The blue and white Greek warrior

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A Fiction Greek warrior

Submitted: April 30, 2010

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Submitted: April 30, 2010



On One Day at Panathinaikos, Greece. Who's that time Farmers Working Hard when weather is hot and at that time, farmers who named Efethoulos What is resting from the heat. When the Other Farmers Rest, Efethoulos Seeing Things That Shines Berwarana A Blue. At that time, Efethoulos think that it's just the mind. "This must be Just a thought." He said. The next day, seeing Efethoulos It Again "God must be it Just My Neighbors, the Turning Lamp Theofannis.

But It Leads to Forest. "Oops! I must have the wrong idea! "He said with his mouth wide open. At that time he began to believe the existence of Bede's premises. "Hey Kawan Kawan Would you follow me To Find It Magic?" He said.
Then, Farmers Menertawkannya With The Good Home. "Are You Mad Efethoulos My friend?" Said his friend, Chrastanias. "In this world Where There's a magic thing? That there is only thing that made-up Magic! "Said brother, Sellthihous. That night, Efethoulos Go Leaving her home.

Efethoulos good-bye to his wife, Veronica believers. He Went Along with her beloved dog, Hellosus. When Morning, Build It Too Early And Continuing the journey.

When the forest Hellosus Together, He Finding Places to rest. He found him in the Cave of the Dark. When it was Bear Who is sleeping. He escaped with Hellosus Direct. So, he was forced to sleep under the tree. The next day, Efethoulos and Hellosus search of food and beverages in the forest. Along the way, he found a deer that was eating grass. Efethoulos does not want to harm him. 'I would never hurt / kill a deer that although I'm hungry. Deer were still small, and not good when I eat with Hellosus. "He said in his heart. Then, he found a river. Efethoulos and Hellosus Jump Drinking water from these rivers. Urging Hellosus Efethoulos and fish in these rivers. After a few days later, Efethoulos Find Someone he knew. However, these people immediately fled. After seeing that person, he followed in his footsteps. But, on the way Efethoulos, there is a cat giant meat-eaters.
Efethoulos and Hellosus must fight these animals. Then, the man who he knew before, Helping Efethoulos. "Is that you Efethoulos?" He asked. "Yeah. You must Stephnissoess. "He said." We have five years did not meet. Is it Hellosus? "He asked." Yeah Right. "Answer Efethoulos. Giant carnivorous cat was then attacked with Stephnissoess, Efethoulos, and Hellosus. Giant cat would not budge. A very sharp teeth bit into Hams Efethoulos. "Aakh! I'm in pain! "He cried. Hellosus reply directly to cruel giant cat with its tail biting. Hellosus bite the cat until the cat's tail fell. When the cat falls, Stephnissoess directly kill the animal. After passing through the incident, Efethoulos poor have to go with a cart. The three of them need a rest. Several hours later, they saw the edge of a forest. "Efethoulos, are you sure you want to go to the end of this forest?" Ask Stephnissoess. "Yes, I'm going to the edge of a forest to get a magic thing!" Replied Efethoulos.
Finally, the three of them went to the edge of a forest. Kea barking mad Hellosus west. "What is Hellosus?" Ask Efethoulos. "Apparently he saw the city behind the forest edge" replied Stephnissoess. Stephnissoess do not see any sign of the blue. However, he believes with Efethoulos. "It seems that the city of Athens! "Said Efethoulos. They also went to the city of Athens. Not far from Athens, Efethoulos met with his brother, Stephanie. "What are you doing in Athens Efethoulos brother? "Ask Stephanie. "I, Stephnissoess, and Hellosus're looking for that blue light source! "Answer Efethoulos. "Oh, that blue light? I also saw it! Light came from a temple not far from here! "Stephanie's supplementary. They all went straight to the nearest temple. When arrived, they saw the god Zeus.

"Efethoulos, I'm so glad you were in this temple." Said Zeus. "Wah! Blue light was coming from my god you are blessed!, Why did you remove the blue light? "Asked Efethoulos." I purposely do that, because, this luxurious town needs a hero like you! "Said Zeus. Efethoulos happy to hear about it, however, who injured his leg could not be helped. By I have to, he replied "I want to be a hero, but with legs like this?" "That's okay, I'll heal" of Zeus answered. With great power, Zeus immediately cure his bad leg in an instant. "I'm ready to become your hero!" Seru Efethoulos. In the spirit of struggle, he immediately became a hero as a god. At one point, the City of Athens and Panathinaikos in the kingdom controlled by Rome.

In Secretly stephnissoess efethoulos and summoned the most powerful men in the city of Athens and Panathinaikos. He has been offered as the leader of Herakles Cavalry, however, refused Heracles. They attack with troops 5.000, while, Rome has 7.000 troops. They attack arrived - arrived at night. The war began. With the 200 troops who are fighting, 6, 800 troops who were still asleep. Rome 50 troops have been discharged, now only 150 troops. But Rome has 6.800 troops woke up and immediately attacked. Panathinaikos Athens and now the troops were attacked by 6.950. With incredible action, Hellosus also fought a lot of leg and bite forces Rome to the lack of blood.

Suddenly, Polinali, salh an army Rome, killing Hellosus stabbed manner. Efethoulos and anger into action Stephnissoess which way a god. They were invincible. When two hours fighting, troops and Panathinaikos Athens win the war with a total 150 people who are still alive, while with 2.000 troops defeated Rome, Rome also lost their general. They are happy because it has been repatriating troops Rome. However, Efethoulos not happy because Hellosus die, and, dying Efethoulos conditions, his chest pierced by arrows. With Sadness, Stephnissoess langusng berhormat him. At that time, Efethoulos eyes were closed forever. "General we are gone, he will always be remembered, now we are still here with the hand that brought victory, and we also will always be remembered!" Seru Stephnissoess. Efethoulos with his troops have been brought into the city of Athens and Panathinaikos strong, and they make all the cities into one, when I became one, their name is the Greek islands.

With the spirit Efethoulos, Stephnissoess, and Hellosus, they can make all the cities in Greece into one. With a strong spirit, and in whatever condition your group or your class, you will surely achieve it!

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