Death Mountain.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Commercial Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Un holy Death.

Submitted: July 06, 2007

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Submitted: July 06, 2007




CHAPTER: A unholy Dead


[My entrance to this land of a unholy dead]

My first cast in to the wind that has been leading me out. Out in to the water's that had once been, for how we would call soak; soaked in a remaining blood. The blood of men that once had their trials at a temptation to clear the mountain tops air from the evil that has once laid its self upon there.

My flight in was not how I could have imagined. The people here seem to be in a generation of their own. Being the big city breath that I am and for long having my itch for this man in it's Transylvania land. My coming of here has a horror as if it has been in plan. With my bags tightly sealed and set along for my quest. My one side bag left me a chill as I waited for my ride from the airport. Having my  bag of defense along with my luggage already being sent. I could feel it's all superstitious beings start to grip around me as I stood there with out its defense. The Garlic's, crosses, holly water's and flares that from in six hours before it was all a superstition that lead its way onto us like the fable's they've claimed. That, along with the peoples there that had me in there gasp's as I stood along the pick up zones. Left me in chills before I had met the women who has assigned her self to bring me to this boat. That is now setting me out for my long stay on the mountain of how they call here; The one and only weather from where god sends them back. The ones for the blood that from when I have arrived, it seam's as they all have been mixed with that fact.

It wasn't until she told me about the relations they have here in her city. The relationship between their elder's and with what they call us tourists, (Sacks) was how she described it as she lead me in down the winding roads in toward the oceans shore.

She continued to explain to me, in her Transylvania accent, which I have now longed a custom to, for she has been the one beauty set for my eye from in the last of five hours that I have been breathing this Transylvanian air. She continued to express her thoughts and feelings in regard of their elder's, explaining to me that they have grown a tiresome from after their long life of having to deal with this cursed hell. The curse of how myself am tempting a long weeks stay amongst their mountain of hell, as they put it. A stay that has not only landed me in their grasp but along many different men who have been well know for their attempts only having their body's a float back to this shore that I had been and left. Leaving from the sight of her and from after she had explained the explanation for why I had my craven's for my defensive for superstitions that are now on their way to how I've set out for the mountain of a death. She was kind enough to stop for a drink with me before I had a set sail. Which lead to her one last word for advice before she led for one other of services dispatched.

"If you do, that is if you do. Do not express any of finding's wile you are here on our land. It is sacred you do not. For if or when it is, well..."

she said to me as she stepped back in to her cab. She leaves, setting her beauty in wink as she rolled me on by. Her quote along with how I have abstained right to proceed with my study left me in its stir.

This boat as it explains in its brochure is one of a passenger of rides. I was expecting more American tourist and a lot more people here along with me. I ‘am left with no more then a dozen people. Not one expressing a word for English. When I handed the captain my ticket, he himself held a slurring speech for our language as he told me my chaperone would be awaiting me for the lift of the sun.

As I sit here in my lonesome seat, with not a soul to be seen as they have all managed to sit amongst their Transylvanian selves. I hold view for where I am about to embark, it has become in clear as the sun begins to set up above its Mountain for Death. From when I had set for this sail, I could only had seen the water's for them selves and soon I know I will be set into the arms of my lead from the chaperone as he brings me to my chamber for study here for the Mountain for Death.

I can sense the hysteria that has made its way in to our minds, being the after thoughts of how we have come to entertain with this unholy mess. As I'm stepped of the boat, I'm greeted by a man that looks as if he himself has been in a roll or two from in the movies I had seen. His back leaned over in a hunch, a lump poking from off the top of his head and his ugly smile. Smiling as if I was next and since I'm a American, I'm going to be next. Thinking I haven't heard of all the other's, I can sense him trying to baby me, treating me like a soft soul. I step in to the car he has been sent out in to bring me on up, wile he stands a moment, looking in to the sea as he breaths in a breath. A breath that looks to me as if he's feeding from off a portrait of fresh flesh as he licks his lips turning back in towards the car.

Our drive has seemed like a lift from off my soul. The depression of feelings I had took from my entrance here in to this world has now been a lift. It leaves me with a feeling of mockery. The feeling I see other's in hold as they see me going thru all those vampire books and taking my notes. Now being ridden by this Igor looking character, it leaves me a hysteria that I know I will need to control. If I do not then this project of mine could land along side of the rest of the fainted hearts that have been known a swept to shore.

Not a word, he drives on as I sit back here looking over his shoulder from after taking in my last view from on this mountainside down on to the last of the water's that were in its display. He drives on, not a wink in the mirror, not a word and I don't seem to be catching any of his breaths from being pumped out from his lungs. His hand gripped around the wheel, arms set on its hang as he stairs straight ahead. I take a minute to get in a feel for my new surrounding as I'm lifted up in to this mountain from on its winding road up into its depths of top. The sun has already set its stand, giving me a perfect scene as the tree's shake in its wind. My driver chaperone with his hands stretching along the wheel and I think we are about to set in for what I have come here for. My stay in this unholy retreat from a unholy Death for a land. The god of bloods Tower.

I can tell this car and the man behind its wheel have not set out of here in a wile. As we entered in; before coming to the front gates, the car slid us along the dirt on the road as we slid in leaving the entrance in a cloud of smoky dust before he rolled us on in to the front's main entrance.

"You have your dormitory, yes? I will have your stuff met with you. We have it here. We were just un sure if you were to be here or not. As you know, your money has been retrieved. Kitchen has set up for a week for a stay. I again will be here for take you away." He said, as his lips dried in a crust, his eye's barely matching the wimp crack that let the air from out of his mouth then he turned and hunched over to the car with out looking back.

My only expectation as I look on to this beast of a castle is for this front door to slide its way open. Leading a opened door way for me step thru. I suspected my bags to be here in the entrance and their not, like he says ‘I'll be with them soon.' The windows let their glow shine in thru them from in the red drapes that have been set along with them lining the entrance in a gloom for red as I step in to this bricked stone stair well. I'd think that I was in some kind of Holly Wood movie set from the way the redness passes me on, in to my last step.

A long high-ceilinged hall, with only five rooms as the floor shines in stone. I had prerequisite a room with a view, so I'll take it that this room here at the end of this hall is the one of mine. The spikes in chrome dig in to my hand as I turn the knob, into a dark, not a whisper of winds as I stepped in. Knowing this place and land has been left with only the energy from beneath its sun. I had my match ready for a burn from the candle as one has set along side of this stoned box looking bed. In a half-lit glow, I can see how this room has been laid out. The bed set against the back wall, having the feet pointing out for the door. The desk, as it sits along side of the door on its left side as the dark purple shades on the window ease in a glow, providing the space from between being set as a stand for a dance.


[My being as I am now in a unholy dead]

From the looks of my driver as he drove me along in. My insights from in the airport had now matched with the people from the main land. A ghoulish looking creature. A man that seemed like he held no regards for this sin. He himself looked as a native from in this Mountain for Death.

I can tell know one has been here for some time. My room being set in a dust of its dust leads me to believe my study is one of a new era and time.

As my thoughts for the Man of Darkness are being in trance of his sins, along with my ideas from after being informed of how the others have been exploited to this mountains water's. It is now leaving me to believe that there could be reason for my emptiness for my need of the one bag that could set free from this sin. I lay here in bed, a bed of stone. The bed that had once been a resting place for one other who's soul has been soaked from in the waters that had wet his dry bled corps.

My leads for the Prince him self are yet to be alarmed. I have my own idea before I can get into his one last scripture from himself. As I use the flame on my candle and the shade that sets in. My one finally thought for this Mountain for death has now let a begin. For this is my line as its spilling in blood, a grip from this darkness has yet to be...,... I spill in the blood.

 The End

A tale of Death Mountain.

© Copyright 2020 Factxzrx. All rights reserved.

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