Go. Find a juicy soul for me - don't disappoint."
The presence she felt with the voice disappeared though Annie felt as if it would come back at any time. Her hands found the vialed soul of her best friend and clutched it tightly. She wanted to believe the voice was lying but something told her that it wasn't. Sobs began to wrack her frame, tears streaming down her cheeks. She was trapped by something that shouldn't exist by a stranger that had come in and out of her life in less than a day. Despite her insistence to herself and the voice that this was all a figment of her imagination she couldn't deny that something was happening, something frightening that she didn't understand.
Annie could only hope that she would be able to cope with whatever had happened and find a way out of it.

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