Response to the Call

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This poem is about my call to become a future physician.

Submitted: February 22, 2007

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Submitted: February 22, 2007



Many a day I wondered about my plans for the future.

I was unaware that one day my attending would teach me how to suture.

My friends thought the stage would be my claim to fame.

Little did they know one day I would write doctor in front of my name.


I must admit I was excited yet fearful of such a prestigious call.

But then I remembered Jeremiah’s teaching and decided to stand tall.

I knew this call would entail obstacles not yet known to me.

The first year I aborted the mission and almost decided to flee.


I began to lose all my fire.

I soon became flat as a tire.

Then a wise woman told me life is full of bumps.

She repeatedly said, “Son never give up”.


I became anxious and could not remain still.

I then returned to do his will.

I realized my fear and doubt was a false alarm.

Finally, I stood alongside my peers and took an oath to do no harm.

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