Book 2 of the Tri-Wars Saga. This is only the beginning. It will take time to develop the second book. Please be patient!

The Tri-Wars: Legacy By: Brandon Shoemaker
David Wolfe looked at his floating alarm clock, it read 5:32. He yawned and sat up on his nice and broken-in matress. He smelt breakfast cooking in the kitchen. He noticed the light was starting to dawn outside. He turned and stood up, he really didnt feel ready for school today. He put on some of his ratty old denim jeans and found a long sleaved black shirt that he wore a few days ago. He didnt know if he should wear it, but he didnt care. He bent over and picked it up. He smelt it and was actually suprised it didnt smell to bad, at least nothing a little bit of ' The Mans scent ' ( a cologne for teens ) wouldnt be able to clear up. He slipped it on and grabbed a pair of socks. " Hey David, are you up yet? " his dad Gerald Wolfe called to him. David yawned again, " Yeah dad, im up. " . He heard his dad say, " Good. " and rolled his eyes. He hated when his dad bugged him about getting up. He always got up himself, unless he stayed up on his ' Imagine ' game console. He always tried to sneak in extra time on it, but usually failed. He knew being sneaky wasnt his strong point. He slipped on his socks and grabbed his slip on shoes. He reached for his backpack, almost forgetting his homework. He looked around but didnt see it. He lurked over his lamp and flipped its switch. It was over by his Imagine. He looked at it, and was marveled. He picked it up, it was no heavier than two pounds. It was a shield, well a shield that was just a handel. There was a button on the handel to activate its real nature. A sage, plasma wall, came from its core and formed an oval of bullet proof / plasma proof, shield. He smiled and flipped it again to turn it off. He threw it in his backpack and went into the kitchen. His sister, Sara, age 15, same as him walked out of her room fully ready. David looked at her and said " Hey, troll face! " Sara looked at him and threw a chew toy at him. Thier dog ' Mickey ' came in and looked at him with his head tilted. Mickey was a black dog with a stripe of white running from his stomach to his snout. He picked up the toy and threw it across the hallway. Mickey sprinted toward the ball that bounced in the distance, and David laughed. That dog always found some way to make him laugh. He walked out of the hallway and into the kitchen, where his mom and dad sat. They both said " Hello David. " and he replied " Hey, you guys. " They looked up at him in a small bit of worry, lately he has been sad, and it really concerned them. " Whats wrong David? " His mom Iena asked. David grabbed a bottle of water from thier huge refigerator. " Nothing, i just hate designing all of our cool house stuff with no tech to use. Its getting old, and i gotta give away my SAVIOR III to the school." ( Savior III was his sheild. ) They looked at him with pity in thier eyes. " Hey, is there anyway that you could make another one ? I just think a Genius like you would able to in no time. " David thought about it and said " Maybe dad, but you'd have to get specific parts from your job, or else i cant. " His dad smiled, " David, you know i can get parts from my job, ill just have to 'sneak them' as usual. What parts were you needing? " David bit his lip guiltyly, " Um, lets see...i need a Flux capacitaor, three ion charges, a handel, and lots of scrap metal and screws. " Gerald look suprised, he usually had bigger lists. " Is this it, i know you've had bigger lists for smaller projects. " David thought about it and was 100 percent sure that was it. " Yeah dad, thats all. And the other projects were more comlicated than this. " Gerald smiled. He was glad David was such a genius. He was turning out like his father more and more everyday. " Well, i have to go you guys, ill see ya' after school. " Iena and Gerald waved to him as he left the home. David looked at the rocky red surface and walked up his normal route to the Inasigarid High School. As he passed his own halfway marker in the ground he saw his friend Jian walking out of his house. David waved and yelled " Hey, whats going on man? ". Ian waved and said " Oh, the usual science project for the quarter. I just hate how it always has to be big in our class. Mr. Igsian just doesnt give us a break. " David chuckled and said " Well of course, he is supposivly related to Himukaru Uesugi, the conqeror of Mars, but everyone knows he is just a fool. " They both laughed. About 14 minutes passed and they were walking into the classroom. They both presented thier science projects to Mr. Igsian. He grunted and snatched them out of thier hands. " David, what is this, a handel? " David rolled his eyes. He knew teachers would never get thhe most simple of things. " Get in a clear spot and turn on the switch, please." Mr. Igsian moved some of the desks out of the way and flipped the switch. Same as this morning, a sage circle pulsed from the core. This time it glowed. " Wow, David, im impressed. What does it do? " David picked up a pencil from the floor. " Hold this over your face, Mr. I. " The teacher did as instructed and watched David. David threw the pencil at him very fast. It whizzed through the air and as it impacted Savior III, it shattered into many peices. Mr. I looked impressed. " That deserves an A++. You, sir have earned it. " David smiled, maybe today wouldnt be so bad.

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Irish wolf hound

Ha! I want a floating alarm clock... it sounds awesome! Again I am at a loss for words. I really am enjoying your work. Please keep on KMU!

Fri, August 23rd, 2013 11:14pm


Thanks again for reading! As always, i'll let you know about new chapters! And read Reclamation for me? I think you might like it too! Thanks! :D

Fri, August 23rd, 2013 4:18pm

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