Blood Gone

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this is a short story i wrote. i was bored one day n wrote it. it kinda explains the love a couple shared then cuz of the girl they broke up. but due 2 circumstances they met again n try 2 kill each other. but they stil love each other. n after they die, well ull have 2 read.

Submitted: November 23, 2009

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Submitted: November 23, 2009



The full moon shines over Anya Forest. The tops of trees sway with the wind. Wolves howl at the moon as the clouds pass by. Rabbits, deer, and other small woodland creatures run and hide from the bigger predators. Birds make strange calls to each other. The owls seem to hoot as if on que with the lightening bugs. The dull bubble and gurgle comes from the Snow River. Cool, clear rushing water flows over the rocks.

A dull light shines through the front of the cabin. Light, warm, puffy smoke comes through the top of the chimney and moves on with the wind. A soft buzz and boom can be heard from outside the cabin. The sweet scent of blood softly comes and goes with the breeze.

The vampire sits at the table drinking another glass of blood, slowly sipping it savoring the taste. What a perfect year she thinks to herself. She hears a twig break by the window, sets down the glass then walks to the stereo, and turns it off. She goes to the door.

The elf outside looking in the window sees this movement and hurries to hide. He runs back to the trees to watch her as she walks around the cabin. She stops and stares into the woods, first frantically, then seems to pin point something.

She knows he is there; sensing his presence. Not to mention his white shirt shows in a surrounding of brown, green and black. She bends over to pick up what looked like a stick, but instead pulls her dagger out of her boot. She turns sharply and threw it at him. He ducks while the dagger hits the tree three inches above his head.

She walks up to the tree, trying to see who he is. He pulls the dagger from the tree and steps forward. She immediately notices it’s him and stops. His hair is now brown and longer, and he still wears his sword, Kellnoz, on his hip. He eyes her up and down then looks into her bright green eyes.

“So Exa, doesn’t seem like you’ve changed one bit. Aah, you’ve gone from black and purple corset to black and red. How vampy of you.” He holds the dagger in his hands looking at it. “Looks like Tiza is still in good condition.”

A smile slides across her face, “Yes it’s amazing what a talented black smith can do when you’re about to drain his blood. But what are you doing here, Drizzt?”

“Why don’t you tell me, I know you can,” pointing to his head in a sarcastic gesture.

She looks of into the distance, as she gets short images of what he is saying. She smiles again.

“So you think you can. You of all people should know, especially from the past, I’m not that easy to kill.”

He holds up a circular ball of fire, “With this it is.” He tosses the ball between his hands. Then his face turns serious and throws it at Exa. She ducks and moves to the left laughing. The tree where the ball hits is smoldering a few leaves it hit.

“I could tell where you were going to throw that, even before you did.”

Looking at the blackened leaves then at her, “Don’t get nasty now Exa, I just came here to talk. The death toll is getting a little higher then what the humans want. So they’ve hired me to make sure the number goes down.”

“I take a man a day if I need it, same as any other nighter. Just because I’m not nice about it doesn’t mean anything,” trying her best to look innocent and sweet. “Not to mention wolves taste better and their more fun to hunt.”

He tosses the dagger to the ground. As she picks up Tiza, he draws Kellnoz and places it on her neck. She slowly stands up and looks into his deep green eyes.

Looking pissed, “Oh come on, whatever happened to talking, then again, when could I ever talk to you. After the first century I just gave up.”

 “Don’t bring the past into this. It wasn’t my fault. You pushed me away, I wasn’t going to just stand there and let you do that to yourself. How could you ask that of me?” He looks into her eyes searching for something then gives up.

“What did you expect me to do? I had to, if I didn’t the entire village would’ve died. You know that.” Looks down to the ground knowing that if she didn’t she would start crying.

“So you starve yourself to the point where you almost die. I couldn’t stand watching you waste away to nothing! But in the end I was the one that was almost nothing.” He uses his other hand to pull her chin up and looks into her eyes again.

While pushing his hand away; she jumps into the air and lands behind him, and then pulls the dagger to his throat. “It’s almost morning, we’ll finish this tomorrow.”

She lightly drags the dagger across his neck. A small trickle of blood falls along his collar bone. She licks the edge of the blade and turns away from him. “You still taste the same, my love, good night.”

She walks up to the cabin, enters and slams the door shut locking it. Goes down to the basement, turns on the radio; then lies down in the coffin and closes the lid.

Drizzt stands there for a moment dazed, reaching up to his neck to feel where the blood is drying. He puts Kellnoz back into its holder. Then he turns walking back into the forest; as the orange sun slowly rises above the trees.

The sun slowly sets turning the sky pinks and purples then finally to a black. The moonlight seeps through black clouds. Only a single howl is heard now. Lightening bugs come back out slowly, one by one; as the lights blink the owls hoot.

Drizzt is sleeping in the trees. His brown hair blows with the wind. He jumps up startled by gunshots and screams. He climbs down the branches of the tree. Looks around trying to find where the noise came from, when another shot is fired off followed by screams. He draws Kellnoz as he runs to where he last heard the noises.

Exa bends over on the bank of Snow River washing blood off of her hands and face. Blood flows down the river becoming diluted with the rushing water. She stands up and looks around; then looks down at the four dead bodies sprawled across the forest floor.

He stops and looks around not hearing anything now, except the gurgle of the river. Deciding to go there, he walks to the river.

She senses him again. He’s close; she has to do something to hide. She walks into the river then takes a deep breath and swims to the center. But it’s too late; he’s seen her and the dead bodies.

“How could you, you said one man if even that and here’s four.” He turns, pointing at the corpses piled up. “I’m afraid that I must finish my job” He throws a fire ball on the bodies. While turning around, he draws Kellnoz.

She stands up on shore, water dripping off the leather. “Just please listen to me,” holding up her hands, as if to beg. Walking towards him, “I’ve been drinking donor blood and wolf blood for the past week. I ran out of donor blood so I was stuck with the wolf. These hunters were shooting what few wolves that were left. I tried to talk to them asking them to stop, but they turned to me and tried shooting at me. I did what I had to in order to protect myself and the wolf.”

He looks down at the sword in his hands and then up at her. “But you’re smarter than killing. Why didn’t you just take their guns? Their all drained of blood and I’m sorry but I can’t believe you, I must do what I have to.” He swings the sword towards her.

She jumps back and grabs Tiza out of her boot. The smoke and smell of the burning bodies float around them.

Drizzt swings again, “I can’t believe you lied to me. I let my eyes deceive me yet once again.”

She moves towards the right dodging his blade; slicing him on the forearm. Blood falls to the ground from his wound. He swings again.

“I don’t want to fight you, please stop this!” Exa runs behind him and grabs his wounded arm, pulling it behind his back and twisting it. She slices his side, the blood from his arm falls with the blood from his side. He lets a scream of pain escape him, “I can’t let this pass, not again Exa.”

He pivots and thrusts his sword towards her, slicing her side through the corset. She backs up grabbing her side. Blood falls out the side, running down the leather.

“So you’ll kill me then, can you really do that?” She looks into the endless green of his eyes and asks, “Can you really live with yourself knowing, you were the one who killed me Drizzt?”

He walks to her, blood still dripping. He thrusts the sword towards her. She stumbles back trying to get away. “I’ll do what I have to, even if it kills me.”

“I will not die” She rushes at him, ducks at his swing and stabs the dagger in his side. He drops to his knees in pain. She kneels down behind him, pulling his head back by his hair. She runs her nails across his throat teasing the pulse.

She looks at his throat, “I don’t plan on letting you die,” barring her teeth smiling.

“I would rather die than be your blood slave.” He takes Kellnoz and thrusts it beside him and upwards. Blood pours on his back, letting him know he hit his mark.

She drops to the ground and tries to pull the sword from her chest. She screams as she finally pulls it. She rolls to her side screaming and crying, blood pools around her.

Drizzt crawls to her and rolls her on her back, looking at her face. “I’m sorry, I never meant for any of this to happen. Exa, I’m so sorry, please forgive me.” Tears seep out of his eyes and then starts to pour down his cheeks, dripping of his face onto Exa’s neck.

 She thrusts Tiza up into his chest then pulls it out. He gasps and falls down across her. She sobs out, “I’m sorry to. I forgive you, my love.”

He turns his head up towards her, with his weakening strength; he pulls her face towards him and kisses her lips softly.

“I love you Exa,” he says with his last breath as he slowly lays his head down.

With her dying breath she whispers, “I love you to, Drizzt.” Slowly her eyes drift shut.

The stars twinkle dully. The sky turns a deep purple then pink as the sun rises. A lonely wolf howls as the moon sets. The wind blows away the scent of blood and burnt ashes of the dead hunters.

A puddle of drying blood mats the grass on the forest floor, where Drizzt and Exa had lain.

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