I am in love with life

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A reflection on life. Love. Death and the beyond

Submitted: June 05, 2009

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Submitted: June 05, 2009



I’ m in love with life,
That’s somewhat scary,

-Let me explain-

My life could end anytime now,
But that’s somehow okay,
The scary thing about it is that I have no say in it,
No knee on floor moment will do it either,
No plea or glee is wide or deep enough to cheat my death see,
And I can’t even put money on it,

For the source of my breath is as unknown to me,
As the galaxies beyond are unknown to the ants that bless my earth,
So I march on and on,
My soul frets,
To the fort of my death,
Where I and life disconnect to feast no more,

Am I scared of death?
Not really,
For I was dead before my conception,
And the conception of my forebears,

My forebears lived in that castle,
Where live was an absentee,
Where emptiness was the chief gate guard,
Where I was also an absentee,
That seems to be my reality,

Does my soul yearn for Immortality?
Not if my earth continues on its current business,
Where suffering is an investment,
Where greed is a virtue,
Where unreason has plagued the minds of the powerful,
Where the powerful seem to fake the pursuit of truth,
Where religious ignorance has become a token,
Where wish thinking has become the rule of the land,
Where wish thinkers are granted undeserved respect,

So why do I march on towards death with smiles of glory?
It’s because I have no choice,
It’s because I have so much love to give and receive,
It’s because I seem to have reprogrammed my philosophy,

These are the subjects of my every dream,
Even as i sweat through scene after scene,
These are the battles of my every thought,
Even as I lose my life with ill-thoughts,
These are the shields of my every tear,
Even as I empty my pond of sorrow,
These are not my confessions,
For I confess only to my soul,

I’ m in love with life,
It’s so clear now,
-Explaining is a waste of life.

By Fabrice

Copyright 2009 Fabrice Wonga. All Rights Reserved.

© Copyright 2018 Fabrice. All rights reserved.

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