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a girl's significant other died but she can't move on...his thoughts tease him, but low key she loves to feel him through her thoughts...

as the cold breeze slowly

carress my face it feels

as if your hand brushes

through my skin making

me feel goosebumps all

over my body. 

at night 

when you're not by  my

side, its like wandering 

around in a nightmare 

with open eyes.

as in 

the hour of dawn cold

light hit my face making

my vision go blurr.

i feel

strong hands wrapping

around my waist.


me be at peace, feeling as

if i'm trapped in your

space waking up my 


telling its time for

goodbye again.

and i see 

you again disappearing

in the hour of dawn.


i stand there aimelessly

not knowing what to do

just wait for tomorrow

to this hour to come...

Submitted: February 04, 2023

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