A Second Atlanitis. Tales in sea surpent.

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Tales under a seas serpent.

Submitted: July 03, 2007

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Submitted: July 03, 2007




The winds stood out in our sail, leading us in thru it's wisp cutting waters from below. In a time, it was known as a war in a war from in their own as the water's pushed them selves in to the suffocations of a wind in its own. Tommy an ex liberal and at one time a patriot from in a step of his own before he landed his way's along side of a ship .He holds in that sail as Doc sticks the fist of his princess in to its water's  for a lead in to a land of an unknown sky. With Isabel in her quarters and the five crew men set along the sail as Doc continues to by a wind; I took my self in to the over pit; a pit of viper's and Docs babies; the crocs and sea serpents. The wind as it-raised conflict with our water's; Being in the pit seems like the place to be; As the water's whipped the wind in to a pool of being a wisp.

 In the back of my mind brings forth the visions of men, the men that had been falling to the grips of this pit as it shows me it's compatibility with the storm in its rise; Men mangled in to the gasps of it's viper as serpents bring them selves in on them for code of silence, leaving the lust of its remains for a set in to the jaws of its crocs.

He watches me, looks at me as if it was my fault or I was going to be at fault. His red eye's as that sin seeking tong licks into the air from between us; The one of two pit vipers Doc has taken his custom to. From time to time, he milks them both. The serum that lets free from the fangs of these evil bastards is know to accommodate the death of fifty men and if so; the last of its drop would be in with a fatal death, providing it's crippling service for a dozen more.

 I first met these creatures of a demon when I was first introduced to Doc himself; his ship set a sail as Isabel was set for her life as daughter of her uncle; the uncle off her late mother's side.

I had my contracts with the king pin him self in a disregard from after I pulled off the greatest heist of my life; the mufti million dollar smile .I was at the right place at the right time. It was an exchange of Government self impressed coins; each at a value of one hundred thousand dollars, embraced from the governor him self as a payment towards the clothes that where being issued to him at the time of a war, along with a truck of custom made weapon; That he had costumed and designed him self.

I stood their at the gates of his solider recruit camp as the truck rolled its self on in, before it rolled up and out from the service booth it self, I had been approached by one of his men; asking me if I was here for the service. With him being in a rush and me; being as nervous as I was as I had decided not to be in it's draft; I smiled and said "Yes" He kneeled down , set the case next to my leg then saluted me as if I was one to be standing along side of the governor himself.

I could only imagine the look on Hectors face when he heard of the; smiling bandit. That uniform he must have had on, and those fire arms by his side. As he let out one last smile that lead him in tear as the thoughts of me denying recruit then  walking off that base in smiles with a case in my hands that set value beyond the million of dollars it had possessed in to the city as the Smiling Bandit Millionaire.

With Isabelle in her drought of happiness from being placed in to the arms of an estranged uncle from after living her life as free as its sea, I had arranged with him to set aside any conflict that could of bran forth then handed him a coin as a reminder. Isabelle had her way and her way its way in to a lead for my guilt, as she knew what I was in possession of and she also knew I was now in possession of her.

What I didn't know was that her father was a Pirate and he had know Idea of me being the bandit until it landed me here; hanging upside down from over this pit. I can still see that spiked fang laying its call for silence as it soaks in dryness, waiting for its Doc to release me in to the grips of its pit.

I was then left into a wink of his eye as he felt for any sweat to be leaking from out of my head; holding his hand up over his eye from after it being wiped along my head. His wink was one of courage and also a guilt from after seeing his only daughter set in a tear as I swung for my death.

Until this day I still don't know if he would have released me in to the depth of this pit or if he had earned him self a guilt. A guilt that I have only seen as a thrill its self, as would any other as I swung, Swung; if it where to be in swing then they would have been no swung and that's how I've come to relies the thrill of its death; being the only of men that have been set in swing. I fell to the thrill of being swung.

When the case had its spill, right before his very eye, he turned to me as his men drawled on and said. "Son that's one of nothingness. Where we are a set sail. Will be where nothingness has no nothingness." then looked at me as he then knew her daughter has landed her self a fine man, before he could tell me. "A second to Atlantis" Then I knew he has welcomed me in and I also came to relies he's just as sick as the one's we would hear about from the town drunks and stories that were passed on from the city's sex trade worker's.

That case still buried in this pit. In-between the crocks, his demon serpents and pit vipers along with any other breed of beast he decides to add in.

He tells us for now and until we had set for a marriage until then we had set for what he calls; A set for Second Atlantis.

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