Called call

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Two contract killers, a train station, a old man and a Madam.
Somthing dead seriously silly!

Submitted: February 04, 2008

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Submitted: February 04, 2008



The argument stood strong, neither of the two where or are going to be standing down. People walking in to one another, shoulders shoving in, thru and pouncing to get in a glimpse of the two as the first row of onlooker’s stare on.
“I had it!” The man in the dark blue suit said once again, this time his noise snarling, eyes gleaming in twinkled hate from in the darkened shade from under his black hat.
“Heads.” The other man said brining his knuckles up under his chin, clinching the tips of his fingers on to his red tie; pulls it loose and undoes the first top bottom of his crisp white shirt. He over looks the face in his snarling and quenching a set of eyes on to his and looks around at all the people staring, stepping in, heads poking up over others as they walk on by. He looks down, sets his sights on to the alligator skinned shoes that were standing his ground from in each one of his breaths then slides his right hand in to his pant pocket, swings out a coin and tosses it up ion to the air saying, “Call it.”
“Tales.” The man in the dark blue suit said, steps back then reaches out, slaps his hand on to his and holds it.
“Ya tales” He said holding his hand, squeezing and sending his every pulse in on the coin before letting go.
Jessica Parksin sits in her seat reading a Cosmo magazine. She scene the commotion, the people stopping, the crowd, something that usually dose not happen at a train station. Yet she remains calm, the blond wig itching in to her neck, the silicon pads in her braw weighting her down and the cheek size shades she’s using to cover her face is all the stress she can handle before boarding her ride out of town, the escape, her spree. The commotions going on just a few seats in front of her; to her its nonsense, although it seems to suit her comfort, help her in hide; a cover up and distraction. But little dose Jessica know, those two fools out there creating a scene, setting commotion are two hit men, contract killers and there to kill her.
Heads, Jessica thought after hearing the commotion and cheer from in the crowd, people digging in to their pockets and slapping a bill in to one another’s hand as the receivers; winner, cheer on the man wearing the red tie wile the other man in the center of the crowd is being looked down upon.
“Hu flipping coins.” Jessica mumbled from in her breath.
“That’ll do it.” Said the elderly man sitting a chair away from her on her right in cheer. Jessica looks over to him and stares as her jaw drops, looking on to the old man in a tropical colored short and shirt as his moth began to drip; staring in to her breasts.
Thoughts of reaching in to her side bag and gripping a hold of her five shooter are distracted with the worry of the old guy having a heart attack or falling over, as his eyes seem to be bulging out to her very beat that’s pounding from in her chest.
“Cosmo.” The old man said, brings his right hand up to his lip and wipes away the sob he had him self in. “I haven’t read that one yet, my wife.” He smiles.
“It just hit the stands this morning.” Jessica said relieved and regaining her innocents as she noticed color begin to rise back up in to the old timers face.
“Two out of three.” The man in the dark blue suit said, looks around at the people by his side, nods his head, they nod back and together stare on for their challenged to be excepted.
“This is tow for three.” The man in the red tie said slowly brings his hands up under his chin, about to tighten his tie, stands still, and listens in as a boarding announcement is called. “Alright,” He said dropping his hands down, setting his right back in to his pant pocket, “I want a wager.”
“You heard me. I win it’s your do, I collect and your driving.”
“What? Are you a fucking comedian now or something?”
“Well alright.” He said, hand in his pocket, looks his competitor in the eye then looks around at all the people standing in behind him; the loser’s and smirks then says “That’s my call, take it or leave it.”
The crowd standing in behind the man in the dark blue suit stood in silence, the money they had lost has them now in a lost them selves and the hunger for reimbursement and gratitude is beginning to overwhelm unlike the feeling that is possessing there player. The urge to trigger out his pistol and punch a few holes in to his opponent, dress him up, spill a pretty leak from out of his head; a dazzling splash that’s going to be suited so well with the winning brag of his stanching saliva that’s specked all over that red tie of his.
“You got it.” The man in the dark blue suit growled from in his deep heavy breath then stepped in as hands, and fingers filled in on each side of him pointing on to the people standing in behind their coin holder.
Jessica had no choice but to go along with the elderly man. She found him to be quite the charmer in-fact he had been in passion of a unique interest towards the magazine. She insisted he have it, he hesitated, felt guilty and refused telling her she was all he was really interested in; how beautiful she was and just the site of her holding it, being in possession of it was all he was intending to be tending to. Jessica then knew she had her self an admire unlike the ones she had been hiding from and with the text message she had received on her phone from her former body guard telling her she had been followed to the station. She then decided to amuse her self, use her image for one last time, and make it a deed she would never forget.
“Hurry up” Said the man in the red tie. “I ain’t got all day and don’t even bother trying to hustle your way out of this on our way home.
“Ya, ya.” The man in the dark blue suit said setting his right hand up, on his hat and tilts a shade over his eyes as he steps on heading towards Jessica; his left hand digging in to his hip from in behind his coat and gripping on to the pistol. He stand in over the blond spilling hair, Cosmo spelled out in front of the eyes as the magazine stands in over the face of the women he is to pronounce death to and dead. His pistol tilts up from in his hip; he points straight in to her chest from in behind his coat then catches a shining sparkle flinging up from in front of his face. The coin, he thought feeling his loosing streak pass him by then looks down on to a face as the coin dropped back down, the magazine slapped on to her knees and the coin once again landing in heads on it.
“Hu” He said looking down on the old wrinkly face, the whisk that darkened in around the mouth and chin then stepped back as its mouth opened in a toothless flesh of gums.
“Oh that’s my call.” The old man said after smiling and goggling his eyes on to the man in the dark blue suit standing in a questioning shock as the boarding call was being announced. The old man stands to his feet as planed, the wig on his head, silicone breast set snug in under his shirt and flicks the coin up in to the air, sets the magazine in under his arm and steps on. He leaves the hit men to the grips of the security, a hand reaches out in front of the hit man’s face, catches the coin.
“Heads” The security guard said as two others step in behind the man in the dark blue suit, each grabbing a hold of his arm as he stares down on to the coin then turns to his left to catch another creep defying glimpse of an old wrinkling face that sat in under that long bushy blond wig.

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