My Sci-Fi short story I wish to publish after my soon to be Military career.

The Tri-Wars By: Brandon Shoemaker

Introduction Earth has many continents such as Europe, North America and Asia but now the year is 2073, the world is owned,figuratively by three major companies, The Batz, The Eagles, And The Order Of The Ravens. The Lead Raven, Robert Lanski is in charge of the Americas, The head Bat, Gregory Farenor is in charge of Europe. The lead Eagle Himukaru Uesugi is in charge of the oriental operations. Each leader and a legion of their armies are headed to Mars to claim what they have all fought for. Mars is a bastion of hope for all of humanity, and after purifying the atmosphere from toxins, Mars was deemed a new earth. Many civilians and military have been living on the planet sence the 2050's, making it a second earth. The three companies/armies are going to try to give life to this planet, bringing the hopes and dreams of humanity, to a new world. But, can they live in peace? is seems as though The Tri-Wars will originate from these men and their actions.” You know James that I have to leave earth for our journey, I don’t get back within five years then I’m making you my lead Raven, the note stating this is all in my vault. Goodbye James It’s been an honor.” “likewise, sir” said James Co-Raven and Co-Founder of the order, James has been with Robert since the beginning of the order and has more trust than anyone in the company. The order started in 2045 when both men were 15 years old. Back in the old days of the order the members met in the abandoned warehouse that Robert’s father owned. Roberts father, Nigel Lanski owned a chain of Nuclear factories in Tennessee and was also born rich with his parents being the previous owners of NASA. Robert was almost late for the launch and needed to hurry. The launch site was located in Illinois in the STSE(Science Teams of Scientific Engineering) building. EngineWay sponsored the project and became famous off it. Robert arrived just in time to see the three global legions march into the “Harvester”, the shuttle EngineWay built.” Beannactai Robert, how are you?” ”Good, how is everything in your business?” “ It’s doing fine Robert, but there is also the occasional delays but other than that my business is good.” Robert winced and shook Gregory’s hand and smiled,” welcome to the Tri-Biz”.

Chapter 1: Along The Way As all the troops were settled and positioned they strapped into cryo chambers and then fell to the medicinal narcotics. Robert Lanski walked over to the other world leaders and spoke in with thier conversation. \" So Gregory and Himukaru how has the ride been treating you?\" both replied the same ' decent' and they all laughed. As they passed the moon at a high speed they seen the 'Uraba' Asian settlement they looked in amazement. The only other settlement that was off Earth besides Mars and Titan III on Saturn's moon 'Titan'. Himukaru sat up slowly and said \" Excuse me gentlemen, but i have to go to my own quarters and retire to the 'Cryo Tube'\". So the two sat alone for the rest of their free time, and they didnt speak much after that. As Himukaru walked down the aisles he went to his companion's room, Iso Takanawa. He knocked once up then three down. Iso answered with a wide open door. Both men paused to greet eachother then went inside. \" So, Himukaru do you want to know how the schematics are going?\" He nodded and then on the plasma wall behind him a large picture of a bomb appeared with Japanese writing on sides. This bomb was another creation by the Raving Eagles. It was meant for one purpose, killing all of the order. \" Iso, is it ready and operational?\" Iso replied \" Yes it is but we have to get it away from the others if we have to plant it soon. It has to be done in a good old Asian ninja fasion. And you should get some sleep sir, you look awful with no negative intensions.\" Himukaru nodded and left the room, his thoughts were heavy in his head along with his eyes. Iso was right, he was feeling awful and he needed some sleep. Chapter 2: The surface landing The red surface was like a giant cookie waiting to be swallowed by man and its cruel machines. Mars was the future of the 21st Century and now the moment approached the leaders of the new world. “ Landing site Omega Four is in sight, now approaching the L.Z pad, good luck leaders. Bravo ‘Mic’ Out.” Himukaru was nervous about his plans of the bomb, the bomb was constructed of two parts, a reactor made of titanium and the other part had an ion/sonic blaster core. A blaster core was the main part of the bomb and was initiated at the destruction zone and blows up all in its path, annihilating all organic and mechanic components. \"Hey Uesugi, what are you so nervous about...hmm?\"says the forth pilot \"Oh nothing much just mechanic faliure mostly, you never know it could happen\". Himukaru was a kind soul but in china a rebellion was just on the verge and he had to end it somehow. The Chinese forces wanted a war with amercia but Himukaru was the man who spoke wisdom into their hearts. Although he spoke them out of a world war three he knew the O.O.T.R. must be stopped, so a bomb was constucted for their demise.This bomb was called R.D.B.N.P.W(Ravens demise by neuclear powered waves). The bomb was the hight and width of the statue of liberty and was constucted a case to be disgisued as it. Himukaru's plan was to disgisue the bomb as the statue of liberty replica and then place it in the middle of thier base then detonate it from Little Marsway(a small town inside the Eagles district on mars). Little Marsway was the small quainty town inside the Eagles district in the northwest section of Mars. The main city inside the E.district(Eagles District) was Kawanakajima but 12.73 y.a. the heavy shelling of the Masamune's Horde(Masamune's Horde was the rebellion from Japan) artillery guns hit the center of the pedestrian plaza and blown the whole city to pieces. The new capital was Teriiju-Sanada City. The Teriiju-Sanada City has a memorial of Kawanakajima in thier business plaza in the centre of town. Silence broke over the intercom and the news was good\"Now landing Harvester in Economical Suites. Prepare for the G-force\" Himukaru thought to himself about thier three year journey from earth and it was now 2075 and the Chinese rebellion was strong on earth and the only other place with humans( the moon) that had the Chinese people were peacefull. To Himukaru and his brother Honganjii that made no sense yet....yet.

Chatpter 3: The Situation Room \"So what you're telling me lieutenant is that my forces are spread thinner than jam on bread!!\" General Maro Tenulius was quite the angry person and usually didnt like the bad situations in the \"situation room\". Maro's cigar was somking worse than a trains bell and it had a horrid stench to it so the room smelt like a flaming diaper. lieutenant Otto Schwieter was a former Bats member but after betrayl by the leader he joined up with the order and now was a leiutenant in their leigons. \"Yes sir, only until our units arrive on Febuary and thats 3 months if we ca-\" \" No Damnit i need our troops NOW!!!\" the room was silent until a private said some strange words and made the room explode with laughter \" sir i am a private 1st class and i'd like to point out that our force is a near equivelent to the Batz infantry, and maybe if we revise our strategies as one force then we might be able to withstand evreything the Batz and Eagles throw at us...thanks for you're time.\" the room busted with laughter until things fell silent again. \"How in the hell did you even get in, huh!?! ANSWER ME NOW PRIVATE NOW!!!\" \"Sir i snuck in sir!\" \"Well that's mighty brave of you to sneak in here all ninja like...and you know what now you are stuck here and i want you to do my duty as general and if you can do it better than i want you to have my spot and ill take yours, and whats your name private?\" \"sir my name is Quinn Marcum sir!\" \"Good Quinn now i want you to stay here for 24 hours and see if you can fill my spot as general and i'll go back to being private...good luck and may the best loser lose.\" General/Private Tenulius went to the barracks in the front of the buliding and got some rest and as a general/private he could be as free as a bird now. Quinn was feeling sick but delighted and was in a strategic meeting and was doing pretty good so far and he was happy that his choices were being taken seriously.\" General Quinn what is the new troop count for the Mars Global Plaza Fort?\" \"It apperars about 14,500 now that we got some strategic turn points marked.\" Quinn felt as if the general was too high on the honor seat and though he should sit on the throne of might. Quinn was not your tough as nails soldier but he wasn't soft as silk either, he was the average joe guy who got things done with no questions asked and he wasnt about to let that slip away. His rank is only private becuase he was in the battle for Kenpacha-Nokaga-Uri city and he was a Sergent then. Back in the battle for KNU in 2075 city against the Eagles he was in charge of the strike team that was going to be sent to eliminate the secondary general Kenshin Maeda who was famous for his slaughter of the order in 2074(a courageous battle for the district of the order but the Eagles lost). Kenshin was at a point in his tent where the security was low and the strike team could assassnate the general. The team was at a point of no return when the LOTUS Bomber/troop transport was in the sky and blazed 20mm rounds at the spot where the team was and they were gone...and Quinn had told them to move when he spotted the LOTUS in the horizon. His rank was diminished and he was forgotten until he was re-recuted back into the 3rd division of infantry and was struck a new bold name...his former name was William Black Sgt. 3rd class of Raven Spec. Ops. and he was marked a traior. But Quinn was now a new man and he was now confident of himself and had faith of next years arrival of Robert Lanski and the leigonares.

Chapter 4: Fallout & War Gregory was greatly shocked when a international war broke out between all sides...he thought that the alliances were strong between Asia-Austrailia, The Americas and Europe-Africa-Canada. \" Fill me in General whats our army stats?\" \" Sir its fine now we have had small battle but nothing like what the order and the eagles have had. We have meshed all our troops into small city's, villages, and forts until you arrived and all of those are on the border of the districts so our lines are okay temporarily. Now all you have to do is figure out who to side with and then who to conquer.\" General Uriel Marakova was a Russian with a passion for blood but kept his cool only for Farenor, he was the only one who could prevail from chaos in this time and era and the only hope for eroupe to succed in the tri-wars. \" Thank you Uriel for your patience and your ability to keep calm in our time.\" Gregory looked at the command central room and spoke his speech in hope to raise his subordiantes spirits. \" All of you listen now and hear forever that the great Gregory Farenor is back and he is ready for the war for humanity and he is ready to fight to the death to win for mother europe. Our objective is to create an alliance with the order and kill the eagles so then we ca-\" Over the screen pictures of nuclear explosions going off in every country and the after-math left nothing of earth and the orbital view was a giant red ball of blood, sweat, tears and radiation too great for anyone to live in. Earth was an apocolyptic dead planet waiting to be swalloed by the gap of space and time and was nothing. The earth died on October 21, 2077 and was now a radioactive mega-grave( i copied from fallout and im going to ask them for the rights). The room broke out in tears and had an overwhelming sadness in the air. Family, friends, neighbors, and animals were all deceased in the hell of the so called earth. \" There is no way this is can't be happening..this isn't real\" The officers and garrison had many suicides and unknown deaths...the human race was crippled forever and the history will be written from the blood of all the men who will die for one cause: power. \" We need to warn the other nations about this...our history is gone and now we have to re-write it...nothing is left for us its all gone in this waste we used to call earth. Our ally the Order Of The Ravens must be told imedeatly and i want all forces shipped out to the border of the eagles they must be KILLED!!!\" The room let a few hurrahs before executing the direct order. The world will be plunged in chaos for the time being.

Chapter 5: The Battle Begins Otto was running through the corridors of the MarsInternational Fort which held the Ravens leader and he was angry at the Oriental/Austrians for their incompitence and selfeshness, because of their 'ambition' they killed the most precious gift of all that life has given them...and the moon was practially deserted with the exeption of a few scientists but the main world is gone...forever!! The only other world that could inhabit life was the planet Eldrin but that is too far away to reach and its not very stable with the K'shara rebellion(the elves) and they dont like humans very much. The last resort is the moon of Saturn named Titus and the space station layed there named Titus III go figure...anyways the last hope for preservation is the new EngineWay space and aueronautics program that has a cryo chamber that preserves you util you are woken up many years later by the scientists that are residing there. Cryo chambers are only used if there are so few humans left to preserve the human race and they sleep there until the rest of the world populates but now that there are few women on mars this might be an option. \" Otto where have you been you are at least 15 minutes late! We are in a time of crisis and right now i need you to stay in tact for the times being so that we are steady and we can be okay in this...right now im second guessing this all..i dont feel like Robert Lanski i feel like a mouse and im being chased by life the cat. This reminds me of the time when i was starting my first war against the Eagles..when i finally won my first battle against Kenshin Maeda and his Bald Eagles(spec ops team)...we took them by suprise then two weeks later we were crushed by his forces at Nagamasa-Takeda border...we were under the heavy artillery of his 50mm cannons...our vehicles were imbeded into the ground as they pierced us...w-...we were dominated wholey and drived back...we lost so badly and he won respect and courage and he was made secondary general and we were considered just a company and not a superpower. If this ever happens and im gone just know i'll be watching all of you every step of the way so that you wont lose so badly like i once did.\" Otto was reciting his story in his head and he was amazed by the detail from such a painfull story. \" Sir with all due respect intended why would you let the Eagles win, they are brutal and violent and they kill every man, woman and child in could you?\" \" It's called a plan Lt.Otto Schwieter and i intend you respect it with you tiny pathetic heart and aren't a true are a traitor and i want you to leave before i have you stabbed with your own blade.\" he said that in the coldest tone one could possibly use. Otto left with the intention of being a traitor to himself and his nation and his family&friends. It's not what he wanted its just the perfect way to give Robert what he deserved and his chance to win the hearts of the armies. His first chance was to blow the oil refineries at the Mars International plazas. Then he would proced to the base at New Chicago and take out the new Ravens \"Bird Boy\"'s which transport everything like troops and armor and missles. Then for the Battle at Nanamari Keso which was the Horde's territory he would give them Raven \"Atlantis Sensors\" which can scan even stealth craft and all troop movements up to 100km as its circumfrence. Otto's plans were clear, he was to eliminate the Ravens and join up with the Eagles and strive.

Chapter 6: Battle one: Mars International Plaza \" Duck and cover boys!!\" the whine of shelling echoed through the plaza of Mars biggest oil refinery and it carried a big wall of death.\" Sgt. Samson what should we do we are being shelled from all sides and the exits are crumbled!\" \" Wait for the e-vac bird we'll be okay in the meantime..and right now if there are any walls or structures near the guns then blow them up so the walls smash them. Then plant the grenades at the exit points then have the citzens use some armor and weapons so they can fight off the horde. Good luck sodlier!!\" and the soldier ran off into the other trenches shouting orders and then watching as wall after wall crumbling on the guns and seeing sucsess rise in the men. The citzens in the plaza were geared up and ready to fight with the baisc knowlage of how to duck and pull a trigger and how to stab someone. The battle started aprox. 22 mins. ago when the sentry spotted long artillery barells and transpot 'birds'. Sgt. Samson Jameson aka Sgt. Samson initiated a full lockdown and the fortifacation of the inner and outer plaza walls. \" Incoming artillery shell Sgt.Sam its right a-\" BOOM....the walls caved in on the side where the Sarge was at...the walls were made of reinforced steel and there was no escaping a 38 metric ton Carbon Steel wall coming on top of you. Unfortunately the sarge was too late and was crushed under the shell and the wall. After the battle the sarge would later be reported dead by shelling.\" He is gone there is no hope of finding him of the order's best is gone...damn the horde and their cruel guns. Get the Citzens out of the city and get them over to command central in the capital...goodbye and take care of them Corporal. Sergeant Matt Reily out.\" the young Corporal, Kenney Morgans was just a 23 year old boy who was a baby in combat. As Cpl. and now the C.O.(commanding officer) it was his personal job to get the citzens out alive and well too.\" Sir im John Dennis II and im the town mayor and i have the most combat experience of the citzens there are 14 of us me included i was a police officer for 13 years,there is 6 police officers me included 2 medics and the rest are armed citzens. I think if we cut throu-\" \" Now hold on Mr. Mayor im in charge here now get out now while we have a chance cut through the sand dunes, and me and my Ravens will cover you now go go!!\" Dennis sped off into the red/purple sky with the force of the Ravens and the citzens hoping an artillery shell doesnt drop on their heads..which it could. The final shell dropped in the centre of the refinery and blew the final 3 oild tanks obliterating the city and finnaly burning it to the red surface. The hordes infantry rose from the gap of the hill and ambushed the Army/police/militia mesh of soldiers and they were victorious but they had a heavy price to pay with the win. The horde had 7 AA guns and lost 4 they also had 50 infantry and lost 37 troops and they also lost some transport vehicles but those wernt important. The order had won and also lost today, with the price of some good men and fine police and citzens they shall never forget. in 2094 a monument will be finished in memory of those who fought incredible odds against the horde. After the battle a sweep was conducted to find enemy and friendly soldiers and what was found was 2 Atlantis sensors one intact and one was spare parts, they also found one vault of weapons and currency which had 30 assult rifles 15 pistols 5 standard stunguns and 25 military grade grenades and one survivor among the enemy, a Sgt.Matt Reily was reported to be pierced by shrapnel.. Matt was taken in by the horde and tortured and then released and Matt would never fight again after the war and what it caused him. The horde was working with the Eagles and planted the 'fake' statue of liberty in the center of Mars International and was waiting for the 21st raven battalion to walk into the trap.

Chapter 7: The New Brigadear \" How did you do all this Quinn? You made my small forts have larger garrisons and the borders are now equal. You did a fine damn job General Quinn, a fine job sir i will take your position gladly and hope to strive into a new model.\" Thank you Lt.Colonel you can be seated in the officer's quarters\" \"Thank you sir i will wear my rank proudly!\" Maro used the order salute and then trotted off into the corridors of the bunker. \"Sir a new intel report tells that the Mars Inernational has been shelled by the horde...and there were no reported survivors. Im sorry sir but this is all that was said.\" \" What i want you to dispatch the 21st battalion to the ruins of M.I and wipe them out...all of them,dont leave any survivors.\" \"Got it sir\" Now the 21st battalion was on the move carrying 500 infantry and 10 tanks with 3 Crows the orders bombers/transport. The battle was now over with the garrison headed for the ploy at M.I. and they would forever be gone with the city. The march was long and vigourus and was 3 days and 2 nights when they arrived in the early night they statue was damaged but the only thing not burnt or standing. The horde was waiting burned out trenches and blasted mortar holes just waiting to rip the flesh of the enemy and tear their hearts out. \" I want the crows to search overhead and use nightvision to spot the enemy this is all a large ploy and i want this to go well.\" The alarms from the small tents they set up rang like a cows bell when they smell fresh grass.\" You know the music boys sattle up and ride through hell\" The order ran through the rain of bullets and some fell, but some ran and cut the hordes numbers to oblivion. \" The horde is falling back to the statue, cut the cowards down!\" says a mysterious Sgt. who will die in the battle. While at a safe distance the eagles commamnder Himukaru Uesugi was watching from the tower in the middle of nowhere that was civilized but he was anxious about the bomb, he thought about how it could fail and how it could succed, if defused he would be utterly defeated and the alliance would be broken. If he were to succed he would gain the trust of Otto the new General and the trust of the horde. The general was now sure to kill them all, he cluctched the detonate button and then pressed. In one white unholy light the war was now started and the world will end so soon that the final humans will never notice that the human race is gone. Chaos and death gripped the soldiers and made them fear the power of The Raving Eagles.

Chapter 8: Situtations & Skirmishes The overview of the new M.I.( Mars International) was an ugly sight. The whole city was a black and burned wall of ashes and collected dust with scrap meatles and extra guns and ammo. The interior walls were so scorched that if anyhting touched it, it would fall to ashes. The horde and the whole battalion is gone under atomic fire..and Mars's fate will be the same as the earth, gone with the all mighty atom bomb. \" Intelligence reports that the Batz Interglobal plaza has conjured up an army of 35,000 infantry 1,000 tanks and 2,050 Tri-Wing Transports were sighted moving toward Teriiju-Sanada City. The intel describes the movement of large missiles and even just weapons and armor transports too, also the Ravens are trying to re-inforce New Chicago and are waiting for an imninent strike but first we must trample the Steel plant at New Ireland in the batz district. This will stop the march temporarily..then we can consume them with another nuke and then hit the districts hard with the rest of the nukes...then Mars will be ours to oriental Mars to be thrived..and it will be rebulit of course but the damage is a price to pay and it is all worth it. Civilization will be built on their backs and it was up to them to stop all hell from entering the surface of mars..becuase the moon went in the fate of earth was bombed by themselves and they were all killed. As for mars, the citzens are going to witness the turning point in the war. This war will change the fate of everyone. BOOM BOOM!! In Little Marsway the ravens were on the move again and they fought like they had a blood lust on the go. The towns people were fleeing and being shot down one after one man and women were killed and the kids were left to die. In Little Marsway the EngineWay company building was blown to the eighth layer of hell and then back. All colleges schools and community buildings were now mini fortresses and were being occupied by anyone able to fight. The suprise attack left the Eagles in shock becuase they had no bases near L.M. and no nukes anywhere closer than 20km so the town was now gone off the Eagles maps. All but the children were killed, burned, hung, executed, tortured, and just shot. Any citzens that were in a 2km circumfrence of L.M. were killed and etc. After the battle of L.M in 2078 the Eagles were in the area and spotted the fort and later drove the ravens out. the next chapter is about this battle. Chapter 9: Battle two: The Retake Of Little Marsway Inteligence Report A/55uC7: Little Marsway Redemption In 2078... The Eagles are in the courtyard and they have RPG's in the vicinity. 11:19 am : The Ravens are retreating from the area and are going to high ground. 12:32 pm : Eagles are in the sky and are dropping a nuclear warhead into the old Enginewa-. No electrical connections. Please try again later. Please try again later. \" Get on your bottom soldier move move move!!\" Captain William Jones was a feild commander for many years but never had seen anything quite like this. A giant Eagle was walking on the main street and dropping E.M.P. grenades that shot waves into the air and shocked whatever it touched. E.M.P's were most effective on vehicles that used batteries and were best for heavy electrified areas. \" Get a com. link with C.C. ( command central ) before that wave hits our radios. Also get out the Atlantis Sensor from the trunk over there and see if there are any other crafts.\" the soldier did what she was told setting her sniper rifle on the wall then getting the sensor online and checking for enemy crafts..and there were none yet only the Bald Eagles and the ' Crimsion Beak' a cheesy name for such a powerful tank. Illana Marigold was the young snipers name. She was a 1st Lieutenant and was top of the Ravens Sniper Academy. Her military nickname was Illana 'Crosshairs' Marigold for having such a presicion shot. \" Sir, there are no enemy but what there was seen...and comms are already down there are no signals for at least .500km and thats a far journey without transport.\" She was Born in Russia before being shipped out for field duty.. she chose the ravens becuase she saw a hidden cause none saw but Robert Lanski himself. She was always obident to her commanding officers and never failed a mission.\" Then i'll cover you for now just go i'll be dead soon anyways...good luck lieutenant.\" The girl marched from her seat to the rally point at the edge of Little Marsway to spot the Crimson Beak marching out of the city to kill Illana. The infantry pumlled the Raven officers only due to numbers. Illana shot off some of the infantry charge leaders and then the core of the Crimson Beak to weaken it for a grenade strike on the steel stomach. The infantry gradually broke off from their positions making them easier to kill. The Crimson Beak was fast approching and at 30mph and it was ready to kill Marigold. Her expertise was nicely acted upon and she shot the middle blowing the center piece and the Crimosn Beak turned into the red orange and yellow Beak. Illana had just put down her rifle when she was jumped by a pair of Bald Eagles. She stabbed one with her combat blade named the 'Raven Razor' and it was poisined to give an extra edge. The frist B.E. fell and died but the other one let a final horrah before dying. The eagle forces were in-camped at the L.M. ruins..the city was runied but it made a stable camp. Illana was stable with one minor cut on the gut..she packed her gear and haulled off to Command Plaza to warn the order of the oncoming threat.

Chapter 10: The world is in Chaos The Command Plaza is a large command centre for all military brings some of the most secret information ever held in mars ops. The best advantage is that the whole city wall is made of titanium and reinforced with diamond so the walls wont go down so easy. The strongest shell that had ever been used was tested with the walls and the shell was effective but only by 10 centimeters wide. The command central plaza was the orders pride and joy but it also is the main target for both enemys, the horde and the Eagles. The Batz were in a delima and were marching and fortifying...the Batz were also stuck about how to attack. Illana was striding through the corrirdors to find Robert Lanski somehow 'gliding' through the hallway space. Lanski was never one for running or hauling off and he had marine training...but was probably the most lazy of all officers and generals. Illana approached her leader and gave a swift saulte before being escorted with Robert. \" Yes, and you are Illana Marigold the sniper who had the glory of killing the Crimson Beak...well exellent job ma'am what did you have to repo-\"' Sir, with all due respect we dont have the time to slack around here..the force they sent is the most powerful force of the entire Eagles Nation..they beared the Eye of Euina.\" Euina was the founder of the Eagles and died a month after they had gone international in 2057. Euina was a bloodthirsty monster who killed all Non-Eagles until he was stopped by the U.N. in 2055. Euina was considered a hero in the oriental lands but a demon in the other parts. \" The Ravens and Batz have to pull together now to stop Euina's forces and take L.M. again, Marigold i want you and another strike team to lanuch the attack. With your help Illana i am making you a Sinper Captain and a Seinor Raven if you can survive ill make you a Major 1st class. Good luck Marigold and Ravens vision.\" They saluted eachother and she walked off readying herself for the next batlle ahead. \" Get me a link to Gregory Farenor.\" Gregory Farenor was using his European battle tactics for the re-take of L.M. He was preparing troops and vehicles to march with the Ravens and crush the opposition when he got a mysterious link-chat. \" Gregory i need you to listen...the march will have to be fast because the Eye of Euina is on the move.\" \" What the hell? I thought that he was dead?\" \"Yes He is, but he has his general commanding all the forces of that branch. The general, Hei Fei, is going to march on outer cities like our capitals. Greg our lives are now going to perish if we dont act now.\" \" I know now of our cause Robert, and i know that you are right, but now we must act as one fist and one body to kill the vermin that has plauged Mars for to long. Tonight we march for our long lost glory and the salvation to all Humanity!!\" \" Agreed Gregory now march right now, so we can kill the vermin.\" Gregory ended the chat and got his things in a transport and left the capital to kill the Eagles on last time with a swift blow.

Chapter 11: Eytra & Eufania The Bald Eagles had been positioned at major strategic points in the ruins. The points were either bulidings with small blown out windows with escapable exits or on the rooftops of small buidings so you could see from afar. The Bald Eagles were never used as scouts but often they had small jobs as a reneagde soldier. They were never mercenaries but were occasional assassins. They were special trained soldiers to serve as a bodygaurd on major assults becuase if the general ever was open, they often used it and attemepted. The Bald Eagles were often heard about in small camps but never acually witnessed to the general soldier. They had the best spec. ops. teams in all of Asia and killed more than 10,000 soliders in their time. The Ravens had small assassin groups but nothing like the Bald Eagles, they had what was called ' Eye Guys ' (like Marigold). The Ravens and Batz were on the march and were just inside artillery range. The Ion Cannon ' Cruzier ' shot eleven blasts and missed each time, which was due to mortar fire shifting the angle of the blast. The Ravens charged and blew through the opposition like a wildfire killing at least 125 Bald Eagles in one swift blow. The enemy had at least 1,000 Bald Eagles. Each armed to the finger tips with deadly armor and weapons. The 'Harvester' was captured by the order and was made a frigate class gunship. It carries more than 25 Nukes and 10 Hydrogen Bombs, at a time. The Harvester was designed to eliminate all those who stood a fighting chance and those who dared to meet the angel of death. The Ravens were not really dying so much as flying through the air, becuase of concussion rounds. The Harvester demolished the A.A. guns and all flyable crafts. The only thing that were able to be flown were the small ion-gliders and their batteries were made of ion, which were destroyed. The baisic Eagles infantry stood thier ground for an estemated time of 13 mins. before being overrun. The parks were being slaugtered by gunfire and blood was flooding the street. The clacking of boots and heels drove fear into the enemy lines and eventually, they gradually broke off into smaller squads before being backed into sewers and picked off until all were dead. The enemy lost 1,023 Bald Eagles and 2,500 Infantry with 15 cannons of all kinds. The Ravens were tallying the losses when an ominus glow emerged from a wide emergency sewer hole.. The blue light was light and wispy, and holy. The Ravens surrounded the hole when Robert appeared. He took a small team of the most elite soldiers and dropped in..the others were in defensive positions and took arms around the hole...hiding near what were walls and other objects that made good cover. Quinn was in charge of the defense and Maro was guarding the hole dircetly. The team consisted of four of the most advanced soldiers and Robert. The four soldiers were Sgt.Major Samson Jameson, Major Illana Marigold, Captain Benka Monjir, and the new Staff Sgt. Justin Green, and the leader Robert Lanski...these were the most elite men in the entire army. They strode down the metallic corridors searching for any signs of life or buried secrets. Though they didnt know about the legacy of these chambers they did know they were in the old city rumored to be inhabited on mars. The K'shara, aka elves said that a mysterous race of robtoic humanoids living beneath one of the cities. They said that if they were ever discovered they would kill anything that stood in its way. They were know as the Eufainians and they're leader was known as Eytra...the one who brought the salvation to all Eufainians and started the Eunarin Council. They are made up of ten members...Eytra, Eurina, Emaou, Encha, Evena, Enboua, Ehco, Edsana, Everna, Eyanta and each of them are always in discussion about the city's plans of surface the rumors say. The K'shara were never trusted and left Mars in a rush in 2056 and never fought in any wars, they also reside on the moon of Jupiter named Titus. Titus is alot like inhabits life and land with many salt and fresh water oceans. Robert moved quick carrying a Fusion Rifle and his signature 'Diamond Diablo'. His actions were quick and vital making it seem as if it were an inspection. All the other four strode behind him as they searched for any targets worth killing. The glow was light but fluffy now being stronger as they were reaching a reactor level, the four got in a defensive stance they saw the glow reaching its wavy arms from behind a smashed and bashed corridor wall. Dead K'shara troopers were lying across the other walls pined up and placed in piles. The famous K'shara ranger named Artemis was pined up by his armor and had the words 'Remember Eldrin' written in K'Sharan. The sqaud of elite officers that were hand picked settled into formation around the area with rifles held high, they gathered around the wall and looked at their future.

Chapter 12: The Eunarian Council Lanski looked at the beacon that glew blue, it was hazy almost like a fog and it loomed in the tunnel shape ringed room that they stood in. \" Sir, what is your call, becuase Benka and the new guy..whats his name...oh Green dont like the look of it and Sgt Major just looks scared.\" said a grouchy Marigold. \" I think that you should quit bashing your comrades and foucus on the tunnel we are about to scout, now listen all are scared i know..and what i think lies beyond this distant tunnel is a world we havent discovered and i think they are the humanoids that our elven friends spoke of, they are the reason i picked to be here..and the reson why you are here. Now lets move on through the cold blackness and get on home.\" The team without words followed what was asked and traveled up through the tunnel to find a door locked by a puzzel, the puzzel was not hard to do if you were a Physics major, which Lanksi was. He was looking at the picture to see it was a diagram of the door they were looking at...and they had to put the correct pieces on the correct spot..and there was a catch to this..the bottom plates had to match the pieces or they caught on fire. Robert took about ten minutes to get the pieces correct, he also had to chizzel off a burnt hand off one of the tiles. \" Now i know that this looks like an ancient tomb but this is really a more advanced and complex system than the common atlantis sensor.\" After a long nap the soldiers stood as he layed the final blackened piece to the puzzel. The door was morphing into a spaceship like door and it glowed a dull purple. Then the door opened and a dead and mutitlated Otto Schwietzer slipped onto the ground and he literally fell apart..he must have been spotted by a sentry droid and been identified as a large rat. His personality doesnt even qualify for a rats. Looks like his other plans are going to not ever happen. The team looked with their nightvision goggles and saw the remains of a downed monk..or maybe it wasnt a was an android. The team rose from their sleepy states and adrenaline rushed to thier bodies as they found out the lost race was real...and was still alive to the very day. \" My god...they are real?!?\" said Green. The whole team sat in silence as they were ambushed by a pack of rouge androids. The androids were plated as robert soon discoverd his diamond knife was having some difficulties with cutting straight through. There were eight of them.. all armed with Ion Cannons, they also had standard sensors on they're wrists, kinda like a police device. The first raven to fall would be Staff Sgt Green, then Captain Benka. Marigold would be in critical condition but would not fight for another month after being captive. Sgt. Major fled to the surface to warn the others about the discovery. Green fell with a scream of agony and Benka's last words were \" Make haste to the salvation of our race Robert.\" Robert took four down and damaged two. The others were just jumped too fast to even react, and as Robert once said, \" Train for the unexpected.\" Robert was taken by the General bot named Ensai, Ensai dragged him to the Eaunarian Council chambers where only Eytra and Eyanta were inside, the other memebers were on a leave order from the top two associates. \" And so our human friend arrives on time. Ensai you are relived for now and by the way, do not be so harsh next time. I thought I told you not to kill any human soldiers unless they posed a possible or visble threat, but you did as you saw fit, not regarding a possible code-12 occurance (c-12 is an occurance where an all out destuction blows trough and wipes out all life on mars.) but you did whatever you pleased.\" Ensai left without a smirk of any kind, and when he left his bodygaurds shut down and manifested into thier spirit forms. The androids are dead people that have forgotten thier old world and are now spirits that can manifest into robotic bodies. \" And so the great Robert Lanski finally sits on the ground suffering as once the people of Eufania did. You humans are all the same, you talk, you breathe, you eat, you take all the damned resorces you want until your world has nothing left but the grounds you sleep on. You disgust me vile pig..get away from my sight right now.\" The guards re-manifested into thier artificial forms and drug Robert away, he left a trail of tears with his presence. Eytra thought about him taking all of the room on Mars and forcing them underground. Soon, they would be on top, like they once were.

Chapter 13: The Once Befreinded Ally Gregory was striding along the ruined roads of Little Marsway when he reached the main commander of the field. The man in charge was General Quinn, also the most known and famed general in the order besides Lanski. Farenor was a man of silence but his new plan involved alot of talking in it. Farenor approached Quinn with caution, as his accsess was now limited. \" Yes i belive you are Gregory, the leader of the Batz, what is it you desire?\" Three words spilled out in anger, saddness and curiosity \" Where is Robert?\" Quinn was nervous, he had never seen a European of such high caliber so angry like this. \" Uh-oh..we- ....well you see he uh..went down to find something he saw inside a tunnel. Last report we got was that he reached the blue haze he saw down there.\" Farenor was confused. What hole was this idiot talking about and what was the blue haze. \" Look kid, where was this hole and what was this 'Blue Haze'?\" said Gregory \" Well the location is just south of here and the haze is unknown.\" Gregory left without words, he knew his most trusted advisor was right. Uriel Marakova was right, his advisor expertise was correct, and now his combat skills were to be tested. Gregory approched and before he dropped in the hole after his garrison of 2,000 entered he said to Uriel, \" You know what you and the 13,000 must do, and now your time has come. Kill these fools.\" Uriel nodded and knew his time has come indeed. Uriels troops got an I-Mail ( instant mail ) in thier wrist computers to kill all Ravens and dump the boddies in the large crater, because Farenor locked the hole to the haze. The batz locked and loaded thier T-71 laser rifles and shot at all the troops. Most were hit and killed on the first shot and others took several more. The Ravens fought back at thier betrayal and ultimatly they lost thier battle and everyone was either taken as a prisoner or they were killed. Quinn was spared 15 troops to go and warn the other cities about this. Uriel was not to be underestamated by the world any longer. When Uriel rounded a corner near H.Q. he seen a group of oriental citzens mixed with American and African citzens too. They were a counter Militia of nearly 50. They seen Uriel and shouted orders. Uriel responded by having a Tri-Wing Transport drop .50 Caliber rounds on the group, he was not going to be taken by a pitiful milita when he just slaughtered an entire force of Ravens. Not today. And so Uriel searched all the corners, cracks and creaks of the city until all he found was lint. As Marakova headed back to base camp he saw an officer who deals with treaties. \" Officer, I am Uriel Marakova, I am the commander of the Batz army, for now. I need you to help me with one little problem I have been needing to solve.\" The officer was Seyna Jiva, a male Batz officer who was a courier of important documents. \" Yes sir, what can I do for you?\" \" I need you do deliver a war document to the Eagles district, tell them you are an innocent courier that was sent to deliver this paper to Himukaru Uesugi, make sure to disguise yourself as a civillian whose life was reaked with havok. I will give you all the supplies with a gun and ammunition that you need. Take care officer and be hasty.\" They saluted and the officer grabbed his gear and headed a steady pace to the randevous point. The total body count for the dead people was apox. 1500, no wounded were recovered. As Gregory and his large force of soldiers moved along the halls and rooms it started to get narrow and half of the army was at a halt. The path was correct but only fit for a few hundred. Gregory took his best soldiers know as the Russian Division and marched on...the divison consisted of 250 men. As he approached the narrow roads once more only he and 50 men could get through. He was wondering how Robert knew to take few soldiers. As he walked though the corridors of the robotic halls he seen the Raven soldiers lying on the floor. He looked as suprised as a groundhog on groundhogs day. He leaned in to see the dead soldier. He drew his own gun, the ' White Light' , an Earth origin shotgun that killed all who were at the end of the barrel. \" My fellow comrades, it has been long past our time to find the mysterious ' androids ' and tonight, I belive we have. So now we are to march forwa-\" An android materialized out of thin air and was upon Gregory in a second. He was too mezmerized to speak or act and he was hit with a Eunarian club. He flew in the air about three feet before saying 'oof!'. The Russains had acted with caution and skill, immobilizing the android with an E.M.P. blast straight to the heart. It screeched in pain and dropped dead. The division was checking on Gregory when they saw his massive wound. He was unconsious and he was barley stable enough to keep breathing. The Russian medic was shouting for them all to move when he approached Gregory. He grabbed the E.P.G.-electric pulse generator- and blew a chrage onto his bare chest. He flew skyward and let a loud thud as he hit the floor. He wasnt giving in! The doctor tried with a final effort to get him alive, the White Light. He grabbed the shotgun and aimed it toward his head, he set the blast for a recuperation shell. He heard the clear signal and then shot.

Chapter 14: An Awakened Journey Himukaru was sleeping when he recived a notice about the lone travler, he was very brave to wander past a regiment of Bald Eagles. He was seen in a typical Mars robe with only a storm chasers hat to go along. He didnt seem to have alot of supplies with him. He was reported to only carry food, water and the decleration of war. He was said to travel a great distance at a very slow pace, making his travel time at night. Himukaru rose from his queen size bed, with no wife. Back in 2067 Himukaru was engaged to a nobel Japanese girl, Yokio Hoknu. She went to school with Himukaru ever scence he was eight, and when he was 12 they dated until he was engaged with her. It was two days before the wedding, Himukaru was finnishing his military outfit while Yokio was styling her hair back at her fathers house. Her mother was going to the local store to buy a couple items. Yokio was siting in her chair when the front window exploded right there! She moved to the nearest 'Comm Mom' ( which Engine Way made ), she dialed to Himukaru. \" Himukaru! Himukaru, my house is being robbed you need to get here now!!\" ,Himukaru hung up and grabbed his gear rushing to his hover-car. He knew something was wrong. He kept asking himself, ' Why me?' and ' Why now?'. He sped down the highway with his servant. He called his servant Gyan. \" Sir, if i may ask where are we going?\" Gyan never spoke unless he felt something was wrong. Himukaru didnt answer, he couldn't answer. His soon to be wife was being attacked and he wasnt there. Himukaru was slowing down, due to a traffic accident. He muttered something Gyan would soon find out. He hit the flying button on the controls, and he and Gyan took off in a flash! They arrived at Yokio's house in a total of 13 minutes 23.45 seconds. Himukaru saw the window and burst through the front door with Gyan at his back. he looked around at the mess and seen how the ravaged house was once a beauty. He called her name everywhere but found nothing. He was searching in her room when he found her mother, she was barley concious and about to meet the grim-reaper. He went over and patched her as best as he could. He asked her where she was and pulled out a basement key card, she also gave him the password. As she was saying something, she slipped into death. He said a prayer as he stode down the marble steps. There would be another time for greiving. As he approached the basement he swipped the card and entered the password. The solid titanium door wooshed open, but the lights were off!?! He looked around the darkness to find a flood light with a note. Horribly written it said ' She is with me, ill get the lights'. He crumpled the note and was blinded with a ressurecting light. He winced in pain then his eyes adjusted. He saw Yokio at the end of the basement, tied, bloody, beaten and brusied and cyring. The tall dark figure put down the hood to show his true nature. Himukaru could be gullible but seeing an Android that beat his fiance was not imaginable. Gyan, without a word , threw a sideways kick at Himukaru only to find himself flailing backwards. Gyan and the Android were somehow a team to destroy Himukaru's life. He rose with a sword and approched the butler, and without a word he stuck him in the throat. The android let Himukaru get close and then stuck a blade at Yokio's throat at instructed him that if he moves an inch, the woman gets it. Himukaru asked him \" What do you want? I'll give you money or jewls or an upgrade, just let us be!\" The android only said his name was Eytra and that he'd seen him before and knew about his mission to Mars. Eytra said \" As long as i draw breath, you wont touch Mars!\" then he slit her throat only to dissipate into the wind. Before Yokio died she mouthed ' I love you' and so did Himukaru. He sat in confusion, rage and sadness until the local police arrived. He gave her and her mother a proper burial and swore revenge. His ultimate purpose was to find Eytra on the red planet, and ensure his time wasnt wasted. He shook away this memory only to find his dull world on his sight. The traveler was only a mere couple of miles away. Himukaru got on his official outfit with small armor below. He rode out to find a man, from the Batz holding a declaration of war against the Order Of The Ravens and an alliance with the the Eagles. The man holding out the document said \" From the mighty Gregory Farenor, we propose the offer of an alliance and war against The Order Of The Ravens, do accept these terms?\" Himukaru thought of Yokio, and of Eytra and said \" Yes, i do\" Chapter 15: The Eunarian Order Eytra hated Eyanta, for one she tried to steal his office position. Illegaly. She also tried to kill him back 1906, back in the age of the Uprise. The Uprise was when the demon/ ghost civilization found out that they could save thier own forms with a suit of armor, like a robotic knight. The armor isnt just armor, it contains a specific DNA tracker to a specific person. When they die, thier ectoplasm manifests into the armor, and they can live forever. When Eytra proposed this idea, Eyanta was there. She'd wanted the idea for herself but she couldnt handel more than one android. When he got on a stage, he began with the ectoplasm speech. Eyanta was at a tall building when she heard his voice boom on throughout the city. She was setting up her sniper rifle to silence him, but all of a sudden, it started to get crowded, fans cheered and haters rioted. She thought of all the possibilities of who could have done this, who she could blame. She got in position for the kill, she had him on sights with the scope, then she pulled the trigger. She had succsessfully shot Eytra. The guards rushed to him as everyone went silent, even the protesters. The guards had pronounced him dead, at a meeting that suggested the afterlife. Oh the irony! One croud member named Euhna suggested that they use his theroy of a rebirth. They had him rushed to his lab, because he kept a live organ to use in the process. They strapped him in the machine and pushed the right buttons. A holy light poured through the window as he was made into the first Android human hybrid. He stepped out of the machine, looked at his arms and legs, then to his dead body and said, \" Welcome back gentlemen.\" Being in the same building with her made him mad, the same room and he was enraged. Being in the same order made his judgement tilted. He was walking toward the jail cell that held Robert Lanski and Illana Marigold. He pressed the buzzer as a wake-up call. They both groaned in pain and depression. They looked in suprise to see eachother still alive. They hugged eachother tightly, Robert felt a mix of emotions all at once. He just needed a break. Eytra made a sound like a whistle that made them both turn. \" Human emotion is just so complicated, like the brain. It has a good part, a bad part, even happy and sad, but the best part of a brain is the knowlage it can contain.\" Eytra pointed to them and Marigold smirked. Robert nuged her playfully and she laughed. Robert laughed too, then sighed. He felt like he liked her. But now wasnt the time for all the emotion. Robert coughed out the mucus in his throat, \" What are you proposing Android?\" Eytra was feeling better than when he captured Robert, so he let this slide. \" If i hadnt said before, my name is Eytra, and i am the leader of the Eunarian Council. An elite three of us are in the Eunarian Order, a high up society only for the genius of the modern age. I, Eurina and Echo are the memebers of the order, and i want to make you the fourth. Along with being the fourth and the first human, you will have equal rights like a member of the Council. And i wanted to compinsate you for your losses. I also want to say im sorry about the insults, i just thought of how humans are inconsiderate. And i cant say im sorry because i didint do it, but it doesnt make it right. And that i do respect. So what do you do say Robert?\" Robert looked at Illana for approval and she nodded. He took courage to say this, \" Yes, i accept your terms. If only on one condition.\" Eytra looked confused, he didnt think of any conditions. \" Yes, what is your other need?\" Robert stood high with a bold voice and said \" I want you to send reinforcements with me to assist my army in defeating the other two, they are strong to us but with your help, i belive we can end this, once and for all.\" Eytra knew his rights as the leader of Eufaina, but what he proposed was a great deal. Freedom and troops? This was going to be tough but it was well worth it. Eytra swalloed his imaginary adam's apple and said \" Agreed. \" He let the cell door open and they shook hands. The world just might have some peace after all. Eytra smiled, they took the bait, they believed him. Good, he thought...

Chapter 16: Say Goodbye The medical bay in Eufania wasnt always too loud, it was usually about average on terms of loudness. They had the best medical staff and treatments. Some humans dwelled at their mercy and strode through the streets, they were only the few spared and for a certain purpose. Each human who came and suvived was set with a task, after they completed they had a choice. They have thier memory of Eufaina wiped and go to the surface or they stay. Most who completed stayed, they were often criminals or people who had no memories to go back to. The other few went back because of family or jobs or for a greater purpose. In the medical bay Greogry Farenor woke up to see dim lights, and an android! He tried to sit up and reach for White Light, but he was stripped down only to his underwear. He hesitated a \" Where am i?\". A large android repsonded in a thick robotic voice, \" You, Gregory Farenor are in Eufania. The city of androids. A fellow human named Robert Lanski is coming here to see you. Sit back and heal for now.\" Gregory thought about Robert, then he thought of all the betrayl. If Robert found out then he would kill him in the hospitial for sure! He kept thinking of a plan on how to lie about the execution, but he fell asleep only to find Robert materialized in front of him. He screamed and then fell silent when he seen the Diamond Diablo. He aimed it at Gregory and said, \" Why did you do it? I thought We were allies. But what should i have expected from a European.\" Eytra nodded at Robert and withought a word Gregory flew out of the bed! He sprinted as androids ran after him in a fury. Things knocked and fell, rocked back and forth. They shouted orders and before they knew, Gregory was in his battle armor and had the White Light. He shot the shotgun at the first android and he fell. Lifeless his ectoplasm was dragged from his armor and the other fled. \" Im in control now. As long as i stand, you will fall!\" Android and humans alike feld in terror as they seen how a brute like himself could take down an elite race. Some of the guards fled to a safe distance to release sniper rounds past him. Others stood and shot and mostly missed him only to be shot themselves. He was a madman on the loose. He was like the killer in America. In 2064 a killer that lived in a new town in Nevada called SkyReach. He was an ordianry man, alothough none knew his name, he was quite popular in the area. He was said to be 6'3 and very built. He never kept and guns, only what nature had supplied him with. He carried a flint knife, which eveyday he sharpned and kept some poisin with antidotes. One day he was said to be very drunk and out of his mind. He went into the center of town where a couple of children play and stabbed them. All four kids were killed. Men and women tried to kill him with sticks and stones, but they were all slaughtered. He went onto other rouge towns and killed everyone, without a reason. He was eventually caught in Phoenix, Arizona where he was shot 15 times after killing a couple. He layed on the ground with a stone cold heart and said \" I've been saved.\" The police dragged his body to a nearby cactus and let him lay until the medics arrived. Gregory gave a similar resembilance to the man, they had the same personality. Gregory had killed a few more before he was shot in the knee, then in the arm. After that he was shot with an ion charge to the chest. He lay there thinking about Germany and about the Moon and about Mars and even Titian. The world seemed to slip away piece by piece as he saw Robert. The last thing he heard was \" I belived in you.\" Then Robert lifted the Diamond Diablo and the world went black. Robert Lanski killed Gregory Farenor on September, 23, 2078 at 9:31 pm. Robert didnt like to kill, and killing a friend was worse than he expected. He found out about the betrayl by Eytra's news about the surface. It was said that the whole entire Raven's territory had been blown up or taken over by the Batz and Eagles. All of the Ravens were killed, even General Quinn. Robert had lost it, and so did Marigold. They both knew they had no chance of suvival. They had lost the war, for good. But not all hope was lost. Now with the death of Gregory Farenor, and the help of Eytra, things looked good for a change. Even though they suffered the worst loss, they had the greatest advantage. Knowlage.

Chapter 17: Confrontation Robert was walking down a poorly lit corridor. He and Marigold had developed a relationship after Gregory Farenor was killed three years ago. It is now 2081, and things had gotten worse than 2078. Eytra was still helping, but his population skyrocketed to over 500,000! The city was only made to handle about 750,000. Ever scence the announced death of Gregory, lone Batz partrols would come to the entrance and tried to kill everyone, but usually failed. They killed 21 Androids at the most, because the Batz had a grenadier squadron. Also rouge merchants and civillians looking to get away from the Eagles wrath. Most were let in but after too long the citzens of Mars were rejected. There were more humans than androids in Eufania now. Some noble humans had the privilage of becoming an android, and even Robert and Illana were now, when they died, becoming androids. He talked to her more and more often as the years went by. They even kissed on new years back in 2080. She loved him, and respected him, and knew him better than anyone else. Back in 2047 when he was recruting members into the Ravens back in his high school she signed, and attended all of the meets.She went to the warhouse and even went to speeches. She spoke once in the city of Cincinnati in Ohio. She was in her uniform and wore her badges. She was talking about how the order was going to be an army. The United States government allowed it, in the year 2049. Robert and his father agreed to all of the terms stated in the Declaration of the Order of The Ravens. They stocked in arms and armor and official uniforms for rallies. They had became international in the year 2056 consuming South America and Canada. He had over 500,000,000 members ready to fight for their leader. James Amison was the boy who helped Robert get official and told him to start at the school. He was his best friend, and his greatest ally, he's gone now, lost in the atomic fires of the former Earth. Robert knew he wouldnt give so easily, and most likely dropped the H-Bomb on the others. He approached an opened door, slightly ajar it looked like it was very heavy. He nuged it with his right hand to see Illana standing in a balcony in a very pale white dress. She looked like she had the emotion drained from her, she just stood there looking out into the streets. Robert thought she looked nice, only because he didnt look so good. He was cut up and brusied from his training in Eufarian combat skills. He was now a master, but still was not to the skill of Eytra. He placed his hand on her shoulder gently, and his hand was joined with hers. Her face glowed in the artificial moonlight. She looked up at him and said, \" Whats wrong Robert? \" He looked at her, smiled gently and said, \" I was only looking for you, i thought something happened. What are you doing up so late? \" She sat and stared for a moment, taking a long pause. \" Robert, i...dont know if we should get married, or keep our official relatoinship. I love you, but its, very complicated. Now that you're going to kill Himukaru and go off on this crusade, i dont know if this should continue.\" Robert knew she was right, but after Earth, he didnt want to give up what he fought so hard for. He cluchted her hand tighly before letting go. He looked at her, and said what he thought was right. \" I honestly dont want to lose you. After Earth i dont want to lose anyone. All my friends and family, are gone. You are the only thing i have left to love, to look forward to, and to trust. Im leaving this up to you, what you decide is what ill follow.\" She looked pale, and sick. \" Ill let you know by morning, ill see you then. Goodnight.\" She left the overview slowly, but with a emotinal bang.This year of 2083 was difficult. He knew everything he had left. And she was the most important of all, she made his life perfect. He hoped for the best and prayed for the worst that might come. Of all, this was the night he was more scared of anything. It was judgement.

Chapter 18: The World Reborn Himukaru stepped out of his shower room and went to the bathroom. He had alot of rooms in his palace now. He got the palace after the disappearance of the Ravens. He conquered all of the territories after Robert left and Gregory died. They had no resolve and no critical morale. After losing all the major leaders they had no defense. They fell like snow in lava. The Eagles were now called the Uesugi Empire. The Batz fled from exisistence and the Ravens were enslaved. Himukaru brushed his teeth with a new lemon mint flavor. He didn't like lemon, but it really wasnt noticable with the mint. He stopped brushing then rinsed his brush. He looked around seeing the gold and diamond counters and mirrors. He liked what he could get with a goal. His current goal was to make all the cities like the palace, beautiful and irresistable. He put on the robe of the emporer and slipped on his gold sapphire necklace only to find that he was missing one thing, his ceremonial sword. It was a diamond sword with a sapphire coating. His favorite color was the color of the sapphire gem. His sword was worth alot more than his robes or necklace. He walked out of his chambers and into the throne room. His Honor Guards stepped out of the way to allow him to sit down. The Honor Guards order had been started in 2079 when the Batz fell. The final Batz opposition surrendered and asked to be spared. Himukaru granted the request only that they serve as his Honor Guards. They accepted, but few disagreed and commited suicide, others shot and tried to kill but failed.

Submitted: August 19, 2013

© Copyright 2022 Eytra Enulian. All rights reserved.

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Irish wolf hound

This was awesome. But I think some paragraphs would make reading easier. I really enjoyd it though, you have a way with words! PS: thanks for reading my novel! ;D

Mon, August 19th, 2013 8:27pm


Thanks! Your's was incredible, I really enjoyed it, and I had paragraphs, but idk what happened to them...but again thanks for reading!

Wed, August 21st, 2013 12:04am

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