Are the South africans free?

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Why should others rule others?is white better than black.why then do people hide in the dark.

Hey everyone,

You can start by calling me dick! Because i am about to state something which some of you have already taught about but are not in the mood  or  have the guts to mouth  it up.

First of all i think that, anyone white who thinks he/she is a south african should go and kill himself before he /she tells me that.I am not trying to discriminate, you know.Is just that how can some one white say i am an african and southern to be precise!.This country has suffered enough , were peoplekilled so that they can come and live nicely in black peoples land or do they fill cheated of not having a beautiful land such as this or hate to be white.

I mean how many people have gone abroad and said they are taking that land,no one has done that.we had leaders who fought for freedom ,fought for their land but what  happened to it. Some were free and just this one country isn’t.

These white people live and govern this land like it was theirs to begin with.they say their grandmothers lived there ,grew up there but  does that count actually.

I mean every country in african was once colonized ,now every country has its independance if some half of the land claims to have independence that doesnt mean they are independent.they live n tents and huts ,suffering to survive while the good land is being taken over.

Sometimes i ask my self ,what benefit did  Nelson Mandela bring to his people.He is a great man but what came out of it ofcourse the killing stopped but the land was taking ,all the sacifices are gone for nothing.sometime i understand why children of this generation doesnt like white,you can count me among it because i find it so unfair.

These people have being through it all,children walk after school to the streets to beg for food,some go to bed without nothing.tell me what is justice.

Do these children deserve this.

Submitted: May 14, 2013

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It is very disheartening to note the state of South Africa. I am sure you are free of racial bias. I hope this prosperous country moves to state of betterment.

Tue, May 14th, 2013 1:34pm

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