Awaiting Judgment

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A quick lit from in the light that shines under death.

Submitted: July 27, 2007

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Submitted: July 27, 2007



"Face the facts," I tell my self. I look around and for me there's no light. What in the hell is that supposed to mean? If I was alive then I'd be rolling on down the hall way, looking up to two pigs; one on each side and hearing the nurses running back and forth wile I'm being setup into an operating room. I know I have guts of blood from sprung out of my eyes, or at least it felt that way when they shot me. "Fucker's open fired on me like it was open season, like I was a fucken pi?ata." There's no way I could have survived that. Wherever the fuck I am there's got a be answer or a light. Something.

?????? A man gets a moment to him self only to be disturbed by a splish and splash. My eyes and my face; I can sense the soak and the sight of it has left me with a feel; only the sharp sense from its glitter shinning thru. "I'm not catholic" I was never one to be in a baptismal from in holiness and I'm sure as fuck; these goons in green aren't those little angles every ones been expecting. "Novocain, Morphine" That's it. The fuckers took me in and kept me kicking so they can make me out to be the cop killer that I' am. "Been killing more then a hand full." Then were in the fuck is the one doc and the pretty little nurse? And why is this room colder then...My tong; it isn't moving. I'd try to wiggle my toes but... I cant even sense my fucking toes. "Its all in my head that's what it is" There fucking with me. "Ahh the bells" Another fucking ringing bell and the echo; its like a deserted coal mine or a steel fab factory. "Hey, hey wait a minute." The fucker holds up right in front of my face; the bullet. Fucker's are pulling bullets from out of my chest and setting them right here on a trey next to my face.

"Well that's the last of them; all eight teen."

Well its good this guy knows how to count. Now what in the fuck is he staring at?

"This guys pooched, Worthless. We cant even send him in to our medical research facility."

Send me for research; they want to send me for research.

"Ya, It's not even worth the time to be curving him up. The cops drilled in to this guy, bullet after bullet until his blood couldn't spill anymore. I mean look at him. I watched from in the coffee room. They were showing footage of this guy standing in the center of the street then bang; his hopping around on one leg after the cops blew this one off. They have it somewhere; it was carried in here in a garbage bag. And guess what?"


"Ya what?" I really need to know what you fucking cockroaches are playing guess about?

"I was going to tell ya wile you were pulling those slugs out but I didn't want to spoil the surprise. The cops gave me five hundred bucks to have this heart ripped out, bagged and ready for pickup in the morning."

"That's two fifty a piece, we can have our table displayed in bitch all night and keep it boozing hahaha"

"Ya hahaha"

"This isn't happening" It's a joke. They got me on some fucked up drug and those coppers are fucking with me. They probably got something or me on some kind of tape and their going to show it off.

Hey, hey you don't want to do that. Who in the ... Who am I talking to. I going nuts, it's the drugs their fucking with me. I'm helpless and I'm already panicking and I don't panic. Prayers; that should help. The white light; its close, I scene it, I think...

"Alright do you want the honors or should I?"

"You picked the bullets out. All I did was rinse this dead beats face off and scoop out his guts. His liver looks like that old dude we hand in hear yesterday. His chart said he died with a bottle of whisky in his hand. Some of the guys were saying he chocked on it; his last drink. Almost had some of the girls in tears until we burst his sack and man did that guy stink. He must have went all week on canned beans. Not like this guy; his stink went up in the blood that they had going on the six channel. So let me do it."

I've said my prayers. Lights, I'm welcoming lights. "If there's any lights out there? I'm down here." My heart, that blade, those prongs and I'm complaining wile this idiot is ripping my fucking heart out. Ok nice and slow now; they came in on me, right when I was about to chug one bag then ended up spiting it on one. Before I could fire my forth shot in to them after I was steppes away from the hood of the car; I lost my leg then my gut and I know I got one in the head before I hit the ground. I was awaken to a...Fuck; no light, no heaven, no hell, no fucking doctors just these two fucking clowns in a cold room and their not angels. I've said my prayers. They told us there would be a light a tunnel or something. Holly fuck...

"Oh ya. You just ripped that thing right out of there. Look at it, its huge. Oh were going to have to charge those cops more then five hundred for this thing." "Ya, we'll make it an even thousand Oh oh. Were going to need a mop."

They dropped my fucking heart. My heart; its on the ground. This is not happening. If I'm dreaming then ... Who in the... how can I be dreaming with out a heart. And my breaths, my thoughts, the bells of bullets laying next to my head. These fucking clowns telling me they seen me on the news.

"Well I'm sure a bit of dirt isn't going to make a difference. Here you bag it. I feel like rolling this guy on in."

"Ya roll him in."

He's going to roll me in. They're giving me a new heart. I knew it. I've seen it on the discovery channel. A new ticker; I could use a new one. Hey wait, what is this guy doing? He's sliding me in. The bells, the bells, my bullets; he dropped the bullets and this dust, what in the fuck is this dust? cough, ya that's right cough; send a cloud of this stuff right up into his face.

"Hey Johnny, you want to ignite this burner for me. I forgot to set in the bag of guts."

"No problem. I'll set it on full burn. I'm sure this guy has no were to go. He wont mined being a little extra crispy."

"What's this?" A light; red. It's a flame. Alive; their going to burn me alive. This dust; its ash. I'm in a cremator, a burner. My heart, I wanted a new heart. "Where's my heart." No, no, no, nooo don't set that here. My face, my guts, My guts on my face and that sound; its burning a ... My new heart...The door; "don't close..."

"Well that guys pooched."

"Ya, toast burnt to a crisp."

"Ya hahaha. Wait till they see the big pile of it on his head."

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