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Could it be the wickedness in twisting fate the distinctive ululations of its being only the blood as it drips down her cheek could on tingle in a description.

Entering what only seems to be in not entering where she's already had a being.

A stiffing tenseness softens its tips only in reveling a sense of it exposed.

In a word she reveled two than what she would of never of knew only a slipping thought was letting her pass it by.

If it has never been as clear it was only her rivaling mist. For now she is for now it's her final drink a drink that would have always been there.

For daddy was gone ands if its how she's been read to now it's where she's lead it too.

Words come together with no thoughts just the innocents keeps her in as she licks her lips together for her final expression an expression she learned to share as daddy lays there in her final thought with nothing to despair.

Her final kiss exposed her revealed being as it splatters on to daddy's cheek telling him she never did.

The bed time stories have now been read for her friend once bitten and in blood from now how her daddy is dead.

Submitted: May 21, 2007

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