The Physicist in Agriculture-An Interview

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This article is a self interview meant to bring out some points based on the experiences of the Physicist in Agriculture.

Submitted: August 12, 2012

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Submitted: August 12, 2012


























This article is a self interview geared toward bringing out important points for the reader based on the experiences of the Physicist in agriculture. One may ask: who is a Physicist? A Physicist is one who practices physics and carries out researches in the field of Physics. By the caption: “The Physicist in agriculture”, it does not mean that the Physicist left Physics and started practicing agriculture. Rather, it is just that the Physicist was doing agriculture as well as practicing Physics. Could this not be said as serving two masters at a time? Well we shall find out in the course of this interview whether this is true or not! Now we go straight to the interview.




THE INTERVIEWER: “May I know your name Sir”?

THE PHYSICIST: “Don’t worry, I will tell you my name at the end of this interview, is that okay by you”?

THE INTERVIEWER: “If you choose so, no problem sir. I may not bother you with the question of who a Physicist is. Let me start this way: why did you decide to delve into agriculture?”

THE PHYSICIST:  “Well, I think your question should have come this way:  why did you decide to practice Physics as well as agriculture?”

THE INTERVIEWER: “Okay Sir, you can answer the question then.”

THE PHYSICIST:  “The truth is that agriculture is my hobby. In essence I love practicing agriculture. Physics on the other hand is my occupation. That is what I studied in the University and that is what I teach in the University. I spend my manual hours teaching Physics and researching in the field of Physics. My spear hours I use in practicing agriculture and carrying out other activities. That is the way it goes.”

THE INTERVIEWER: “Thank you sir”! “But do you think you can achieve much in agriculture by the little time (you called it spear time) you put into it?”

THE PHYSICIST:  “Well you don’t expect me to achieve much as somebody that is into it fulltime. But at least I am happy with what is coming out of the little time I am putting in there.”

THE INTERVIEWER:  “What and what have you achieved in agriculture?”

THE PHYSICIST:  “Well I have achieved a lot in the past: production of honey and wax, production of rabbit. Presently, by the integrated farming system I ventured into, I have been able to produce over five hundred kilograms of Cat fish, raised over 200 broiler chicken, produce quit a number of pineapple fruits, guava fruit, produce a number of plantain and bananas.


THE INTERVIEWER:  “Do you have a picture of your integrated farm with you?”

THE PHYSICIST:  “Yes and more! You can have a look at some of the pictures I took myself and the ones someone else took for me.”













Fig.1: The front view of the farm



Fig.2: Poultry section within the farm



Fig.3: A sick bird being treated


Fig.4: Fish ponds



Fig.5: A matured fish from the pond


Fig.6: Scale for weighing



Fig.7: Tilapia introduced into the fish pond



Fig. 8: Dried Poultry dung as fish food



Fig.9: Local Oven for drying of fish



Fig.10: The reverse side of the local oven



Fig.11: The interior of the local oven


Fig.12: A head of plantain from the farm



Fig.13: Little Jacky to police the farm




Fig. 14: Three months later little Jacky has turned to a big Jacky and an English dog named: Billy was introduced to help Jacky in policing the farm



THE INTERVIEWER: “Sir, are you the one I am seeing in those picture?”

THE PHYSICIST: “Maybe your eyes are not good. You need to answer the question yourself”.

THE INTERVIEWER: “Do you intend to go back to honey production?”

THE PHYSICIST: “Yes, if I see a well sited land, I will go back to it.”

THE INTERVIEWER: “Why do you have to introduce dogs to police the farm?”

THE PHYSICIST: “There had been incidences of theft in the farm before then. Before introducing the dogs I first employed a meguard (security man), who was a little unfaithful in his duty.”

THE INTERVIEWER: “In what sense was the meguard unfaithful?”

THE PHYSICIST: “Most at times the meguard doesn’t stay on his duty post. When everyone has left the farm including myself, he will leave to sleep. In one of the occasions, thieves came in and made away with matured broilers while he was keeping watch on the farm. So to me, the meguard wasn’t competent.”

THE INTERVIEWER: “Where you paying him those times he was behaving like that?”

THE PHYSICIST: “Yes of course, it was later I discovered he was unfaithful, after he has kept watch for about five months.”

THE INTERVIEWER: “How do you compare the performances of the dogs to that of the meguard”?

THE PHYSICIST: “Perfect! Wonderful! Those dogs are faithful animals, always on their duty post and delivering their services with all diligence. You can come and try them out yourself.”

THE INTERVIEWER: “No sir! I won’t be the one to do so. Maybe some other person can try.”

THE PHYSICIST: “The funny thing is that my wife doesn’t like the dogs.”


THE PHYSICIST: “Because the dogs destroyed her wig and some of the children’s foot wares.”

THE INTERVIEWER: “Are you living there, Sir?”

THE PHYSICIST: “Must we live there before such things happen? Well recently, we put up a little structure within the compound, because it is a large compound, and moved in there.”

THE INTERVIEWER: “Would you like to go fully into the business of raising dogs?”

THE PHYSICIST: “Yes, I am thinking in that direction.”

THE INTERVIEWER: “Where is the farm located”?

THE PHYSICIST: “It is located along Ndume-Otuka Bypass in Umuahia North LGA of Abia State, Nigeria”.

THE INTERVIEWER: “What do you do with those plantains I saw in those pictures?”

THE PHYSICIST: “Is it only plantain you saw in those pictures? Didn’t you see fishes, chicken and much more? I didn’t even show you picture of snails in the farm. Well, we eat some of these things and sell some. For me and my family, there is food security except government will come and confiscate the farm, which I think they will not do.”

THE INTERVIEWER: “I think government will even encourage you rather confiscating your farm.”

THE PHYSICIST: “I think so too.”

THE INTERVIEWER: “How much have you made so far from the farm?”

THE PHYSICIST: “Well I have not been careful in keeping record of the money made. But sincerely, I have made quite some money from that farm and will yet make more. I can imagine how such a venture can put food on the table of the unemployed youths.”

THE INTERVIEWER: “Not only food, even money!”

THE PHYSICIST: “You are right!”

THE INTERVIEWER: “With what you have said now, do you have any word for the youths and for the government?

THE PHYSICIST: “The youths should humble themselves and go back to agriculture. Agriculture is not for the aged parents in the village. Rather than resorting to violence and crime, the youths should engage themselves in agriculture.”

THE INTERVIEWER: “For the government?”

THE PHYSICIST: “The government should make the environment conducive for agriculture to thrive and introduce prices for the best youth farmer of the year and so on and so forth. Government should provide soft loan for youth who wants to go into agriculture and monitor how the loan is being utilized.”

THE INTERVIEWER: “Weldone sir!”

THE PHYSICIST: “Thank you!”

THE INTERVIEWER: “Well sir, you have tried in answering my questions”?

THE PHYSICIST: “I thought you will not get tired of asking me questions”?

THE INTERVIEWER: “Sir for now it is okay, I will engage you some other time. Thank you for your time and Good night! Oh sir, your name?”

THE PHYSICIST: “You are welcome my dear! My name is: Efurumibe (Ngozi), Ezinna Lucky, the son of  Ngozi Marcus Efuribe.

THE INTERVIEWER: “Is ‘Efuribe’ the same as ‘Efurumibe’?”

THE PHYSICIST: “I thought you have said good night? You want to start another interview?”

THE INTERVIEWER: “I am sorry Sir; I forgot that I have said good night already”.

THE PHYSICIST: “Now may I know your name”?

THE INTERVIEWER: “My name is also: Efurumibe (Ngozi), Ezinna Lucky”.

THE PHYSICIST: “This is a big coincidence. It means you are me?”

THE INTERVIEWER: “sheeeee, don’t talk!”




There are quite a number of Physicists in agriculture, but the article: ‘the’ is referring to a particular Physicist. With due respect to all and sundry, that Physicist is a Lecturer of Physics in the Department of Physics, College of Natural and Applied Sciences, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria. The Physicist hails from Umuohu Okpula Ndume Ibeku, in Umuahia North LGA of Abia State. He had all his degree in Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike. Probably that is why he developed likeness for agriculture? The question is: if somebody who is a Physicist could have interest in agriculture, what about somebody who is an agriculturist. I think that person should have much more interest in agriculture. Let us not shy away from agriculture because it holds a lot for our country, Nigeria. Nigeria started with agriculture before the advent of crude oil, so let us not relegate agriculture to the background. It would ensure food security for our nation and that of the world at large. Thank you!

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