A short galactic story

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brandfort hoffman is one of the most wanted people of a corrupt galactic government, this short story will tell you about the arrival of brandfort at a recondite and isolated planet.

Submitted: February 22, 2016

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Submitted: February 22, 2016



It was dry. No sign of a living creature could be found, the sun was caustic and the sand was painfully rough. The place in which I found myself was a desert but not any desert, I was in the desert of the planet Centurion five, it was located in the famous Triangulum Galaxy three million light-years away from Earth. I sat next to my crashed spaceship admiring the ghastly landscape that would take my life away in any moment from now; I was attempting to escape from the corruption of the Confederation of Planets, a government that supposedly aimed at peace and democracy but instead brought us chaos and universal dictatorship. I was a political criminal, according to them, so as I tried to escape, I erroneously collided with this remote planet. 

A while after, I began making my first steps away from the spaceship only with the purpose of finding help. Hours passed and thirst was all over me now in an uncontrollable way; just when my hopes of finding someone were falling apart, a relative small town appeared on the horizon, I ran with all my forces to the town and when I got there I fainted. 

Later after that, I woke up in an uncomfortable bed — sweating —, the aroma of food penetrated my nose, the floor was made out of old wood and sunshine was trying to enter the room by the holes of the walls that were also made of wood. A Kaldigan — an alien — entered the room with a plate of something that appeared to be chicken, I wasn't afraid of his presence since his specie was familiar to me “Who are you?” I asked.

“My name is Urkelmoth” he responded with an accent since English wasn't his first language.

“Where I am?”

“In Fröhidkelther, a small town in the desert. Name?”

“Oh…my name is Brandfort Hoffman from planet Kepler-62e”

“Nice to meet you”

The Kaldigans were tall blue creatures that had similar features with humans, on the other hand, they were kind individuals. He then proceeded to introduce me to his numerous family — mostly kids taller than me —, I asked where the local bar was — I needed a drink — and Urkelmoth instructed me on how to get there.

As I walked through the sandy streets of Fröhidkelther, people and aliens regarded me as a weird individual, they gave me this cold menacing look that’ll make anyone uncomfortable; this town looked as if it came from an old cowboy movie — terrestrials really like them —. In the bar, some Kaldigans and Gurllocks were having a drink and being attended by human bartenders. I headed towards one bartender and ordered a cold Brorrmanian beer — it tasted like heaven —, people in the bar knew I was an outsider by the pity manner of my dressing but they concluded on ignoring me. 

Long after I was done with the beer, the sound of spaceship took over the place followed by a great explosion in the building next door. I went out to see what was it and I wish I hadn't looked because there were spaceships shooting lasers and throwing missiles to the houses of the town; soldiers descended from those spaceships and began killing the habitants and from far away I witnessed Urkelmoth’s dead. In a matter of seconds everything was set on fire and corpses were lying on the sandy streets, I was hiding behind a barrel looking at everything and it was until then that I realized that this attack was performed by the Confederation of Planets. They had come for me. 



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