the Twelve Days of Christmas. xi. spoken word advert

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Day 10 of the Twelv Days of Christmas.
Something different - this was a spoken word piece I recited at church advertising a David Bowden gig. As it is spoken word, the meter chops and changes.

Happy new year! Now tell me, 
what is it you fear at this new year?
I do hope you'll never be bored
for when you consider God's word
and how many people there are to observe,


aren't you like me - an undergrad of
psychology, philosphy, history
and In a word, anthropology

Poets, musicians, authors and artists;
we join together to form a collective 
to understand this this world works;
watching people's folly as their lives unfurl. 

And that's where we need something more, 

something to take us forum where we are.
Some teach Christ and how to obey
and one such man always gets me to gaze
up to christ, up to Christ.

What is it I fear at this new year?
That my heart won't keep Jesus near
and that I'll leave God's word forgotton -
and that's why I love David bowden.
He inspires me to dwell not on my sin,

rather let Christ and his riches enter in.

So here's a question to my fellow Christians 
and those still seeking... 
If I tell you his work is not the norm
would you come see this word artist perform
poems he himself has crafted
from mind and heart on pen and paper 
to make our walks that little bit clearer.

So here ye, here ye,
yes you, you and you!
On Jan the twenty-third he'll be in dundee
Yes, that's right, right here in St Pete's.

He'll be in Scotland for one night only
So if you don't come well, that's baloney!


Submitted: January 04, 2015

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