The Paper Bag Kid

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Sometimes we forget that under some people's masks of security is a less than thrilling surprise.

Submitted: March 09, 2010

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Submitted: March 09, 2010



Once upon a time,
in the land of Sid
lived the little boy they knew
as the paper bag kid.

They knew him as a dreamer,
a story teller too,
and everything he told them
they all believed was true.

His face was always covered,
with a crayoned on smile,
and no one ever doubted it,
not even for a while.

They sometimes saw him dancing,
With old forgotten cats,
Or sometimes in the belfry wearing little paper hats.

When asked about his feelings,
as people often dared,
The little boy wouldn't answer,
instead he only stared.

So then one day a girl,
armed with peace and love,
crept up to Paper Bag Boy,
as gentle as a dove.

She smiled at him with patience,
as he dreamed away the day,
and told her that he wished,
\"The world was always this way\"

The day was getting warmer,
and the little girl did state,
\"You will surely be burning,
beneath that paper weight\"

The little boy nodded,
and removed his eternal mask,
then forever after,
the girl would wish she hadn't asked.

Some people called her Liar,
Some others chided her for bluffing,
when she told them all,
that beneath his paper mask,
the little boy was nothing.

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