A night in whole.

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From a night in hole to a night for whole.

Submitted: July 04, 2007

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Submitted: July 04, 2007




"Well it's a hole new scene out their, despite the holes that have continued to make their way in to the necks of our women." Hearing that and from hearing about it all week; she pressed the off switch as if it was all way's there waiting for her to give it a good squeeze.

Another idiot looser, trying to make him self look good in front of all these worried sick women out here or in front of their tell tube watching these idiot clowns trying to get off on this bat biting bull spit; are her only thought towards the new fend that has made it's self in to her city. She's seen all the movies and this hysteria over a perverse nature has come to a means of entertainment; the kind that she see's as a cheep thrill for all those idiots clowns, so they can let out a few buttons from on their tight crisped nerdy shirt.

A tough day for her; after setting out and letting her self loose for all and any to see; lesbians. She has been dancing all day and for once this is her night off  from entertaining all those wild and lust of heat lesbians that she has come custom to. Now after hearing some idiot trying to get all tuff about spreading the news's about some icky sissy scar wasn't adding to her highest of moods as she has begun to prepare her self a meal.

A Slice of cucumber, tomato, fresh beet, pickle, a few slices of lettuce, olives, beef, and pepperoni and as her toast comes to a brown she slaps it all together then set it on her plate.

As she lets her meal take its place along side of the cold beer she's been washing it down with. Her thoughts of being in touch with all those women begun to take its toll on her; being annoyed with all this talk of the holes of women's necks and having to work as a women her self; her thoughts of regret and ignorance have been finally a lift from off her soul. Leads her to a final thought in conclusion as she turned the television back on, opened her window for Seeley, and then went out in under the moon's yellow for herself as Seeley flapped her wings on in under it.

With Seeley setting her way in under the moon's light once again as it whole's; she kicks her self on in to her strip club for a one dance of her own.

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