I love my country

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This is a poetry about my country. I believe it a poetry that would cause my country to think back and seek for ways to change for good.

Submitted: July 12, 2012

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Submitted: July 12, 2012



I love my country!


I love my country!

It is a wonderful place to be!

A place where people are suffering and rejoicing at the same time!

A place blessed with abundant mineral resources,

and majority of the inhabitants are living in abject poverty!


I love my country!

Because I know God loves my country!

God has kept my country from being consumed in disaster!

Maybe God is patient waiting for my country to repent!


I love my country!

Because the inhabitant always believe that tomorrow will better than today!

Majority of the inhabitants are always hopeful and the leaders take advantage of that!

The leaders go about their usually business their usual way.

May God change our leaders for good!


I love my country!

Because of the high level of unemployment and brain drain in her!

The intellectuals in my country are running to foreign countries for greener pastures!

Please come back you intellectuals!

Let us rebuild our country!


I love my country!

Because I know that one day,

my country will rule this world,

when others have gone to space!

That is if she continues in the way she is going presently!


I love my country!

Because I believe that one day,

My country will be great,

Living up to true meaning of its green!

This is when God fearing Leaders take over power and things done right!


I love my country!

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