The tenth in a series of twelve poems to mark The Twelve Days of Christmas.

When the serpent slithered and sidled 
up to you, my dear, what did you think?


Did you see him for what he was:
A creature formed not from dust but
one who fell from heaven's heights
and now living by himself, outwith 


God's realm. Did you know he was not
one that Adam had named? Had he
made himself look just the same?


And when you conversed - had you spoken
before, or was that time the first?


Oh Eve, when you lived in The Garden you doubted
your Creator - but here's a question: did
you doubt the devil in that conversation?
Why did you forget that God in his wisdom
had already spoken. Was it not
enough, just to trust?

Submitted: January 03, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Ewanhector. All rights reserved.

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