The end of times

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God, is a painter and paints the world canvas but soon realizes that we are destroyers.

Submitted: December 27, 2011

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Submitted: December 27, 2011




The painter

At the start it was just an empty canvas which made him feel dejected.

He took a paintbrush in one hand and painted light with yellow and that put a smile on his face.

 Made the morning, evening and night.

 The painter then painted ground with brown and lakes and rivers with blue.

The painting was now cheerful but still empty.

He sat to take a break and thought, and then he said “vegetables and fruit”

Vegetables were painted from carrots to tomatoes and from apples to pears.

Then painted all sorts of monstrous fishes making the seas no longer empty but full

Of colour.

The artist looked at the skies and painted graceful looking birds that would roam his canvas.

Finally he painted on the middle of the canvas two marvellous looking human beings.

One was a man one was a female called “Adam and Eve”

The painter was exhausted and went to bed after seven days to sleep.

The canvas laid there all night finished and untouched.

It was called “the garden of Eden”

The painter woke up from his dream

 Looked at the canvas and saw were there was forest there is now deserts,

Were there were valleys there were now tall buildings.

There was peace now there is war.

Species were gone and the cool air now polluted.

The world slowly died.

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