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Clouds in a wind for death.

Submitted: November 22, 2007

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Submitted: November 22, 2007



A shocking relief, a set sequel and if it cou8ld have been any harsher then little Billy would have had his way. Billy knew she would have survived the first blow. It wasn’t until the third; her eyes began to shed, a gleam glimpse of red, and Billy sensed her every sense as the sight shimmered in thru his pulse tensing grip on his hatchet.
Billy stands there, his breathing leads a cruel display in fog, his heart pouncing up and out from in his chest as he stares down onto the mutated corps set down for him to withstand. “Let’s go.” He says. Swinging the hatchet up in front of his face then lets the swing down lead him away.
A twilight of echoes scream along the opening following Billy on in to his yard. Leaving him with a clear nights sky as he steps on up and in thru the porch. HeLeaves the arms and claws of darkness behind with out a thought of despair for the one soul he has left there behind.
The squeaks and cracks from above leave the girls with only the one image they had been left with before he dragged her away; the sight of tearing flesh, as she was pulled into the freshest of airs from in their last stench of light. Leaving them with only the darkest of imaginations as she was swung out and in thru the woods.
“shsh” Jenny shushed as Esmeralda began to whimper. Simone on all fours shuffles over to the door, with her cheeks scraped down against the dirt floor; she listens in and watches closely for any sign of him. Esmeralda holds her head in down between her legs, using her knees to block out any sounds that she has her breath held in from as Jenny sit's still.
“He’s gone to bed.” Simone whispered as her cheek scraped up from off of the floor.
“Bed? He’s not up there in that kitchen?” Jen asked, holding one eye on Simone as the other tries to detect a sound from in the walls above.
“Then she must have escaped” Said Esmeralda as her knees begin to go stiff and numb. “Right, she’s gone. Gone for help.” She said releasing her one of relieving winds only to be shook back in to her undesirable hysteria as she seen the looks on the girls faces; leaving her with out a breath for comfort and now with her head back down in-between her knees.
“She’s not here,” Whispered Simone as she shuffled her back up against the cold iron door.
Jenny stares back in to her eyes, overlooking them, following her own senses as they lead her out, up and out thru the front door as she froze with in her own mind leaving her stuck in the middle of nowhere and somewhere that only reads a blood shed as she tears throughout the field of trees that brings her to a bloody sensation as she wrestled along into a bush of thorns. “Well there should be a new one tomorrow.” She says staring in to Simone’s eye’s then looks away; avoiding contact with Esmeralda and says, “We need to bust out of here.”
“How exactly are we going to do that?” Asked Simone as she shuffled her self-back against the cold iron wall and sits her self next to Jen. “We haven’t eaten for days and like you said; he’s feeding us flesh, the left hovers from the ones before.”
“One of us is going to have to show weakness, fake sick you know. Then when were out of this cell we attack. That’s the only way.” Said Jen wile knowing the only one that fit that act would and is going to be her.
“What about, what if you don’t return?” Whimpered Esmeralda using the tears from off her lips to moisten her mouth and says, “Why don’t we just wait?”
The candle drops, a sizzling drop ending in its own puddle of wax and bringing Billy’s eyes out into another break of day as the pin streaking stream of smoke fills in to the ceiling. Crows shout out in grace as he sets his head in behind the windows curtain, sitting upon the edge of his bed and watching as the sun shines up above the treetops and down in to his front yard then he notices his front gate open, wide open; he clenches the curtains closed shut.
“God dam mongrels” He says as he steps in to the hall and on in to the washroom. Specs of blood, he follows them around closely. One by one, he washes them off. Steam from the running hot water begins to moisten the dry crusts in and around his mouth as he wipes them off one by one before he runs his hands in thru his hair.
“Breakfast.” He says as he walks out in to the hall then turns for the stair well and mumbles “auh lunch,” With a big grin on his face, making his way down in to the kitchen. A sudden stop before he turns his way into the kitchen; knowing his guest from down in below can hear his every move from where he stands. Memories from the ones before; how they would scream and shout. Hold him in on a silence before he realized that this bunch he has not yet fed.
The crows continue to chant in and around the yard as he stares out into the front yard from in the kitchen; watching as they scattered around the treetops and trying to figure out if he had left the front gate open or not.
“Filthy whore” He says then sits himself down at the table. Looking around as the sunshines in thru; reflecting off the fridge and stove, providing light from in thru the front hall windows. Billy sits in his chair, the uncomforting from having to remember if he had left the front gate open or not begins to crawl in to his chest; thoughts of the ‘whore’ as he is pulling her in to the bush. His hands begin to tighten as his thoughts of a unworthy death begin to laps his mind. “Greedy bitch,” he mumbles; thinking of how ignorant she is, making her self ill and along with the baby inside of her.
“Well” he mumbles as he stands for the fridge then grabs out the pitcher of orange juice along with its frosted glass, steps back in to the table with a big grin on his face as the sun shines on inwile he pours the juice.
Jenny sitting her self along the wall of the door, watching as Simone and Esmeralda cuddle with each other for comfort and support. She’s been up since the crack of dawn, since the first spark of light had fired its self in under the door, listening in for his every move and knowing it like she dose, the same as she has ever since she had landed her self into the grips of this man. A man she thinks beast, a beast she has come to know and thinks she knows well enough to out smart. A temptation to eat is the only thing she has come to debate. Knowing he’s been offering them flesh; human flesh and the ones that had been feeding from off of it had all disappeared one by one. Thoughts of them telling her to eat, that it was pig and cattle while they were trapped in behind a iron door naked then token out one by one as he grabbed them like slabs of meat, throwing them out into the hall then never seeing them again after the iron door was slammed closed. She now believes she has to be next, next to go but willing and for a fight, she only knows.
“Is he up?” Whispered Esmeralda as her head popped up from off of the floor. “Is he?” She asked again.
“Yes and shush” Jen tells her. “Go back to sleep.”
“Back to sleep? Now?”
“Shsh relax”
Simone lifts her head, holds out her hand and signals Esmeralda to stop then holds it out in front of Jen as they listen in on the footsteps heading out thru the front door. Then with the sound of the front door hit into a slam the three girls let out a sigh of relief followed by a shiver from fear.
Billy stands over his mother’s grave. The sun beats down on to his face as the wind sets a breeze down along the grass around him. The burning red crusts of coal still shine in to his eyes. The sharp edged slice that splits the stone along its front side still bares the burnt smell from the heavens above. The same stench he had been left with from when the lights from above had token her away and bringing her back up with its same lighting flame; leaving him there as the bolts of lighting dropped her in to the earth then again lighting its way onto her tombstone.
Rest was all Billy could pray for. It is all he could ever ask for. Questioning why the heavens had token her away was no longer for questioning. He has only been with two other storms since then and neither had left him with answers. Violence has been a remedy. As the earth shook, trees fell and sky’s cracked in to fields of flames. Billy’s hunger has grown since. Being with out a storm for ages has had him traveling out and beyond the fields that possessed its chaos. In to the towns and cities in search of a answer and the wicked weather that has taken his mother away.
His twist in fate began on his journey home from a weekend stay with his aunt. A box of kittens caught his attention along with a dark mist of clouds as they began to circle him from above. Waiting for a sing as he carried them down along the path and beginning to feel inpatient with the stubborn and annoying dull clouds from above; Billy found answers the only way that he could and with in its mist his answers were found. Leaving him with the powers from above as he stepped on to a life force that spit up a breath for life and he stepped for his own means for its shocking death.
Billy turns away, stepping back from his mothers grave and looking up into the sky’s as the crows continue to take over the tree tops as if they do when the clouds turn for a darker day. But it’s not the darkening of day that’s got him in a tiring mood it’s the un explanation for the front gate not being shut closed. As he steps in towards it, he looks out in thru the trees then feels a discomfort in a satisfaction that he was out to seek; leaving him in behind the closed gate and feeling uncomforted within his own grounds. With the feeling following him in to the house, ignoring the sight of his mothers grave as he walked it by and slamming the door behind him as his frustration leads him on up thru the stair well and on into his bed room leaving him one last glimpse of the sky before he turned his back to the window and laid himself in to bed.
“I’m hungry.” Sobs Esmeralda from in the corner of the cold iron cell. Jen sitting along the side of the door as Simone brushes her head up from off of the floor under the door.
“Ya me too.” Simone says then holds her ear up against the door, listening in for any other movements from up above.
“Eat, you want to eat? You girls would rather eat then make it out of here?” Jen said, looking at them with discuss and letting them know she was from they way she scratched her hands from off the floor. “Next move and were gone.” She says, shaking the dirt from off of her hand.
“I think he’s in bed” says Simone as she stands to her feet to get a better sound. “Ya, I think so.”
“You think she’s up there too.” Esmeralda asks, holding her head up and waiting for someone to say something about it. Jen looks at her then turns to look at Simone as Esmeralda says, “That girl was all weird.”
“Ya, you’re starting to get a bit weird too” Simone tells her then asks Jenny. “What’s your plan Jenny? How are we going to do this?”
The afternoon left Billy for a turn for his worst. With the clouds cutting in early leaving no room for the sun to set in its set and being as grey as they are had the crows in a frenzy leaving Billy to another shortened day. The days that has left his only question un answered; leaving him with tears from under his own inner cloud. The one that has never dripped or left his own face wet. As he turns his head away from the window next to his bed, he swings his leg down, slamming it down on to the floor then bring the other one around and begins stomping the floor. He grabs his hatchet and razor wire as he steps out continuing to slam his feet down to the floor; stomping his way down the steps then stops in front of the basement door, slides his hand along the light switch and opens the door slowly letting its crackling squeal ooze into his breath. As he steps down he lets the razor wire drag along the floor of the step’s; setting off a tingling feeling as it tangles and rings along his leg.
“Are you ladies hungry? Mmmmhu” He said as he stepped down from off of the last step. He swings out the razor wire, stepping in towards the iron door; letting it screech and squeal along the door, echoing through the basement and in thru the cell. As he reaches for the peephole, he lets the hatchet swing in to the door. Setting of an explosion of bangs echoing in thru the cell and shaking dirt from of the floor. He looks in, shaking the razor wire against the door and says, “Ladies” then dropped the hatchet to the floor, opens the door wide open, steps in and stands overtop of three lifeless bodies until he realizes the tears falling down from one of their faces. Before he could stand for his next breath Jenny swings out her leg and drops him to the floor as Simone jumped out for the hatchet laying in the entranceways floor. Esmeralda screams in shocking pain as Jenny beats him with her fist, pounding a cloud of dust until she’s swung back against the wall along with the blood splatter as Simone sliced in to his neck, knocking his head in to a cloud of bloody dust as it spun in to mid air.
“Let’s go Esmeralda,” says Jen.
“Ya lets go already. I thought you were never going to wake up.” Simone says then holds out her hand. Esmeralda watches as the blood begins to drip from off of Simone’s hand then screams from off of the top of her lungs, watching Jen and Simone stepping back and covering their ears as the echo rung in thru the cell.
The day was like any other, a summer’s day, clear sky’s, green displayed in to a juiced soil, trees in full bloom. The wagon, drives on, gripping in to the dirt road as Mimi holds on to the wheel, watching for any pot holes and keeping a blind eye on Danny as he stares out the back window, strapped in his seat and enjoying the sound of rocks and dirt being kicked up under the wagon as it flares on thru the road.
“You keep that window down.” She said, eyeing him from in the rearview. Mimi; a widow, mother of one. She has been itching for months to get out from in the inner city smog. Inheriting her late husbands fortune, leaving her with more money then she could have ever imagine. She had set her sights on moving out into the country, into the wilderness, ‘wild side’. Her accountant flashed her a property listing, she singed, set the keys into her pocket and from there she’s been on her way. A Forty-year-old writer, widow, mother of one and now leading a life of innate, using her one card and turning it over as a natural flush.
Danny has been schooled by the best, growing up with butlers and nannies as wile his father spent most of the time away and his mother being a writer; leaving him with only the attention a mother would give during his meal times. A smart boy, active and strong; He too has come to except this gift, leaving the city life behind, along with the life of his father that has now left him in lonely hold of his mothers grip.
“I think I see it,” Said Danny, rubbing his finger on the window, outlining a cabin up on the hillside.
“Oh that’s not it. That place is full of bugs and little critters that like to play on the road. It looks stinky. Our place is way up there, in behind all these tree’s, up in the hills, with nothing around but colorful bugs and wilderness.” She tells Danny as she begins seeing her marks on the road map taped onto the wagons dash. Danny rubs the finger printed outline of the cabin of with the palm of his hand. He stares in to the trees, looking up in to the tops then back down to the road side; letting the dirt road vibrate up in to his hips as he watches over his mothers shoulder and straight ahead.
As the road begins to curve, passing hazard signs; warning about the road conditions coming to an end, wild animal crossings, and roadblocks from falling trees. Mimi looks on, watching for the one right turn that is going to lead her in. She was told about this, the main entryway being blocked in by weeds and bush, the left turn a few yards after the signs. She stares on, numbering each thick bush, comparing size as she rolls in to the smallest one. The hood and sides of the wagon, squeaks, and whistles as the weeds scrape along. She accelerates, knowing she has found her spot as the wagon begins to level out; griping in to a path of traction.Little Danny’s eyes light up in joy. He watches on as the sun begins to lighten in the entry way, leading out in to a field of greens as his mom drives on, leaving the depth and darkness of the bush in behind.
“Well do ya like it.” She asked, looking him over from in the rearview mirror. He looks up in to her eyes, smiles and asks, “Can we get a dog?”
“No, hu not yet” She answered him, letting out a slight rage of frustration that has been building up inside of her from in the bush as she was unsure if it was the one road way or not.
The house sits up on a slope with a front yard that leads in to the woodlands that go on as far as the eye can see. The back spreads out in to bush, weeds, and dry dirt that lead into its hidden driveway. A picket fence lines in around the house, giving it a yard all around. Housing the wild flowers and once garden that is now a pit of weeds.
Little Danny runs out, leaves the car door open, his hands by his side slapping into the clouds of fluff rising up as he runs them by; slapping the bloomed dandy lions up with his hands as they blow their white fluff seedling in to the air and leaving him in under a feeling of dry snow until his lungs stomped in to a wind, lifting him up into the arms of a stranger. He looks into the face of the man that has him now in his breath.
“Woo, ho young buck. Its wild I know and so will you when I show you around.” The man lowers Danny to the ground, looks over on to Mimi then waves her in.
“I’m Theodore, you must be Danny. Well Danny it looks like we might be getting a little rain this evening.” The old man said. Mr. Wilson, a native to the land. He played a next of kin to the property before Mimi had bought it out from under him; his eye that is.
The land belonged to a widow who had been born and raised there. She was later found on a tombstone; her name. Her son had placed her in the yard. Stories have been told that she had been struck by lighting, leaving her son to him self, to grieve over her in her deathbed until lighting struck once again, burning its energy into the tombstone, leaving him mentally deranged until he was found dead. A story Mimi her self has left out of the deal, telling her sales agent she would rather not hear about the story or have it mentioned in front of her son or ever again.
“Hello there” Theradore says, stepping in towards her as she looks on, trying to set her sights on a smooth patch of land, where she can park her car.
“Hello Mr. Wilson. I got your letter in the mail. It’s a good thing too. I had know Idea this would be so far out in the bush.”
“Yes. Its out here alright.”
“Where’s your car?”
“Mine, well, I told my partner I’d be out on the roads in the morning. I figure you could use some help settling in. Go over the floor plans, landscape, the generator, I know you’ll want to know how that works. I got it going, took a little grease but its spinning out there in its wind and I collected some fire wood for ya. Just in case your where in a good old wilderness spirit. Help ya get settled in.” He tells her, she looks at him and he winked. With her right eye lifting its brow, she stares on to him, turning her back on him, and grabbing the pushcart from off of the wagons back end.
“How about helping me grease these boxes out my trunk.” She asked. He steps in, humming and breathing as she begins lifting the boxes out on to the pushcart.
“That one fine boy you got there.” He says.
“Yes, you’re all natural little weed, running around like a little critter chasing after the bugs.”
“And you, you’re a writer.”
“Yes, it’s nothing special.” She says, laying her box on to his then slaps the top back into the hold and steps away as he stepped in and begins pushing the cart in on a study path.
“I’m going to back on up, find myself a parking space.” She yells out, then steps in to the drivers door and watches as Theodore pushes the cart up and in on the walkway.
“Yes, that’s a good idea.” He said back, and then waved out his left hand, showing her a study patch of land next to the walkway then yelled out for Danny telling him to steer clear as his mom drove on in.
Drops of rain begin tapping on to the rooftop. Mimi and Mr. Smith sit in side, watching as the fire begins to set its flames up in to the chimney. Fresh blankets laid out on the couch along with the new curtains Mimi had brought along. Mr. Smiths food treys set out on the kitchen table beside Mimi dishes as they sit on the living room couch, Little Danny on the floor, laying out on the dear skin rug and watching the flames rise up into the chimney until he turned and noticed the rain spilling down in racing stream from on the out side of the kitchen window. He stands up, looks at his mother and Mr. Smith sitting on the coach with wine glasses in their hands and staring in to the fireplace. He steps out into the kitchen, turns, and walks out in to the front hall and entranceway. The door squeaks open slowly he steps out on to the top step.
“And there he goes my little weed.” Mimi says as she leans to the left, cuddling her self on to Theodore’s right shoulder.
“Ya.” He breaths out, showing a sign of relief as if Danny was one of his, up and rising.
“Do you know the story of this place?” He asked, blowing it lightly in to her ear.
“I thought about it, never really wanted to hear it in full detail.” She said ending in a yon then says, “I wonder sometimes, writing about it. I don’t want to go public and I really don’t like thinking about it much. It’s the mental aspect. I don’t find it amusing in anyway.” She cuddles in closer Theodore puts his arm in around her and they both listen in to the whishing flames.
Danny, taking his time, letting drop for drip catch on to his face before he takes another step down, listening in as the thunder begins to growl then lighting swivels in behind the clouds as he looks up; he takes one more step, looks down at the puddle as it ripples out around his feet. The rain begins dripping on to his ear as the wind blows its breeze.
“Hello” he says as the wind sends drips in to his ear, he looks down, the puddle begins to splash in to a set of eyes rolling around his feet. He takes another step, staring down as the eyes begin to look back. He smiles, giggling from under his breath as the ripples form in to faces, smiling back, winking and speaking up to him as the winds breeze blows droplets of rain in to his ear; laughing, giggling and saying his name with brightened eyes as the lightning lights them up from in the sky above.
“Danny, come along.” Mimi says from in behind the screen door. “Bed time my little bugger.” She said as he stepped up onto the top step. She held the door open as he stepped in telling him to say good night to Mr. Wilson before he raced on up to bed.

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