"It Was Worth the Risk"

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This essay talks about how wonderful destiny is.

Submitted: August 18, 2012

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Submitted: August 18, 2012




It was one of the usual gloomy days of mid-August and I was sitting by the window,thinking about how this day brought two totally unforgettable events in my life .I was staring outside the window with a yellow and crinkled piece of paper in my hand.Just then,Genevieve came to me and said,"Mom,what's this yellow paper all about?" She took it from me and read aloud.

"12.08.1982-saddest day ever.

  12.08.1983-happiest day ever!"

She looked at me and i knew that it meant that i had to fill her in with the two important events of my life.

"Okay Genevieve,let me begin.You know what Genevieve?You always asked me what it would be like if you had a sister.Well,I had a perfect older sister with a beautiful name,Adeline.We used to have fun.Those eighteen years were like gold to me but unfortunately six years back,on this very day,she met with an accident on the railway track.I still remember how shocked i was when I heard the doctor telling mom that she was dead.After this happened,it was seriously all black inside my heart because I didn't have my friend,problem solver and my everything.

Fresh tears strolled down my cheeks as I pictured Adeline's face.

"Hmmm.. Mom I'm sorry.now forget it and tell me about the happiest day of your life."

"Genevieve,I don't know how it all happened but exactly one year after my sister died,I went to the same railway station where my sister died because i wanted to feel how she felt on the day of her death.When I went there,I was shocked to see a young man yelling "Help,help!" with all his breath.He was stuck between the tracks.For a second I froze because I thought about my sister.She would have been just like that,but there was no one to help her.From a far distance I heard the bustling noise of a train.I knew I had to hurry because in a few minutes,the train would get the man.

I ran to him,and trust me Genevieve,I was so scared because I thought I too would die if the train was fast enough.But deep down I made a promise that i would never leave the man without rescuing him.I wanted to do it for my sister's sake.Even though she wasn't with me,I knew that there was someone talking to my soul,telling me to somehow save him.I bent towards him and struggled hard to pull him out and I saw the train just a few meters away.I was so scared and terrified.I went pale all over.

I knew that I had to do it with more effort or else we'd both be dead.I let out a deep breath and pulled the already weak man out.The horn of the train was so loud that it almost burst my eardrum and when it was a few centimeters away,the man pulled loose and rolled ovver me, pulling me with him.We were lying on the grass,the wheels of the train just a little distance away from our ears.And all we could say was "PHEW"

"Mom how could you do this?I meany\\ you didn't let go until you saved that man.I mean,what if the train had killed you like it did kill Aunt Adeline?"

"Let me tell you something very important Genevieve.Honey it was all fate because the one whom i saved that day was none other than your sweet daddy."

"Wow Mom.Then that explains why you labelled that day as your happiest day ever."

"Yeah darling,if it wasn't for that day and as well as for the risk of putting myself to death to save that particular man,you wouldn't have had a super daddy like him and I wouldn't have my Adam with me today.And take my piece of advice Genevieve,always listen to your heart because on that day,my heart was the only thing which controlled my soul.

I turned the yellow paper the other side.There was one picture of Adeline and one of Adam.I pointed towards Adam's picture and said,

"For this man who gave us all the love,care and support until now and who will always do the same throughout both of our lives,IT WAS SURELY WORTH THE RISK."


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