A Second Atlantis. a drop in its sea.

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A drop in its sea.

Submitted: July 05, 2007

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Submitted: July 05, 2007



In a sun, there is always its rise. When this beast of a flame hit the sky's Doc had me up in a along with his first call for an eye. "ArrrrWreeeick a shore.". My first crack in his eye and not a sight to be heard. His crisped beard, the grouched wrinkles had set frame on his face as I stood along his side not knowing; where or what and how the burst of a sun's shine had set in for his eye. Only the near mirror of fact that he had come to his point for a dry in his air.

Along with our crewmen; I had no idea what our Dock Crock had in store. All we knew was to be in its midst and to be aware for what he has now called a shore. As I seen my Isabelle climb a deck with her maidens' I signaled her for a call; my calls in wonder. And that's when I seen it fly up in to the princess fist like a set for flight. Only this flight was set for the head of a squid as the beast of the shark left us in its wetness of ways as it splashed in to us mixing its blood.

Doc steps aside of his Princess, rubs his hand along its fist then licked up a drop of blood from the squid as it quenched in to the sharks jaws and for him self. "Man eater's" He says then spits the blood back in to its puddles. As Doc stepped back in towards his stand. "Set arr sail, A wrrhind we come forth. Our grips in a Sairwrl." He spoke then as he set the crewmen set out.

Dock stands along the edge of our Princess; talking, mumbling and hums a tune as the man-eater's slide along his side in their every sent for blood.

Isabelle calls me aside as the crew had their go on the winds and tells me. "My father he is like a child. He can get foolish at times. Let him be." Before I could respond to my Isabelle; she lands in to my arms and I held her close. Within the third nudge in us; I told her toset her self aside as I took to the deck.

Doc Rock stands their at the fist of the princess, with his cup in his hand; drinking to the rhythms of the ship. As I step up towards him I looked, aside and our sea as once in its blue's and green have now become red; a red of blood as is the spills that have come from off Docks lips. "A drrry larrand ha hr hra." He says as his lips spit from the blood of its whale. I looked on and there it was; big enough for a sail along side of our princess in five's.

The Dock Rock had his ways, I've had never a question, and now I know why. As the man-eaters give him their every wink from in their eye and as they feed on, letting us pass it by. Dock had him self one last lust for a blood inflesh as he climbed aboard with a man like slab for him and our selves.

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