A greed effect.

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lusting greed.


Sick and twisted thoughts of its charm, if she could only be pleasured in it; is all he is concerned about. Not too much in for the details she has been possessing on her face. All he is concerned about is getting her in to a romantic sense of him.

On her second scoop of ice cream, she decides to let him know that it was all right for him to the way he was; being in the state that has ended her in his arms. Shrug, leaned and turned as she placed her self-back on to her side of the seat.

Him; he has know idea, she's token interest for what he had to say; having her slip from out of his hold as he held his arm around her. Once again, he tells her what he would have done. She turns in to him; leans up against his chest then led a facial expression that once again had him in his concerns of her placement.

Being in the state that she has now become; she decides to go along and finish off her last scoop then let him work his charm; a charm that once again lead her in to a facial expressions of being sick and twisted as its charm held its possession.

For him; having her showing all sings of its charm, couldn't be in any better mood for a new romantic being as he reset his arm up then around her; holding in on her then tells her once again.

Being as sick and twisted as it where; she managed to let him now how she has been feeling during the date they have had together. With a napkin she has torn from out of its holder; wiped her face, lips then finished it off with a wipe from off her hands then told him She would have to leave now for her ice-cream has maintained it's chill. Therefore, she would now have to have its chill for her self.

He sets his sight on the napkin she had left behind for the table that no longer has a hold of a seat of hers then looked into the tip of the cone that has been placed on to it. It leaves him with the slightest of thought from in all his breaths as they were in detailed for a melt; a melt she has chosen to go along with alone.

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