In My Dreams...

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Bad week- Thought I'd write a poem.

Submitted: March 11, 2009

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Submitted: March 11, 2009



Some people tell me,
Just to close my eyes,
to everything you said to me,
and all your petty lies.

But still I keep on peeking,
When I say I'm over you,
because I'm sure you know by now,
That just can't be true.

It doesn't suit my style,
to wait for your forever,
when you clearly just don't care
and it doesn't really make that poison sweeter,
when I spot you as you stare.

I pretend that I am having,
much more fun than you,
but this is just another trick,
I want to stop it too...

I sometimes take your hand,
when in my dreams you come,
but my my happy little illusion,
is murdered by the sun.

With eyes that shine as brightly,
As the stars I read each day,
you stand and you promise me,
In time you'll come back my way.

But then your gone

I should listen to my friends,
And listen to what they say,
And cherish the advice they give.
Not throw it all away

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