Adult Life

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Just an on the spot poem. Enjoy.

Submitted: August 12, 2009

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Submitted: August 12, 2009



We are not the kids we used to be,
Dancing, singing so care free.

We do not see the light around us,
only terror, fear and fuss.

We let too much slip away,
until neither of us could stay.

We raised our hands,
and bade farewell,
when promised heaven, we were given hell.

We're older now than we were,
and toward the stars we no longer stare,

with eyes fixated to the ground,
we see no sights and hear no sound.

With pity, blame and arrogance,
to replace our songs, our loves and joyful dance.

We face a world with serpent's eyes,
and march head long to our demise.

We'll pass the buck until we're through,
and I'll no longer think of you.

Unless one evening that I find,
A dusty letter in my mind.

And brush it off and shed a tear,
and wish that I had kept you near.

Or listened to the words you said,
before I let our friendship fade.

I cannot say that I'm a saint,
all human lives I seem to taint.

But I try to keep the peace,
as though it were a golden fleece.

And in the stars I'll try to paint,
pictures striking and pictures quaint.

I'll make you see them,
now or then,
And we'll embrace as friends again,

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