An Empty World (Footprints in the Halls)

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This is a small poem reminiscing on the times spent with good friends and the sudden emptiness I am faced with when we parted.

Submitted: June 25, 2012

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Submitted: June 25, 2012




I see you on the road

Where we use to live and walk

To eat, to play, to learn to be

And to become.


When perfection is attained the soul longs to die

For fear that it will lose that perfection and then have to

Struggle to regain it.

My soul longs to die.


Or not to die, but to simply cease

Because it cannot be more satisfied

With its circumstances.

I could not be more satisfied with my circumstances.


But now I am haunted –

Haunted by the footprints that lead me and follow me

Before and behind and all around me.

Haunted by the ghosts that so happily walked the hallways

That I am doomed to walk for years to come.

Haunted by your voices, your laughs, your bickering

Your signature phrases and go-to comebacks.

Haunted by your footsteps resonating down the street

and hallucinations of you at my door and in my room and in my head.


Now all that’s left for me to remember you by

Are the empty lighters

And empty bottles of wine and beer and liquor

And empty chairs at empty tables at empty meals

And empty rooms in empty hallways in empty buildings in an empty world

For in the absence of loved ones the presence of ethereal beings dwell.


© Copyright 2018 Ezra Dalton. All rights reserved.

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