Unsure decision I should make...

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Its about a girl who is not sure about making a decsion in her relaionship Even though they love each other very much.

Submitted: June 19, 2008

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Submitted: June 19, 2008



I would never let you go unless you fade away from me, I promise I would not. Butwhat we lived through together, I will never forget and cherish every bit of it and that is true deep down in me and on the surface. But I have been thinking and made a decison that I will hold back some of the things I have been saying to you lately cause I think it makes you feel uncomfortable. so I will stop. I will just stop. Cause what I feel is what I think of what it looks like. So I would stop; be conservative about it. I would stop hoping of a future toghether I wish to be cause I think you say it with me just to make me feel mirthful about it so I will stop. I will stop calling you "my man" cause I think it makes you feel uncomfortable when I say it. So I will stop calling you that and I think you let me say that to make me happy. So, I will stop I will keep my deep emotions, thoughts about us, thoughts about you inside me, my imagaination closed inside my head and keep it as only as fiction dreams. But my decision is not final cause I am not sure about it. But I will stop. But my love for you is true those words you told me I know their true because it came from your mouth with such passion, and tenderness and I know you truely love me cause I truly love you too.

-Never ever stop. Those things you say keep me going. Without them I am weak. Without you completely I am fractured. Say what you feel. And if you feel what you've been saying then I am very comfortable. I told you I love you. That isn't a lie or a falsification. To the moon and back Tama-Chan. Love Haku aka your man.

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