Letting Your Actions Speak Louder Than Your Words

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The way friends seem to treat their friends.

Submitted: August 12, 2014

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Submitted: August 12, 2014



A real person in my life is what I need

Not something fake or make believe

When I say fake this is what I mean

Those that will only call when they have a need

If you don’t fit into this section or category

Then don’t you fret

This poem is not meant for thee

Browsing my memories

Thinking of how you treated me

Inviting me only to places

Your rich friends couldn’t see

It was only for the mature ones

This is what you said

Leaving me very hurt and wounded

By the conversation we had

Now I know I’m not as good as you

Thanks for letting me know

Thanks for giving me the clue

It was only for the selected few

That meant only your friends and you

Another thing I want to speak and say

Is I hate it when you hug me

This is also FAKE !!!!

Please just leave me alone

Please just go away

I don’t need anymore hugs

Not from you today

Saying that you love me

Is just more words for you

They have no meaning

They are not even true

Your words are a big joke

They are just a big lie

Your tried to make me feel special

But I can see the true you inside

Let me give you some advice

Actions speak louder than word

Next time your around me

Your actions will surely be heard

Time is a precious commodity

No one has enough of

But time means a lot to me

It is the true sign of love

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