Crush My Mind Into Words

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This was written about everything that was circulating through my head as of last night. Just a bunch of random thoughts and feelings, scrambled into one mess.

I don't care what they said anymore to hurt me.
I'm the only person doubting me.
I feel manipulative at times. I'm happy she got what was coming.
You just spread those lies to hide who you really are.
Or at least who you were at the time.
I almost have pity for you.
I sometimes feel bad because I'm almost going through the same things as you.
Hiding behind this yellow bricked wall.

I'm not as original as I used to be.
Everyone just calls me "Mini Vicki".
I will admit, I don't feel as beautiful or do I feel like I'll ever fit in.
But what's the burden doing to my soul?
It's making me realize my feelings are intolerable.

I literally work my nine to five, 40 hours a week.
I come home, drink some beer, and then life zigzags it's way to repeat.
I have these buoyant tingles that are passing through my skull.
They're skipping my brain, the part where I could use it most.
It's not about the heart because I realize life is truly mental.

I hope I can get some acceptance, variety, and endurance running through these veins.
The last thing I truly felt was my vanity and how I needed help.
What has it done for me since?
When will I realize being sappy is not the way to reinvent.

Submitted: September 29, 2011

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