Oh, Elementorum: Character Pictures

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These are the character pictures for Oh, Elementorum! Enjoy!!

Submitted: July 20, 2012

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Submitted: July 20, 2012



Okay! I'm giving this one last go! I'll say it's a short story this time and see if it works this time. Okay, so anyway, these are character pics for Oh, Elementorum. Let me tell you, this is my third attempt at this. :( I feel as though I've been working so hard. Anyway, none of these pictures belong to me. They are all random pictures I found on google.


Okay, so this is Ardent Jones. At least, this is pretty close to how I imagine her face looking and the color of her hair. Actually, the hair is exact, except I imagine it much longer. And as far as I know, Ardy has no piercings.


And here we have Jeremy Terra! I'm glad I was able to find this picture instead of the other. The other just looked to innocent. Jeremy is supposed to have a sort of roughed up, "bad boy" look. The hair is a lot closer to what I imagined too. This is actually a perfect representation of Jeremy.


Ah! Yay, I found this picture again. Yeah, this is my perfect Ros Carr. It is almost exactly how I imagined him. Only problem is that the hair should be longer. I like the guy's cute and innocent look. Ros is supposed to be like that, in case you can't tell.


And here is Aura Caeli! Yeah, this is pretty perfect. Except! Of course, Aura's hair is supposed to be an unnatural yellow. This guy's just a dirty blonde. Bbut the eyes are perfect and I imagine Aura as quite the hunky, sensitive cowboy. I'm not gay, I swear. Well, maybe for this guy. Anyway, yeah, this is my Aura. I have a feeling girls will like him a bit mroe after seeing this.


Yeah. This is Custos. To be honest, this is Gandalf. Yeah, but Custos is modeled after Gandalf, so whatever.


And this is Nelielle. She will become an important character, so I thought I would add her in here as well.

Okay! That is it!  I will update this as more characters are added in! Hopefully this one will work. If it doesn't... I give up. Anyway, thank you guys!! And thanks google!!


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