Revenge is Gruesome

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When a maid named Nine brings a letter to her employer, Darrin, containing information on his parents' murderers, the young Nobleman is determined to get revenge. With the help of Nine's black magic, will they be able to locate the criminals and get revenge?

Submitted: April 06, 2011

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Submitted: April 06, 2011



The gruesome sight was enough to make even the most hardened criminal hurl. Fifteen or so bodies of men, between their early to late twenties, were spread across the cold, bloody ground. The men were all near-decapitated with their life-sustaining crimson liquid spewing out of their deeply gouged throats, the flesh of their bellies had been torn to sheds with what could have only been a person’s bare hands, and their organs rearranged lovingly so that they were eating their own hearts and holding their own yards of intestine. The sight was far worse than this, I assure you, but for lack of better wording, I shall simply say: It was as though the devil himself had come to the world of the living to personally murder these men. Now, in the midst of the gruesome terror was a man, hardly in his twenties, and a woman who was merely 18.

Allow me to explain how such a young couple could do something as dreadful as this; the man, known as Darrin despite his birth-name of Anthony, was orphaned at the young and fragile age of four, while the woman, an African immigrant named Nine, had developed a love of fear and pain. Darrin is of high nobility, though his mental state may easily be brought into question, and Nine is the most loyal maid that the man could possibly ask for. Given their relationship was far from the norm, what with Nine’s bad habit of making her employer bleed and all, but they were to be feared when working together.

It had started that very morning when Nine brought in the letter, Darrin sorting through the endless stacks of paperwork. The letter contained material suggesting the location of the descendants of the people that had brought his parents to their dreadful demise. Signed anonymously, the man was beyond ready to take the lead that the document provided. Though it made him nervous, Darrin had allowed Nine to practice her dreaded black magic in order to track down the mob of, apparently, wanted criminals. Ah, but it was such a pleasing victory when this task had been succeeded.

Skipping a days’ worth of planning and arguing, Nine had managed to bend Darrin’s will as to allow her to partake in the vengeance.

Setting off in a carriage to town just as the sun were to set, Darrin waited eagerly to see and smell the blood of the guilty party as it flowed from their bodies, slowly ending their lives as they deserved. Nine, on the other hand, had a far different plan. The woman participated in many illegal things: dealing drugs, quite obviously murder, black magic, witchcraft, some minor homosexual activities, demolishing holy symbols and buildings, and organ trafficking. Yes, the dear girl who came from a large family of ten, had remained abstinent and unmarried through her life so far (despite many objections from people around, as most women her age already had at least three children), and even attended school, was an organ trafficker. Kidneys, livers, lungs, you name it, she killed people for it. Nine, as much as she cared for Darrin and wanted him to be happy, was behind on her quota for lungs by six; lord knows what her anonymous customers would do if she was unable to deliver the merchandise. So, as you may have already guessed, the black woman wanted to snag a few organs from the large gang that Darrin was so intently targeting. Disposing of criminals-in-hiding was a regular and sometimes fun thing for the two of them, sort of a way to bond over a common love of killing, but this was different. This was personal.

As you can imagine, it was much harder to track the men down than it was to find their territory; filled with feral animals, foolish muggers, envious and outraged homeless people, and the occasional bagger or two. Though, when they did find their soon-to-be victims, it was obvious that they were not the most organised gentlemen. The air around them and in that ally way in general reeked of hard liquor, cigarettes, drugs, and vomit; as for what was to be seen, two of them were lazily tussling, one was off to the side retching, and the others just laughed at jokes with no humour and chatted idly. That is, until they spotted a certain immigrated woman. You see, Darrin dared not show his face in case there were survivors, while Nine on the other hand, was willing to use her feminine charms as a distraction; since any sort of magic would draw the wrong kind of attention. In the end, all men are just dogs looking for a leg to hump. Disgusting. At least, that was how Nine viewed it.

Acting like a prostitute had to be the most uncomfortable thing the poor girl had ever done and, to let her keep what dignity she still had, I may state that the cloths she wore under her cloak were at least not to revealing. With all attention directed at Nine as she made her way slowly toward the hoard of males, Darrin had a gorgeous moment to take down the leader. It was as simple as falling off a bike; he jumped off of a low roof with a dagger in hand, and landed on the terrible man with a satisfying ‘crack’ as the criminal’s skull cracked open on the cemented ground, grey matter spilling out of a giant open wound. Reaction was immediate, the gang attacked.

It was an interesting fight since the men were to drunk to even stand up right, but it was slow none the less. These men were given no mercy as they were brutally beaten in a manor to disgusting for even I to describe. Monstrous, that was how Darrin was behaving, years of anger, hate, regret, suffering, and lies boiling over to release a wrath that could very well make Satan proud. Nine was careful enough to end the healthier men’s lives quickly before her partner could damage the precious organs she was stealing. It was a revolting display of the savage animalistic behaviour that all humans had deep within themselves; the human mind can only handle so much pain before it finally snaps and lets the more primitive and instinctual part of it take over. “You shan’t be throwing pebbles at a starving lion, lest thy aim is to be eaten.” Darrin had always told Nine. And he was right; the lion was now eating its prey. And it just so happened, that Nine had been throwing pebbles the whole time, but, as is in the world of the mad, the lion had never the right place of mind to consider his lioness to just so happen to be the one tossing pebbles all the day, many to hit himself anonymously.

How clever it is for the dog to outsmart its master. How very clever, indeed.

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