"Life Without Him is Like Life Without Light."

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this story is about a girl who is bound to make a choice but she doesn't know whom to choose.

Submitted: August 18, 2012

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Submitted: August 18, 2012




"Sarah quit dating Adam,I know this relationship will never work out in the end,"explained my oldest sister,Kate.

"What makes you say that Kate?I mean if Adam and I can continue to be strong forever,throughout our lives and if we never quit loving each other,how could all of this come to an end?"

"Sarah you just don't understand.I know that mom and dad will never agree for your marriage with Adam.Pretty soon,you have to let go off Adam and completely forget about him because some day you have to get married to the man whom mom  chooses for you.I'm telling you Sarah,there is no point in carrying out this relationship.So just forget all about Adam."

She crawled out of bed and went out of the room,closing the door behind her.I just couldn't imagine a world without Adam.I mean he is my everything.He is my lover,supporter and not only that,he is the one who cares for me and keeps me happy all the time,even during my saddest days ever.I thought to myself,"Why couldn't Kate understand my feelings towards him?How could I just forget him just like that and continue to live my life,pretending as if I do not know a guy named Adam?"

I grabbed my pillow and hugged it hard against my cold chest.My heart was beating quite fast.When I pictured my life without Adam in it,I just screamed,"NO..."into the pillow.Hot tears fell on my cheeks and I knew that tonight was going to be a long night of sobbing,weeping and crying my eyes out.I closed my eyes and went into my dreamworld.It was full of Adam.For a minute I was smiling gleefully,but just then my smile faded away,when I saw Adam walking away from my dream bubble.

I was very confused at the same time,because i didn't want to let my parents down by marrying the guy whom they would not want me to get married to.Knowing the fact that both my sisters have fallen in love with their perfect guy and my parents are okay with it,what more do they want.They've got a happy life ahead and a bright one too.I'm happy for them but deep down I just wished that Adam could have been from a better family background-then everything would have turned out to be just fine for both of us.

I thought to myself that I had to make my decision,to choose one of them,either Adam or my parents.And finally I came to a decision but I knew that I wasn't sure about it because I could feel the heaviness of my heart and the pain it gave out when I thought about letting go off Adam.I had no other choice but to choose my parents over,because they are the ones who brought me into this world.And they'd love to see me live with the guy of their choice.Unfortunately they couldn't see that with their first two daughters.So it's unto me,to accomplish their wish.

As I tried to swallow the millionth lump in my throat,I got a text from Adam.It read,

"Hey babe,this is me,your future prince saying I LOVE YOU to his beautiful princess.I hope I didn't disturb your sleep.Tonight I'm sleepless,so I thought of sending you this text.Darling,I miss you loads.Wish you were here with me so that we could both sleep together.Love you so very much angel.Mwaah."

I couldn't control the tears that started flooding from my eyeballs.How could I break it to him,that very soon i'd have to leave him for the guy whom my dad and mom wants me to get married to.Oh my God,I can't do this.Oh please,Lord save me!Life without Adam is like life without light.

He's the one I think about all the time.He's the one who comes on my mind when i wake up every morning and before I go to sleep at night.He's my problem solver.He's the one to whom I tell all my problems to.He's the one with whom I want to spend hours talking to.If I was to live a happy married life,it would definitely be with Adam and no one else.

I can't even think of going to bed with an unknown stranger.My body gave a quick shiver when I even thought about it.Why can't my parents understand?Why can't they understand that it's my life and my happiness as well?I just don't know whom to choose.I feel like running away from this whole disaster.I know that i will never forget Adam and all the things we did together.Forgetting him is the last thing I'd do.Oh God I really don't know what to do right now.Either I have to go talk to Adam or if I can't do that,I have to go talk to my parents.

But I know one thing very clear,"LIFE WITHOUT ADAM IS LIKE LIFE WITHOUT LIGHT."


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