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personality, flaws, anger, joker, fun, life

Submitted: June 06, 2009

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Submitted: June 06, 2009



It’s far too easy to point out the flaws of your neighbour.
You even make your neighbour the subject of satire --caricature galore.
Yet you ignore --conceal-- the flaws you house in your own quarters.
Flaws, if revealed, could, and would prove to be detrimental.

It may hit you like a tonne of bricks later on in life. It may slow your stride in life, or, even, kill love.

So before the damage is done.

Get your own house in order.

Re-examine your character.

Dose your ego, deduce --and reduce-- your blind spots.

Ask around, I know it’s hard, but ask. Ask, "How do I make you feel, honestly? “ Listen to what others feel, or even better, listen to yourself, just for a while.

See how flawed you are.

By Fabrice

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