A waking Thought

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Umm was a little thought, it sort of blossomed throughout the day, was not quite sure what it could be so I decided to call it a monologue and put it under the "Script" heading.

Submitted: April 08, 2009

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Submitted: April 08, 2009



I can't help but think how stupid this will sound. It won't matter how many twists or turns I put on the matter, this is stupid and pathetic, but it has to come out.

You popped back into my head today, and I don't know why. It started off nice. When we walked through the meadows together and you used to pretend to go in a mood with me when I said I liked George Bush. When we used to sit on my bed and watch the same movies over and over again, it all just came flooding back.

In autumn when we used to go to Tesco and you'd call me fat when I'd buy three mars bars and a packet of crisps, and then you would buy, like, a hundred chocolate muffins and we'd eat them in the park.

That time I forced you to chew some gum because your breath smelled like the penguin enclosure at the zoo, and there was no way I was kissing you.
But then I did...

Or when we went to the pictures and I argued with the guy that didn't believe we were fifteen and we ended up going to see some kiddy movie that we didn't really pay attention to anyway, we just flicked maltteasers at each other.

But then, I continued to think. Like how you took a hissy fit over the fact I took custody over a piece of plastic I got out of Mcdonalds. You hit me that day didn't you? And then waited for me to apologize for it.

That happened when you broke my computer too didn't it? I had to apologize for being a tiny bit angry in front of you.

And then when I heard you were off pulling someone else, I believed it of course, you always hinted at it. So I got you back didn't I? Well look where that got us.

And then, for the first time in ages you decide to drop me a hello. But then I found out you were only having a laugh, you didn't really want to make up again did you?

Well guess what?

Forget about all the stupid poems and all the pretty little words I write about you all the time, they don't mean anything anymore.

I won't be thinking of you again.

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