Why does couriosty need to be bad?

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Its about the thought of curisosity.

Submitted: September 11, 2007

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Submitted: September 11, 2007



Why does curiosity need to be bad to other people’s opinion? If the world did not have curiosity then, society wouldn’t be at this time of technology or have this government. The world wouldn’t even be like this so; I say in my opinion against the world curiosity is good, to an extent for the scientists and doctors who have studied the human body to give us medications and surgery. Like the Roman Empire the world is going to end whether you believe me or not. It. History is starting to repeat it self. Just as innocence, is starting to become non-existent. The children would know the thoughts of adults, just as the teenagers who now have a mind of an adult. This world is going to end this society that is corrupting the coming generations, isn’t that true adults? The big question is which or whose ancestry corrupted this generation, the 1800’s and over? That is affecting the generation that is coming up to this corrupted world already. Let’s see how does the society blame the world. It is all up to you to make a difference to see the out come of this.

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