Weilding Five Senses

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clever lyric/poem involving 5 senses.

Submitted: April 26, 2010

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Submitted: April 26, 2010



Open your mouth, let the locus spew out
Like diamonds from a mine, and the sands of time
Continuously raining, life never gaining
A second chance. Here’s a chance, prance like a little kid

Open your eyes, allow the honesty to see
How much its been missing out on, times up
Were all gone.  Not for long? A lie in the midst of this humidity
Is like a cook out, cloistering the sea.

Unplug your ears, let the steam blast out
The anger of your years, are loud, a shout.
The wax of callous, pouring out, flooding the room
Until your knee deep in greed, and narcissistic needs.

Stream your nostrils free, smell the stench of indignity
With the kids in the backseat, teenaged pregnancy, fancy.
Toilet scrubbing scum, and dull cheap rum. Under-the-table gum
Un honorable. Affordable, though unreliable hooker with guns.

Grasp this theory, with the hands of the weary
The stumbling, tumbling, rumbling, what? don’t hesitate,
To grab, a future, not in rehab or extensive care.
Feel the concrete, stare, beware. In spite of a, naughty nun?

Let life enter your veins, release, the pain.
Concentrate on the fall, rather than the delusional sprawl
Of helpless visitors, attacking with a force of power-hunger and corpse
Lifeless victims, bloody, and dead and hoarse. Feast upon the main course!

Open your mouth
Open your eyes
Unplug your ears
Stream your nostrils free
Grasp this theory,
Let life enter your veins.
The sake of all the heartbreaks
Is on your shoulder.

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