The Ballerina

Poem by: Express Yourself


The adventures of a single ballerina.


Submitted: August 29, 2012

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Submitted: August 29, 2012



The ballerina starts very young,

No older than the age of three.

She tiptoes and twirls in her little tutu,

While her parents clap in pity.


The ballerina grows to be six,

Where she can join the recital.

She stares at the teacher dancing in front of her,

Getting plenty of "aw's".


The ballerina no longer wears the big bows,

For now she is ten.

She is getting ambitions for pointe.

Now she can even do a split.


The ballerina has come thirteen years of age.

She's joined the junior company,

And shines like the star.

Three years, until she'll get those shoes.


The ballerina gathers applause on pointe.

Just watch the sixteen year old jete across the stage.

Soon, she'll be moving on.

She won't be part of the dance studio for long.


The ballerina now lives in an apartment in NYC.

She's part of Julliard,

And has become the pricibal lead.

Her dreams are big, and she hopes to make it in the "Big Apple".


The ballerina strives for money,

As she auditions day after day,

But no company will take her in.

She is thinking of becoming a lawyer instead.


The ballerina is almost done,

When she gets a call from the New York Dance Theater.

They want her in!

She calls her family to celebrate the joyfull news.


The ballerina steps into her first rehearsal with the company.

She feels like a misfit, and is so behind.

The pressure is rough.

Quitting sounds like a good option.


The ballerina works through it.

She pirouettes her way from the rehearsal room to the stage.

The audience gives a standing ovation,

And she smiles with glee.


The ballerina works her way up in the company.

She goes all the way from the Ensemble to Princibal.

Nothing could go wrong, until she gets hurt.

An injury puts a big dent in her life.


The ballerina has found a crack in her armor.

She has reached the age of forty five,

And with the injury, she can't go back.

The company is upset, when she decides to retire.


The ballerina feels a droplet of water fall down her cheek.

She takes her last bow.

She is handed her flowers.

The curtain falls on a legendary ballerina.

© Copyright 2017 Express Yourself. All rights reserved.

The Ballerina The Ballerina

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



The adventures of a single ballerina.
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