Beyond Adolescence

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If I thought I had a style I would say this poem fits into quite well, consider this a sequel to my previous poem "Pursuit of a Teen Romance" they share similar themes although I think this particular poem is taking the feeling of isolation a little further.

I'll let you make your own mind up about it and please leave a comment.

Submitted: December 01, 2010

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Submitted: December 01, 2010



My back is turned to this world,
And here alone I stand,
Like a pebble on a mountain top,
Or on a beach,
One grain of sand.

In this world of ghosts I’m stuck,
Between what I was and who I am,
Lost in the maze that I designed,
Bursting to become more.

I have seen this land before,
Though I’m lost in new terrain,
And while the sun scorches my anatomy,
I do not pray for rain.

So faceless among the empty headed,
I search for golden signs,
I look for those around me,
But find only whispers staring back.

A scratching at my soul reveals,
Something lost that I have missed,
And the throbbing in my hand suggests,
That the item is in my fists.

Alone here where I stand,
I’ve decided I want out,
But no person, God or Deity will hear me,
No matter how loud I shout.

So I will force myself upstream,
Through this thickening grey fog,
And shut my eyes to the world I am in,
Towards the one I know I’ve seen.

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