Blood Shine

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LIGHTS, CAMERA AND BLOODY FLESH. A film festival gets full blown coveradge as the papers step in under its light.
A story from in the book DARK BRIGHT.

Submitted: December 01, 2007

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Submitted: December 01, 2007



The city was in its boom amongst the local entertainer’s, film festivals have been airing all week; cinemas have been and are running non-stop. The only down side amongst its entertainment is the depression it leaves amongst thenew and aspiring stars that come thru every year, wishing and hoping to make it big and now left behind as the locals fill the spots. It is the fifth night, leading into its six but before it does, it has been left with more then a fictional character or a shinning star. It is left with a bagged stomach; its intestines splatter all over the sidewalk, people crowding around and not knowing if it was part of a hoax or if it is indeed human flesh.
“Alright, Alright step aside.” Shocker said as he stepped in thru the crowd, looking up over their heads as they turnedgiving him dirty looks and looks of discuss. Shocker; a retiring police investigator who just happen to be on the scene while attending a short film with his wife there at the One Two Split cinema in the back streets from in the main strips.
“Good God” he said, leaning over the bursting bag as the intestines continue to slush out and down along the sidewalk. He turns his head, seen his wife then held out his hand, signaling her to step back. He stands up, looks around on to the crowd then takes of his sport coat and lays it over the spilling bag of intestines.
The signs read; Aspiring actress is wanted. Sherrie; a young woman, a small town girl from in the countryside’s. She has been wanting to become an actor ever since her first roll in a musical from when she was just a girl, showing her stuff in front of her family and friends from in her hometown. She’s been in the big city, in under its lights for days now; going from studio to studio, handing out her portfolio with her head shots and now it was seeming like she has been left with no hope until she seen the wanted add posted up above a small little coffee shop just blocks away from the one street that holds all her dreams and has been for the past six nights as it flared up in lights, showing off all its gilt and glamour as the movie festival continues celebrating its role in the entertainment districted.
She steps in, has a look around before stepping up into the counter and ringing its bell.
“Hello” She said as the over wait bald man stepped out from in behind the kitchens door.
“Let me guess.” He said, steps up to the counter and says. “I’ve been waiting all week for one of you to come on in. You’re from out of town, an actress and your not here for my eggs now are ya.” Cherie smiles, giving the man her full attention and says. “That’s right, I’m here for that add on your window.”
“See, I knew it; an actress. The add is not from in here, it is up stairs. Just go out that door and walk on in thru the other one. I have never been up there my self but that’s the way.” He told her. She turns from looking onto the door that she had walked in, looks at him as his arm comes down slowly from pointing the way then says. “Thank you, I’m sorry if I disturbed you, I wasn’t aware of the other door.” The over wait man looks at her, smiles then winked before she turned and walked for the door.
As the man said, she walked in thru the next-door and stepped on up in to the stair well. She looks around thinking she’s somewhere where she had no intentions in being; the stair well was filthy, dirt rising up off each step as she stepped thru, the hand rail was as if it has not been cleaned for years and the light as she looks up from after wiping the dirt on her hand offon her leg, is covered in fly’s and mosquitoes. She steps up on to the last step, holds in her wind before stepping in to the door that holds the wanted add up in its window.
“Hello” she said before walking in thru the door, looking around and not sure if she was being lied to from in the add or if the man downstairs from in the coffee shop was playing a means for some kind of joke.
“Ahahahahayaaa” Sounds in to the hall way and she stops in her step, looks around then seen a little boy riding from in one room to the other on a little tricycle.
“Hello” She said, stepping in, looking from side to side as she passes each door.
“We’re in here.” The voices of young children sound in to the hall, coming out from one of the rooms. She steps, thinking she knows what door the call was coming from then seen the little boy once again rolling along on his tricycle; coming from out of the room she had set her steps in towards.
“Hello” She says once again; letting her voice alert in to the hallway and motioning that she was unaware then before she could take in another step, she’s pulled in to a dark, feeling her hands being wade down, knowing that she has been tugged in by a little boy and what now seemed like: a bunch of children pulling her down in, tying her in and throwing her on to a bed as she’s left with out a sight; left only with the cracks from in the windowas they shine in along the floor.
Shocker sits at his desk looking over the day’s paper as it highlights the gruesome pitcher of the guts he stepped in to last night on its front page. He looks on to his jacket as it sits there in the pitcher just steps away from the fleshing stomach as it’s exposed.
“Hey” said the officer, poking his head in to the doorway. Shocker looks up, holds out his arms as the paper drops onto his desk.
“Well you got your 3-d glasses?” the officer asked.
“For what, what in the hell you talking about?”
“We got a new slab of meat waiting for us.”
“So what” Shocker said, holding a mean look on his face.
“Haven’t you heard yet, you’re the big star around here, a real Caleb.” Shocker looks at him, rolls his eyes and before he was about to tell him to get out, the officer says. “This is your case now, I’m your driver, partner or how do they say under the big lights; Body guard, yaha.” Shocker stands up, walks back in to the corner of the office, and stands over the fax machine and rips of the first page. It stated it: he is on the case and the young hot shot who feels like busting his balls over his run in with a bag of guts last night is his new partner.
“Aright let’s go, let’s get out of here.” Shocker said then followed in behind as the officer led the way.
“Stay in the car,” Said Shocker as the young officer was about to get out and walk around to the passengers door and open for him as Shocker stepped down on to the side walk from in the station after he filled his coffee mug wile the officer ran out for the car.
“The names Mack.” The officer said; a rookie from in the police force. He holds out his right hand as the other clenched on to the wheel.
“Mack?” Shocker said, bringing his coffee down from under his chin, and shaking his hand then asks him. “Mack’s your name; I’ve never met a Mack on the force.”
“Ya Mack just like the truck, my father’s a fire fighter, and well he’s a retired fire fighter.” He said then reached into his coat pocket, pulls out a silver drinking container and shakes it out in front of Shocker. “You want some?” he asked.
“No” Said shocker then says. “Hell, you’ll be needing it.” And they drive on, heading out to the assigned location.
Lunch was more then a time to eat for the entertainment districts x block. It was now a double feature. With the all day matinees along with the restaurants and fast food joints setting up sales and advertising their deals up on the billboards above. Now the papers have taken their lead in thru the needs for entertainment. Not only are they’re headlines being swept along the city as it they flaunt the front page with an unidentified human stomach, now the paper its self is hosting set of humane face features in on a stack of papers from in side its box. The box stands on the corner ofX block, opened as people push and barge thru one another to get a glimpse of the set of eyes’ a noise and lips that are freshened in blood as it leaks down along the stack of papers and on to the side walk.
The flashing police car gets in thru the crowd before Shocker and Mack arrived. Reporters holding up their camera, shoving people aside and knocking them over to get in a shot before the officer’s stepped out from in their car to direct the crowds away.
“Here,” said Shocker, holding out his mug, “Drop a little of that in here for me, I wasn’t expecting to be in on this bloody case.” He said. Mack, tips the container over in to his cup then snapped the lid on and placed in under his arm rest as Shocker stepped on out.
“Here, all take care of this.” Mack said, holding a smirk on his face and showing his signs for humor as he stepped on in front of Shocker and waved his hand out holding his badge for the people to step out of there way as if he is Shockers celebrity bodyguard and escort. Shocker shakes his head, looking down into his cup then holding back on a laugh as he seen Mack telling a photographer to step aside andthen looking back and smiling on to him as he stepped in behind sipping the tainted coffee from out of his mug.
“Whoo.” Said Mack as he leaned over and saw the facial bloody flesh.
“God” Shocker blurted from in his throat, stepped back after matching the eyes and lips to the noise as it laid there flat on the stack of papers. He turns around; spots a photographer from in his right side then waved her in. “What do you think of this?” He asked the photographer; A female, long black hair, dark golden brown skin and warring a red dress that she knows was the reason that Shocker called her in and asked. She looks on to the bloody image once again, looks on to Shocker and wasn’t sure if he was wanting a professional opinion or if he just wanted to be standing next to a pretty young girl.
“What do mean exactly.” She asked, stepped in closer to him, looked on in to his face, smells the booze coming out from in the fumes in his mug then asks. “Are wondering what the rest of the guys are going to printing or do you really want to know what a reporter would think from in an investigating prospective.”
“Ya” Said Shocker, swinging his mug around then says. “I want to know what you would think.”
“Well, compared to the images I heard about from last night, I’d say this one is looking back on what it ate or going to eat. It could just be a message that they are watching and knew all along. As if, they were preparing. You got the stomach; a warning for what your about to eat and now the face and what it or if who; ate. They’re probably laughing at us right now as we speak.”
“Hey Lady” Shocker said, stepping back and taking a good look at her. “That is impressive.” He said smiling then broke for a wider smile after seeing the blush rise in to her cheeks. “Do you have a card?” He asked then says. “I’ll cut ya in on all the details for some more of that word.” She reaches in to her purse, rips a page from out of her handbook, and writes down her name and number then slid it in to his upper coat pocket and says. “You lay off that booze, you’re not that weak, and I have a feeling there’s going to be more.” Then slid her hand down his chest, turned and walked away.
She felt the scratches in along her legs and arms, running in to her breast and stomach but she had noidea that it was cut in deep enough to cause bleeding at leastnotdeep enough to be leaving her in her own spill of blood from after her close were sliced off with some kind of sharp instrument.. The lights flashed on, she looked down, seen her blood, looked around the room and then called out for some one, for any one. She has been tied to the bed for hours now, not knowing if she has been stranded or if someone was going to make use of her. As her close came off, she began to think she was going to be in a porn movie or some kind of horror. Now she begins to wonder. With blood spilling down along the sides of her body from when her close have been cut off and the room that was once dark now reveling its self in under its light along with her being now that she’s cautiousbut tied down. “Hello, hello” She said, hoping some would come and explain to her what exactly is going on. She begins to hear a slip and slide from in the hall as the footsteps follow in behind. The little boy on the tricycle, she thinks then begins remembering being pulled down by a bunch of kids. A old women steps in thru the door, leaning over a walker then in from behind the little boy rolled in on a tricycle followed by a couple of kids; boys and girls.
“So kiddies.” The old woman said, stepped in over the foot of the bed, looked Cheri in her eye, and then says. “What are we going to be using our artistic skills for this time?” Cherie begins to shake, tiring to unravel the ties around her hands and feet then the room lit up in echoes as the children began to laugh. The old women stares on to Cherie, looking over her body, watching the blood spill in different directions as she tossed and turned, blood swirling in around her legs, on to her panty’s and beginning to soak in thru her braw.
“Hum” The old woman hummed then looked onto the little boy wheeling around on the tricycle and asks. “What do you think Scotty?”
“I like her toes” He said, wheeling his tricycle in around the three other children as they step up to the bed.
“I like her legs” Said one of the two girls, standing in at the foot of the bed as the girl next to her began to use her finger on Cheri leg and smearing the blood aroundalong her leg. Cherie begins to calm down, breathing slowly, looking on to the two boys as they stared on to her breast and in along her neck.
“The heart” Said the boy at the end o the bed, beginning to set his hand in along her braw straps and watching as Cherie begins to take in deeper breaths.
“Heart.” The old women said, reveling the chock she felt as she notice how cold and cruel the little boy was becoming.
“Oh no, not her heart.” She said then stepped in close along the other side, staring over the body and on to the children as the little boy on the tricycle continued to wheel around in the empty room as the others stood in along side of Cherie lying and tied in on the bed.
“How about you Lisa, what do you suggest?” The old women asked the girl standing in along Cherie’s leg.
“The skin, I like her skin grandma. It’s so soft.” She says as the girl next to her at the foot of the bed continued to rub her fingers in along Cheri's feet and admiring them as the two boys at her breast and neck begin pocking in her face, feeling and rubbing her skin then began to giggle as they flicked on her lips.
“What is this?” Cherie yelled out, looked around the empty room and remembering the filth from in the entrance way and hall as as she stared out thru the door.
“Don’t you want to act?” The old women asked, moving in towards the head of the bed, sliding her feet along the floor as she gripped on to the walkers handle, gasping for wind then said.
“Is that not why you came? I know a pretty thing like your self is not from around here. You must be a good old country girl, a fan. Hun are you a fan of the arts? Do you not recognize me?” She slides her right hand down in to her pocket; pulls out a pitcher then set it down on Cherie’s breast. Cherie looks down, feeling the straps in around her feet and hands becoming loose. She holds in her breath, looking on to the pitcher and feeling the ties beginning to set loose.
“Oh, yes” She says, looks up on to the old woman and says. “Mystic Mountain, That was one of, is one of my favorites.” The children begin to laugh, Cherie feels the crueltyfrom in their laugh then set her head back and began holding in her breath until the old women reached out her arm and showed her the scar then grabbed a hold of her blouse and pulled it down to reveled the scared tissue on her chest. Cherie looks up onto her, stares in on the scared skin from on the women’s chest then notices the dry chunks of blood from under her nails. Before Cherie could set her head, back down she felt a prick slice in to her breast.
“Her heart.” Said the boy, pushing a scalpel in to her chest. The old women huffs then laughed along with the cheers from the other kids. Cherie, jolted from in the shock from off the shine from the blade as it struck in to her eyes from off the light. Her feet snap its ties, her hand rush out from in their hold and she leans over, in to the old women and knocks her down from in the stand she had over her walker. The children watch as their grandma falls to the floor then as they turned to look at Cherie her foot steps are already headed out down the hall way and down for the door.
“Let’s catch a movie.” Said Mack as he holds on to the wheel. Shocker looks on to him, shakes his head, and then says. “Ah, keep on driving, read the billboards if ya have to.”
“How about a bucket of pop corn or some juba a jubes.” Mack asked.
“Alright, alright but I aint waiting if you plan on getting in line.”
“In line, are you nuts? I’m a Celebrity escort, your bodyguard. We special treatment around here.”
Shocker lets Mack babble on about his stardom and stares in along the lines of people, the crowds in along the cinemas side walks then noticed a crowd beginning to point over in to the corner of the block, in on a shadow as it begins running in under the lights then falling down to its knees as it looked up into the bright lights from in under the billboard along side of the cinema on the corner of the block.
“Look over there, straight ahead.” Shocker said, pointing his finger over to the corner of the block as the people from the cinema begin running out into the streets. People rush in from both sides of the block, running in towards what seemed to be a women as Mack clicked on the high beams from in the cars lights then reached out the window and slapped the siren on to the roof as he seen a women beginning to shake in the middle of the street. He cut in thru the crowd before they could close her in;
Shocker steps out, step-up in behind Mack, takes of his coat then walked in and placed it around the girl; covering her blood spilling body as Mack held her up and begins walking her over to the car.
“All units, all units.” Mack shouted in to the radio then says. “We have a victim in custody, we need all units at the little shop cafon sin alley. Suspect is kids and an old woman in above the coffee shop. They armed and considered dangerous. It’s the people spilling bodies all over the place.” Then slapped the radio’s phone back in to the dash. Shockers sitting in the back seat, holding Cherie, comforting her as the crowds close in around the car. A photographer steps in, flashing his camera. “Get us out of here.” Shocker says.
“Sure things boss anything for a Caleb.” Mack said then slapped his hand on to the horn and roiled out as the people stepped back. Shocker smiles, shaking his head to the celebrity humor Mack has been taking a roll in wile they have been pursuing the case.
“Are you going to be alright?” Shocker asked, looking on to Cherie then says. “Those are just scratches, nothing, they’ll be gone in a day or two there sweet heart.”
“This woman is mad, asking if her children had any requests? What they wanted to rip out of me? How they wanted me cut up.”
“Ahhgha” Shocker breathed out as she began to liven up.
“We’re here,” Mack said, pulling up in to the coffee shop then stepping out after Cherie says. “It’s the top floor, the other door.”
“You’ll be alright” Shocker said, laid his hand on to hers, and then stepped out. Cherie watched as Shocker stepped in to the door, she reaches out from in under his coat, locks her door then the others and then sits back in under the coat.
Shocker hears the gun shot go off as he steps up into the stairwell. He pulls out his gun from in his hips holster, steps up in to the hall way and calls out for Mack. No one answers, he steps in, seen the light shining from in one of the rooms.
“Mack, Mack.” Shocker called out before stepping in to the room then hears the sounds of pain; an agonizing pain as the moans became louder and louder. He slides his back up against the wall then stepped in to the room.
“Holly God” he said as he watched an old lady being cut into, her guts hanging off the side of the bed as her head tilts back exposing her neck bone then looked on to the four children around her; spilled in her blood as it drips down along their arms.
“What in the hell is this.” Asked Shocker as he looked on to Mack standing there in the corner, gun in hand and just staring in on the bed as the children went to work on the old women.
Cherie sits in side the car, holding Shockers coat close to her body as she hears the sirens begin to close in. She looks to her left, on to the side walk then seen the little boy on the tricycle pass her by, waving at her as the wheels left behind a tread in blood.

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