There is no such thing as class.

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This is a political article about the class system.

Submitted: May 11, 2012

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Submitted: May 11, 2012




What class are any of us? There is no class, all we have is elites that control and those who are controlled. The class system is merely an illusion, and many of the ” middle class ” are merely working class people with the illusion that they are higher because they have a mortgage, car, etc. However, anyone who has read Marx will know its not just down to these minor details if we are to believe there is a ‘class system’.

As far as I’m concerned there is no middle, purely because they are still as equally controlled by the elite groups as the working classes are. The only difference is that they attend private education and usually their parents have some connections to help swiftly get them up the career ladder without starting from the bottom. Class is about how one acts, you have people on a middle class income who are from working class backgrounds and who should they not reveal their job role, would come across as very working class.

Furthermore, technically 90% of us are working class, as we all work, some earn more than others, others get their hands dirtier, but that 90% of us all have one thing in common, we will spend well over half of our lives in the work environment. also, those unemployed although sometimes labeled as the ‘underclass’ have the same lifestyles, live in the same areas and generally are the working class, however, they are not employed therefore they cannot be labelled as working.

Finally, there is not much of a gap between working and middle class, in terms of lifestyle or disposable income. The middle classes are taxed heavily and the working classes will mostly live in council housing as opposed to owning a mortgage.

The only class divide is all of us against the elites, we are all repressed by these and kept in our positions, from the popes to the politicians to the royal families they are at the very top of society, controlling how our society functions, they are the only ones who have the freedom to have anything they want at their disposal without spending that half of their lives in he workplace to earn it.

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