the thing about rape

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What people should know about rape

Submitted: January 27, 2014

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Submitted: January 27, 2014



Men who rape females are also victims of their own insecurities,unlimited desire,manhood unsatisfaction and so much that leads them to thinking that getting his manhood out of his pants and putting it deep in any female he chooses or he is able to subdue is the only way to keep his sanity or fulfil his devlish desire. Only these men should be given psychological treatments even as they serve God and government inflicted punishments. For other men who choose to rape by stupidity called default they deserve to be mated wif aliens who would only kill them. What is even no matter what circumstances lead to the rape either from female or male sides(I do not approve of either), the female who is sexually assaulted or abused suffers in ineffable ways that is absolutely incongrous for human existence. Its not just about that was used against her will, its that her sex life,her dignity,her value, her perception of the love she could share in bed with a man she is willing to share it with is tampered with. Its even worse if the female who is raped is a virgin(not that otherwise makes it any better). For almost more than seventy percent of Nigerian females,its rationaly thought that your virginity is your first birth right from God. And to all females its only right since its right for us to believe that our virginity should be only shared with someone with our will and that the event should be flamboyantly memorable not to be taken from you like your body is anyman's property yo use just like females are thought to be their husband's property. It breaks you and makes you a living marshland of disastrious and unwanted memories. The memories of it ultimately becomes your worst nightmare. Even a simple sexual assault does a lot to a female and helps her to develop so much insecurities,cynicality,pessimism and so much more that completely destroys you if so much avail is put in place only by God's grace. Considering that women are with no doubt considered second class citizens of this world and especially in African countries like Nigerian have to work thrice as men to prove themselves invaluable which in much cases are overlooked, sexual abuses only makes them downtreaded and condescended by even themselves to the extent that they make themselves and accept that they are 3rd class citizens who live and work just because they have convinced themselves that its a normative criteria for the breath of life. Its so much more than will power to pull any woman from the bondage of the abuse she takes God's grace and people who God uses to make them understand that armageddon isn't here even if they were raped. I am a feminist and of all femisit issues this rape issue is the #1 that hasn't been curbed to a reasonable level.Its an act that the devil uses men to commit just so to render women useless just because her realises how great they truly are.

To be continued By Evelyn jegede

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